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Found 6 results

  1. This post is basically on behalf of my wife. She doesn't have any traditional qualification on architecture or design, but being a stay-at-home wife she picked up interest learning 3Ds Max/Vray/AutoCAD/Photoshop and sketch up. She learned really well in last 2 years and created some nice photorealistic render of interior/exterior...... I want her to go ahead and take it more seriously to make a freelancing career out of it as a Arch Visualizer. So could you guys please suggest me after those softwares what else should she learn? If you guys are master in multiple software in which order did you prepare yourself? There are so many software out there and many companies look for experience in 7-8 softwares... Revit, UE4, Lumino, Blender, Illustrator, solid works, Maya, Zbrush, Rhino and so on... we are kind of lost making decision! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I´m having a lot of trouble dealing with the new 3ds max 2016 VRay 3.20.02 combo and I´m really desperate for assistance. I worked with the previous versions of both, from 3ds Max 09 to 3ds Max 2014 and older versions of VRay and never had a problem (at least not big ones). The thing is, I upgraded my software and hardware to finally be up to date. I´m running 3ds Max 2016 with VRay adv 3.20.02 on 12gb of dedicated graphics, 64gb of ram, i7 5960x processor. The problem is that I CAN´T RENDER AT ALL with vray. Mental ray and iRay do render but somehow vray won´t. When I render something, It´ll show mostly an overexposed series of circles, kind of in a ripple effect way. I´m using a vray sun and a Physical Camera, also with vray materials and have been trying for days to get it to work but I can´t. I would be so grateful if you could help me out. I´ll attach the render. Thanks in advance guys
  3. I want to learn a software to make walkthroughs of my projects, I currently use 3DS MAX but it takes way too long to make a video. Some friend told me Lumion is the best for this purpose and that it works great with 3DS MAX. So would you recommend Lumion? Is it really as fast a everyone says? Are the results good? If not what should I use and learn. Thanks!
  4. I’m pretty new to the world of 3D and Architectural design and would be very happy if someone could guide me in the right direction before I start learning all the applications. I need a workflow. I will start working AND learning in the Autodesk applications as I have access to them on the computers at school. My goal is to learn architectural design just for fun to begin with. Design my apartment with all the stuff in it, for example. I don’t mind if it take me a lot of work and time to get where I want as long as I get there and get started in the smartest way. So here we go. Say that I want to design my apartment with everything in it. I want to make it accurate from the beginning with all the measurement 100% correct. Maybe in the future I’ll want to try out a new livingroom design in my “virtual” apartment before I go shopping. Where do I start? What’s the best way for making floorplans, designing the raw interiors and so on? Say that I want to design the kitchen table with the correct dimension and angles. Should I start in Autocad to draw everything and then export it to 3Ds Max for the final touch and so on? Maybe Revit is better then Autocad? It’s hard for me to explain my thoughts exact the way I’m thinking them but if you go with my example of designing my apartment as my project to learn about Architectural design. What would be the best way to go for me if I want to do it the way the pros doing it? You don’t have to write the bible of architectural design, just show me the path Thanks you!
  5. Can anyone recommend software for high quality Fly-through rendering for architecture and interiors?
  6. Hi everyone I am a student of architecture in my 5th year. I wand to add to my skill of visualizing my designs easily and with less time. There are many software out there as i can see, but i need advice. Which modeling software do u think i should use. I know AutoCAD and Sketchup and have had some experience with Max. I want photo real renders, related to architecture exteriors and interiors, with trees, people, vegetation etc. From what I can see Max, Sketchup and Modo with Vray for rendering is the current trend. Also what software is easiest for vegitation trees grass people etc. I wont animated only stills. My question is what software do i learn for modeling and rendering? I don't want to learn something and then switch over to something else. Thanks in advance
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