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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I am wrinting for those who work with MAX+V-RAY combo and have several render nodes. I'm sure you have encountered many DR and Backburner problems, that you could only solve by restarting the V-ray spawner or BB server. I used to do this with remote desktop access, or in worse case, manually back then, but now I have started to develop a system that makes this a lot easier. I know how frustrating it is to constantly fight with this, this I wanted to help anybody that are in the same shoes as I was. So i have developed a program for it. Its called Render Node Monitor. It is able to restart the nodes, the vrayspawner, corona and the backburner remoteley, at one click. Please watch this video introduction. If you are interested you can register at: https://rendernodemonitor.com/ If you have any questions please write us on hello(at)rendernodemonitor.com , or add me on skype (Gergely RNM) Many Thanks! Gergely Toth
  2. Quick question regarding render farm set ups. We recently set up a render farm at my company. We have several 3ds Max users in house. The way we have it set up is that each user has his own workstation. Then we have a station with the master render farm computer which is of course hooked up to all of the slaves (which are housed in a different room). There is nothing on these computers but 3ds Max and the Backburner programs. Everything works and renders fine. However, every time we fire up 3ds Max on the Master Station we receive the Max Trial splash where it says we have x amount of days to register the product. The Master Station and subsequent slave computers had Max and Backburner installed from my original 3ds Max 2012 product discs (which is licensed and used on my main workstation). So, the question is this: Does the render farm need it's own license to work correctly? I was under the impression that the render farm could be set up with existing software and no additional licenses were needed. Our engineer thinks we need a license of Max for each one of the computers involved with the render farm. I am fairly certain this is wrong. But, I am wondering if I need to buy a separate license for the Master Station computer. I tried researching Autodesk and the Area - but frankly I can't find the answer that I am looking for because it is all forum driven (I miss human based customer service). So, I thought I would see if anyone out here has run into the same issue and had an answer. Thanks, Andrew
  3. We are currently upgrading all the machines in our office and I am trying to make sure we'll be able to have an operating render farm for use when everyone goes home in the evening. I've done some research on Backburner and setting up the server and everything looks doable and clean. I plan on doing two kinds of outputs when the render farm is available. Animations, and high quality renderings. I will be using Mental Ray for the animations as iRay is unbiased and not really ideal for animations. However, I like to use iRay for my renderings and I was hoping I could use the farm for iRay. I looked in the render setup under the commons tab for the icon that says "Net Render" which apparently lets me use Backburner for the task. Under the iRay rendered, this icon does not exist. Does this mean I can't use Backburner to help render out my iRay rendering? I was hoping to have the computers work on different segments of the image using the "Split Scan Lines" option in Backburner. Thanks for any input
  4. Hi everyone, and sorry for my poor english. I'm working on a bedroom animation. It's just a zoom of 10 secondes. It the first time that I work on backburner. All my lan is ok, paths of textures files are ok (\\main\user\xxx\...) Two pcs: main: core i7 2600k 3,40ghz 8g memories hard drive sata 160gb geforce gt 440 1gb lan 1gb slave: core i7 2600k 3,40ghz 8g memories hard drive sata 160gb Intel hd family lan 1gb In max, I choose 1-125 for net render on main, targa files saved on main hard drive and 126-250 on slave hard drive. Priority jobs on backburner are 50 for the two servers. But in main rendering time is 15 mins and on slave it's 25 mins . I used irradiance map and lightcache with vray, and theses files are stored on slave. I don't understand
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