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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I would like to ask what build is the best for 3ds max and corona and a little bit of lumion/animation work. I mainly use corona for rendering and seldom use lumion. Given a budget up to $2000 what are the hardwares I need? I am not familiar with the latest tech as of today in the 3d viz world and would like your suggestions. I am planning to buy the components hopefully next year. I also plan to have the dual monitors within the given budget as I can just buy cheap keyboard and mouse. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated. Thank you, Vincent
  2. So I have run into a problem and don't want to spend time cleaning 800+ materials. We have an in-house consultant that is looking to take our Anima crowds for a large project for use in his program (it doesn't need the animation part... just for stills). He is using Lumion. So he is requesting all the materials to be simple, clean standard materials exported as an FBX. The problem I'm finding with this process is Anima uses tons of ColorCorrects and Falloff Maps that they don't send the object with the material into his program. Is there a better workflow for this process? ... Or another option, is there a script that will take out ColorCorrects and take the top bitmap from a Falloff Map? Basically, put the raw Bitmap into the Diffuse slot. Thanks
  3. Hello everybody! I have a few questions. Is it possible to extract light objects and sources from Archicad to Lumion? Can you achieve the effect of the neon light shader in Artlantis, where you can have a random surface, that not only emits light, but also illuminates other objects and casts shadows? The emission setting in Lumion only emits, but doesn't illuminate. Every time I export billboard trees from Archicad the textures are missing, why? Thanks in advance!
  4. I´m from Argentina. I was looking for information on how to solve a problem with vray materials because it could not change the values ​​in subdivisions. I saw the answer in this forum and I found it very useful. I am grateful to be part of this community and I hope to contribute in whatever is necessary. I usually work with Vray for 3dmax and Sketchup. I also use Lumion for videos. Regards!
  5. Hi all, I'm new to 3D modelling & animation (and to this site.. hi!). Over the past three weeks I took a Lynda.com course on 3ds max and managed to get as far as importing a Revit model, assigning it materials and sitting it on a plane. I now want to place it in a cityscape and downloaded Lumion to achieve that but there doesn’t seem to be any cityscape templates. Would you perhaps have any guidance as to what steps to take next? I’m a bit lost to be honest. Do I go back and create a cityscape from scratch in 3ds Max? As I said, I’ve only taken all this on in the past three weeks and I’ve kind of hit a wall. I’d appreciate any guidance at all. Thanks in advance, Anna
  6. Hi to all! What do you think... can be achieved exteriors in lumion that can compete with vray ones? assuming equals skills in ps postproduction.
  7. I want to learn a software to make walkthroughs of my projects, I currently use 3DS MAX but it takes way too long to make a video. Some friend told me Lumion is the best for this purpose and that it works great with 3DS MAX. So would you recommend Lumion? Is it really as fast a everyone says? Are the results good? If not what should I use and learn. Thanks!
  8. Hey, I'm looking to buy a new desktop as my current computer cant do what I need it to. The programs I will be using are: - Revit - ArchiCAD - Lumion - 3DS Max/Vray - Photoshop and gaming. I already have a monitor so that wont need to be purchased. Like it says in the title my budget it $2000AUS. I was hoping to purchase from a site like http://www.newegg.com or similar that does shipping to Australia. Thanks for any help!
  9. Hey. Recently I got a job doing renders for a building company. Currently I am using Revit for the modeling and Lumion for the renders. Was just curious as to how long people take to do renders (setting up the scene) and what their process is as i want to be as fast and efficient as possible. Currently i receive a pre-made model that has been used to create the working drawings. When I have to start rendering I switch back and forth between Revit and Lumion (about 20 times, re-importing models) each time making slightly different changes and fixing mistakes like flickering surfaces or accidentally doubling up on material choices in Revit so for example when I get into Lumion, say a wall and a bench top might be the same material which I will have to go back into revit to change this. This all takes me about 2, 2 1/2 days till the model is complete. Just wanted to know how other people are doing this, how long it takes, any tips and so on??? Thanks
  10. Just started using lumion 4.2 render for Revit 2014. It turned out not bad(with just a bit materials I set). here is the animation rendered:
  11. hello guys this is my first post in this club. i need your suggestion. to render smooth from lumion and artlantis i repeatedly getting crashed and getting restart with a bad blue screen. my card is radeon HD7790 sapphire. i am told that this is a gaming card and not perfect for rendering or editing. he suggested quadro 600k 1gb. another friend recommended quadro 4800 1.5gb. both are very close in price and affordable. my deadline is knocking. or should i invest in quadro k4000 3gb, which is about 4 times more expensive than the last 2 models. my friend guided me to sli 2 quadro 4800 and assured best performance. bit confused. pls guide me from your knowledge and experience. thanks.
  12. Who has experience with Revizto? As my office is 100% Revit, and I'm the VIZ guy I am looking to impliment something that will allow a more interactive experience for our clients. I purchased Revizto since it's cheap and works directly with Revit. I'm finding it to be a bit clunky and unreliable. I know, I'm getting what I paid for. Is anyone else having a good experience with Revizto, specifically on large buildings/models with a lot of detail? Not little Sketchup models. I can see it being perfect for that.
  13. all I can say is wow. I don't think Twinmotion or Lumion can even come close to this. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/g...engine-3/711208
  14. Studio/Institution: See3D.be Client: Essentieel.be Genre: Commercial Interior Software: SketchUp, Lumion Website: http://www.see3d.be Description: WIP of interior small lunch restaurant. Model made in SketchUp, rendered and textured in Lumion
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