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Found 6 results

  1. So one thing I've noticed about Maxwell Render 2: It's takes a bloody long time for it to render to a smooth result! I've got a simple scene with one emitter, a bit of an HDR environment, and a table with objects on it. Rendering to 1920×1080 has taken, so far, over 60 hours. And it's still quite grainy! To get that lampshade looking smooth, I expect Maxwell to take at least another 200 hours! Which brings me to my question: Is there any chance that I can use Maxwell's network rendering capabilities through the internet? I've got a computer at work that basically sits idle when I'm not on it. During a weekend, it would be nice to do some cooperative rendering between my home computer and my work computer. Both have Windows 7 and I'm assuming that I'll need a VPN. No problem, I've got Hamachi working fine on both systems right now. I just need to know the next step. To get the Render Manager and Monitor to recognize the Render Node running on the work PC. Any ideas? For that matter, is this even possible/worthwhile at all? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I am wrinting for those who work with MAX+V-RAY combo and have several render nodes. I'm sure you have encountered many DR and Backburner problems, that you could only solve by restarting the V-ray spawner or BB server. I used to do this with remote desktop access, or in worse case, manually back then, but now I have started to develop a system that makes this a lot easier. I know how frustrating it is to constantly fight with this, this I wanted to help anybody that are in the same shoes as I was. So i have developed a program for it. Its called Render Node Monitor. It is able to restart the nodes, the vrayspawner, corona and the backburner remoteley, at one click. Please watch this video introduction. If you are interested you can register at: https://rendernodemonitor.com/ If you have any questions please write us on hello(at)rendernodemonitor.com , or add me on skype (Gergely RNM) Many Thanks! Gergely Toth
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty new to this forum and just wondering if there is any group or event for architectural visualization that I can participate in in Toronto? I would like to learn more about this awesome industry and network with people who have this passion as well. Hope you guys can help! Thanks!
  4. I'm a complete noob when it comes to network rendering via Backburner, I have read a lot about it but still haven't tried it out. That being said, I am looking to purchase ForestPack Pro for our office on one network license. Can I still render out my renderings on the render nodes via backburner with only one network license of the ForestPack Pro plugin? I'm playing around with the Lite version at the moment and the Library of objects are saved locally on my machine. Do you guys move these to a place on the server for network renderings?
  5. Cadlicious is a new professional networking, freelancing and 3d stock website for architectural visualisers where you create a profile to showcase your skills, sell your 3d models and find new clients. www.cadlicious.com
  6. hey all. really hoping some maxscript genius can solve this problem for me... i am trying to rehash a bit of code from the Blurscript 'bsrun.ms', which essentially pulls in a list of available maxscripts from a specific directory and displays them in a dropdown allowing quick access. currently part of the scripts reads as fn bsrun_update = ( script_names = #() script_files = get_all_files_in_dir ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") false "ms" if script_files.count != 0 then ( for i = 1 to script_files.count do ( the_name = (filenameFromPath script_files[i]) append script_names (strip_file_extension the_name) ) ) ) fn bsr_io = ( bsr_ini_name = ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\" + "BSRun.ini") if openFile bsr_ini_name != undefined then ( bsr_ini = openFile bsr_ini_name inputdata = readLine bsr_ini my_index = findItem script_names inputdata if my_index == 0 then my_index = 1 last_script_index = my_index close bsr_ini ) else ( bsr_ini = createFile bsr_ini_name format (strip_file_extension (filenameFromPath (script_files[the_script] as string))) to:bsr_ini close bsr_ini ) ) now if i wanted to point it to an existing mapped network location for my scripts, i would have thought i simply needs to change the lines that include... ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") to something more like.. ("z:\scripts\\") but its doesn't like it. i know that the "getdir" element allows you quickly to point to a directory within the root max folder, so i assume i don't include it. i've also tried it with UNC paths and no joy either.. appreciate any help. ta. M
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