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Found 4 results

  1. So I have run into a problem and don't want to spend time cleaning 800+ materials. We have an in-house consultant that is looking to take our Anima crowds for a large project for use in his program (it doesn't need the animation part... just for stills). He is using Lumion. So he is requesting all the materials to be simple, clean standard materials exported as an FBX. The problem I'm finding with this process is Anima uses tons of ColorCorrects and Falloff Maps that they don't send the object with the material into his program. Is there a better workflow for this process? ... Or another option, is there a script that will take out ColorCorrects and take the top bitmap from a Falloff Map? Basically, put the raw Bitmap into the Diffuse slot. Thanks
  2. So I'm thinking of getting my studio the latest version of Anima, as it seems quite useful for animations and even still renderings. And with its Unreal plug in, it seems like something my studio can greatly benefit from. Does anyone here use it in there workflow and can speak to its performance, ease of use, any complaints or things to avoid? Can you animate cars with it, or is it strictly people?
  3. Quite new to ANIMA, and have a very perticular query. We have a large animation scene where we are using anima to populate people in motion. There are a lot of levels and blockades though, and the paths end abruptly in a lot of places in the scene. Is there any way of making the rigged people reverse on a path rather than just disappear? Or how are others going around such issues where the end of paths are visible in the animation sequence? Any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers
  4. I purchased An(i)ma from Axyz Design for an animation project that's in the final stages. However, I can't get it working on any of my render nodes. According to the manual you're supposed to install the .DLI in the /plugins directory on each render node, along with an XML file containing the network path to the full standalone installation. I've tried many permutations of this, but every time I try to network render I get a missing DLL error in server.exe complaining that the .DLI (the plugin local to each machine) is missing. It's in the same folder as the main VRay plugin, so I'm 100% sure it's not actually missing. The file I'm testing with renders fine over backburner on my workstation with the standalone install. I've tried everything I can think of, and I really need to get this working. Has anyone experienced this?
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