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Found 25 results

  1. I am trying to setup Backburner for rendering in the background. I am using 3dsmax 2013 on Windows 10. Everything seams fine Manager/Server/ Monitor they all see the PC logged on however when I try to send the rendering from 3dsmax I get this error message: Cannot network render. Backburner not found or not installed. Verify that the path to backburner is set in the Windows path environment variable or that backburner is actually installed Anyone can help with this path? Thanks
  2. Hi! I am wrinting for those who work with MAX+V-RAY combo and have several render nodes. I'm sure you have encountered many DR and Backburner problems, that you could only solve by restarting the V-ray spawner or BB server. I used to do this with remote desktop access, or in worse case, manually back then, but now I have started to develop a system that makes this a lot easier. I know how frustrating it is to constantly fight with this, this I wanted to help anybody that are in the same shoes as I was. So i have developed a program for it. Its called Render Node Monitor. It is able to restart the nodes, the vrayspawner, corona and the backburner remoteley, at one click. Please watch this video introduction. If you are interested you can register at: https://rendernodemonitor.com/ If you have any questions please write us on hello(at)rendernodemonitor.com , or add me on skype (Gergely RNM) Many Thanks! Gergely Toth
  3. Hi everyone! I am posting on cgarchitect first time. I am using max 2014. I wanted to use backburner for my walkthrough animation. But when I submitted the job, following error occured and it didn't take the job. error: "error submitting job to manager I/O error transferring 'New job'" This error is coming on a my particular 1 file. Backburner is not giving any problem with my other files. Can anybody please help me?
  4. Hi I have a farm of about 10 machines. Only one of them when it tries to connect to the Manager gives these errors on the Manager (Backburner 2016, Windows 10, problem server is on IP 2016/02/04 16:46:06 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:06 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:16 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:16 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:26 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:26 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:26 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:46:26 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:46:26 INF td22x8 completed 1 task(s) 2016/02/04 16:46:46 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:46 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:56 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:56 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:47:06 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:47:06 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:47:06 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 016/02/04 16:48:56 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:48:56 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:49:36 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:49:36 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:50:16 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:50:16 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:50:56 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:50:56 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:51:36 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:51:36 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:52:16 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:52:16 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with
  5. Hi, I'm currently looking into setting up a render server for our small office. However I have a question about backburner that I need answering before I can move forward. The way I would like to setup backburner is that each user on the network can send a render job from their workstation to the backburner manager that's on a dedicated workstation, the backburner manager then sends the job to the render server which renders the job. I believe this is possible from reading the backburner user guide, however I have a couple of questions. Number 1 - How do you tell each users version of 3ds Max to point to backburner manager on the dedicated workstation rather than backburner manager on their own workstation? Number 2 - On the dedicated workstation setup for backburner manager do I need a licenced version of 3ds Max for it to work correctly. Or can I just have the backburner Manager installed and nothing else? Below is a diagram of how I'd like to setup the system in case my description wasn't clear enough. Thanks Alastair
  6. Hi everyone. I have tried to render an interior view of my design using Nvidia mental ray and backburner; my file was imported from revit and I added the materials in 3ds max, I checked the exposure control, global ilumination, final gathering, etc., but I do not get why the final render is a black picture. I did some test renders and they were okay, but I would prefer to render my views using these features and getting a high quality render. Please If you know how to fix this problem, share your knowledge and let´s help each other Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. :D I have tried to render an interior view of my design using Nvidia mental ray and backburner; my file was imported from revit and I added the materials in 3ds max, I checked the exposure control, global ilumination, final gathering, etc., but I do not get why the final render is a black picture. I did some test renders and they were okay, but I would prefer to render my views using these features. I want to get a high quality render without waiting too much time. Please If you know how to resolve this issue, share your knowledge Thanks
  8. I purchased An(i)ma from Axyz Design for an animation project that's in the final stages. However, I can't get it working on any of my render nodes. According to the manual you're supposed to install the .DLI in the /plugins directory on each render node, along with an XML file containing the network path to the full standalone installation. I've tried many permutations of this, but every time I try to network render I get a missing DLL error in server.exe complaining that the .DLI (the plugin local to each machine) is missing. It's in the same folder as the main VRay plugin, so I'm 100% sure it's not actually missing. The file I'm testing with renders fine over backburner on my workstation with the standalone install. I've tried everything I can think of, and I really need to get this working. Has anyone experienced this?
  9. Hi, i'm new in this forum. Straightly i want ask you silly question even i maybe know the answer but i better ask it to make me sure the answer. In my office, i have different version 3ds Max, vray and backburner with others colleagues because they still using 3ds Max 2009 Design with V-Ray 1.5 version and Backburner 2009, which mine is using the latest version of V-Ray 2.4 with 3ds Max 2013 also Backburner 2013. So the question is, can i using my Backburner 2013 together with render farm which using 3ds Max 2009 Design with V-Ray 1.5 version and Backburner 2009? If yes, how to setting for others render farm which using 3ds Max 2009 Design with V-Ray 1.5 version and Backburner 2009? Because i have tried before and it wont render except my computer. For the others information that i haven't yet include, please ask me.
  10. Hello everyone, I have an animation of an interior to make, with a moving camera. So whats the problem, i precalculate the GI and saved the files on my server, when i send the backburner job to render on my network it doesn t load the GI files so i get a render without GI. An interesting thing, if i render on my pc without backburner with the same file paths it renders ok. Ive tested everything all PCs have access to my server, the paths are ok, everything is running with administrator rights, etc.. Soft: 3DSMax2013, Vray 1.5 SP6
  11. I'm a complete noob when it comes to network rendering via Backburner, I have read a lot about it but still haven't tried it out. That being said, I am looking to purchase ForestPack Pro for our office on one network license. Can I still render out my renderings on the render nodes via backburner with only one network license of the ForestPack Pro plugin? I'm playing around with the Lite version at the moment and the Library of objects are saved locally on my machine. Do you guys move these to a place on the server for network renderings?
  12. Hello everybody..... I have a problem with my backburner renderer. Backburner took job properly also divided frames as per task submitted. After 100% job completion, when i checked the folder, i got around 10 to 15 frame missing which actually show "complete" status in Task Summary. I changed task size to 1, still it didnt work. Please help Plz help me... thanks in advance.... Hrishikesh
  13. Hey, guys Here's my problem, for me DR goes faster, but most of the time I've got multiple files that I need rendering. In backburner I can add as many files as i want, but in DR I can only render the file that's open. Is there anyway that can queue multiple files in a DR ? Solutions, anybody ?
  14. We are currently upgrading all the machines in our office and I am trying to make sure we'll be able to have an operating render farm for use when everyone goes home in the evening. I've done some research on Backburner and setting up the server and everything looks doable and clean. I plan on doing two kinds of outputs when the render farm is available. Animations, and high quality renderings. I will be using Mental Ray for the animations as iRay is unbiased and not really ideal for animations. However, I like to use iRay for my renderings and I was hoping I could use the farm for iRay. I looked in the render setup under the commons tab for the icon that says "Net Render" which apparently lets me use Backburner for the task. Under the iRay rendered, this icon does not exist. Does this mean I can't use Backburner to help render out my iRay rendering? I was hoping to have the computers work on different segments of the image using the "Split Scan Lines" option in Backburner. Thanks for any input
  15. Hi everyone, I'm desperately trying to get running backburner 2012 but it keeps poping out same error: task error: 3dsmax adapter error: Autodesk 3dsmax 14.0 report error: Output path :C\... Main computer is running fine and without problems but slave can't start to render. I've read every forum on this subject, tried installing backburner 2008, have installed backburner 2012.1 but still nothing. If anyone have encounter this problems please help!
  16. Hi All, I am having a problem rendering files that load an Irradiance map in Backburner. When I send my file to backburner the frames will be assigned to machines but it might be 3 to 8 hours before they start to render the frames. There might be one or two machines that start to render in less time but most will wait several hours before rendering their first frame. Once they start they render fine. I never get an error message in Backburner. If I render the same scene with out loading the light files (light cache and Irradiance) but have the file calculate it on the fly, all machines render right away. Usually, if I set it up on just my machine to load the light files it will do it right away and render fine. Once and a while it will load the light cache in a few seconds and just hang for a little while before it starts to render. It is very odd. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look into to fixing this problem? Is is a networking issue? If you need more info. let me know. Help on this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hey all, Got a stumpper I can't figure out. When I set up a network rendered animation with backburner, my other render nodes will sometimes render frames that have random mental ray proxy objects (typically trees, shrubs, cars, or people) missing from the frame, or with solid colors (like a MatID pass) instead of properly textured. Obviously, this leads to pretty horrible flickering of my entourage objects, and I have to go frame by frame to find the errors, delete the frames, and re-render with my main workstation. I've tried all the normal fixes for mr errors (especially with proxies) like turning scanline on or off, BSP vs BSP2, geometry caching on or off, placeholder objects on or off. These errors are not consistent, appear randomly, and are difficult to reproduce the same way every time. It also usually only happens when the camera is high above the scene...when it gets closer to the objects, the problem tends to go away. Anyone have any ideas? I'm using max 2011 64bit on Windows Vista systems. Thanks! John.
  18. Hi everyone, I read something about the topic in the forum but I have not read any answers that I have solved my doubt. My problem is I need render a large image… so, i’ve used net render to strip my job. So far, so good. The problem is, when the render finish, the original image is OK, but the elements only take the last strip. How i solve this? thanks
  19. Hi everyone. I work for a small architectural design studio doing visualization work. We currently are using backburner in order to send our scenes to our in-house render farm. We are getting ready to move into our new offices very soon and have been looking into setting up our farm to take advantage of Vray distributed rendering as an alternative to backburner. I am aware that there are some drawbacks in using Vray DR such as having to have all your maps in your scene on each slave as is on your local workstation. At our studio we work with thousands of textures as well as create new ones all the time, and therefore would be a real hassle to have to copy every new texture we make to each slave. We were a very busy team and honestly we just do not have the time for this. To all those who use backburner you are aware that having to copy your textures to the slaves is not an issue since backburner brings them over to your farm for you temporarily. Basically I want to know if theres any painless way to bypass this step. If this is unavoidable would there be an easy way to auto-sync your texture maps to the render slaves instead of doing this manually? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. We would like to get this to work with as little pain as possible. Thanks all. Sal
  20. Can someone please tell me if Backburner works between Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows Server 2008 64-bit? Thanks, Tom
  21. We have two licenses for 3dsmax. And we are trying to utilize Backburner on 10+ nodes. On our first two machines we loaded 3dsmax x64 and entered the serial number and activation code. When we started installing max on the 10 nodes we got a error msg which said "you have reached the limit of computers for this license" We continued with the installation regardless because we understood that backburner had a limitless license. Now our initial two machines run backburner perfectly. however, the 10 machines w/o the activation code crash when rendering. They are able to register with backburner manager but we get an error message when they are sent a frame. so My question is... How do I configure a machine for backburner without entering an activation code. Is an activation code/serial number necessary for a machine being used as a Backburner Server?
  22. If so, how do you have it configured? Every node on our Backburner farm works perfectly except for the servers running Windows Server 2008. I have an idea that it may be due to the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration on Windows Server 2008. Any helpful hints at all would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Has anyone encountered an issue installing SP1 on thier non-registered machines? My IT dept has told me that they cannot install Maxdesign2009 sp1 on our render nodes because those machines do not have a fully registered versions of Max. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  24. I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure this out. On occasion I would receive the following message when submitting my renders to backburner. "Task error: An unexpected exception has occured in the network renderer and it is terminating." Most files rendered fine. I had no idea why this was happening. I scoured the forums and found nothing. well I just figured it out. When I was rendering a scene from a camera which had the Camera Correction modifier on the submitted rendering would fail!! In conclusion: Backburner does not support the Camera Correction Modifier!! I am running Max Design 2009 x64. If anyone knows a work-around I would appreciated it.
  25. I'm running 3dsMax 9, Backburner 2007.0.2, and Virtual PC 2007 on top of a Windows Vista Ultimate OS. My virtual machines (VM) are running Windows XP. My render farm consists of all separate Window XP Pro boxes, and the Backburner Manager resides on one of those boxes. My problem is the Backburner Manager can only see one of my VM's at a time. I've tried starting up the manager and only connecting two VM backburner servers. Both servers register with the manager but the last one to register is the only one the manager sends a job to and is the only one recognized in the Backburner Monitor. I've configured the servers on the VM's to connect by server name and I've tried by IP and still no luck, only one VM server is allowed by the manager. I don't think this is a concurrent connection issue with the host OS (my Vista Ultimate box) as I'm not running anything on that box except for the VM's. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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