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Found 21 results

  1. I'm looking for a good high quality way to present a walkthrough to clients on the web. Streaming is a bit of a hassle to set up and I haven't found that it works reliably. It also take pretty long to load. WebGl is great for realiability and load times but the quality suffers. I thought a Matterport style 360 walkthrough might be a good alternative. Is there a software or service out there that can generate 360 walkthroughs from an Unreal model? I would like something that can be setup easily, and ideally something that can be easily re-uploaded when the model changes. I was looking at Sketchfab and found examples of 360 panoramas, but I would like to stitch these together so it feels like a true 3D walkthrough. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/scandinavian-apartment-demo-scene-990ce2d827404c66a975b03ff97a0c03 I remember seeing a couple of companies doing this from 3Dmax and other software . . . will need to search my notes and see if I can dig up a list. Any insights would be appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, im Andy, Vietnamese 3D Artist This is my Apps build for Android support making Presentation or Sales purpose Feel free to let me know your opinion! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dKpD-Z7fr0&list=PLzYXkmD2W69uvkbIUZ09rYF7jUValSAu4&index=12 CH Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.YourCompany.DuAnMau_4_Mobile Hope u will like it
  3. Hey i've recently created an arcvhiz project using UE4 game engine and i finally finished the video, i would love if you could give me feedback in what things i should improve or any general tips
  4. Hi folks Need help I have 4 cameras in the single scene, all are like walkthrough. no moving object. I have precalculated irradiance maps and light cache for all 4 cameras separately. I want to render elements VrayWireColor and VrayZdepth as well for each frame and each camera though. Yes I can render 4 cameras using BATCH RENDER at the same time. If in case it is not possible to render with vrayelements even then i am wondering how will I use recalculated irradiance maps and light cache for each camera using batch render. I find no option to link these irradiance map and light cache with their respective cameras. I know Light cache and irrandiance map calculated with 1 camera can not be used from different camera. It has to calculate for each and every camera. Sorry for little long explanation. Looking for a help from a pro. Software 3ds max 2019 Vray Next 4.20 Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I have to create an architectural walkthrough, interior and exterior, with plants moving with the wind, a swimming pool and people. Hopefully 1 minute long and done in a month. Any advice on which software is the easiest, fastest, and best results? I am having a look if making it with Unreal, or Lumion, exported from 3dsmax. Where can you find the animated 3D models like plants and people? thanks guys!
  6. Hey guys! I`m new here. I found this theme through web http://forums.cgarchitect.com/71729-where-do-you-get-really-free-legal-music-walkthroughs.html on your forum. Wanted to give my 5 cents, but the thread is closed, so I decided to open a new one. Maybe I will help someone with this service. Despite, I am not familiar with architecture in depth, I know that music is playing essential role. I know there is a lot of different places for getting music for free or not. But, I want to recommend you this guy https://www.acousticbro.com. You can find there music for commercial use as well as non-commercial (free). He has some interesting royalty free music and background music and for quite fair price.
  7. Hey Guys, Last 2 years we developed Virtual architecture museum app. It is free for all people, available for many devices and promote unrealized great architectural project. We are not making money with this project. We done it for all people. Project become best European mobile app about museums http://heritageinmotion.eu/?p=7546 You can download it here free vma.vizerra.pro We are working hard to make this app well known and promote architecture as a part of world cultural heritage.
  8. I want to learn a software to make walkthroughs of my projects, I currently use 3DS MAX but it takes way too long to make a video. Some friend told me Lumion is the best for this purpose and that it works great with 3DS MAX. So would you recommend Lumion? Is it really as fast a everyone says? Are the results good? If not what should I use and learn. Thanks!
  9. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, Marvelous designer, after effects Description: Hello everyone, I am karthik.. I am doing my UG in animation and VFX here in India. I would like to show my WIP of my first 3d interior walk through Looking for your feedback's... Thanks
  10. good evening forum..... i am rendering an architectural walkthrough and need to add some motion blur to the video.....i tried with VRay Physical Camera but it makes the rendering very slow....does anyone here know how to make motion blur in post production in AE using any pass while rendering......i searched the web for tutorials but didn't got any......please share the link if anybody got the tutorial...... Thank you..... Happy Weekend......
  11. Good day guys..... Am a beginner in VRay and rendering an interior scene of apartment using Vray Physical camera and Lights, can anyone suggest me the best settings of Vray Camera for interior scene where rooms are small and camera need to be animated........i have set my film gate to 50, and focal length to 36 but the scene looks like stretched, how can i correct it....., do i need to make vertical shift in Vray Camera...or should i use fisheye camera...am confused....please need suggestions...... Thankyou...... Cheers......
  12. I have found about 5 threads disscussing music for walkthroughs but all relate to sites wehere in the end you pay 50-100$ per song. when browsing free music on google you always get "Royalty-free" sites that arent free at all - royalty free, after paying, so thats not really free. I have a few 500$ projects, I won't pay 200$ just for music thats nuts. you can easily get free legal models, blocks, vector artwork, pixel artworks, fonts, styles, even stock free HD videos! just about anything! - how can I not find any free music for my walk througs? there are probably tuns of bored artists that compose great tunes for fun somewhere on the web, where are they?? does anyone have a site with totaly legal free music and sounds that are longer then a 3 sec loop and are good for walkthough? thanks! HERE IS WHAT I FOUND THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ON THIS THREAD: http://www.danosongs.com/ - free commercial with credit http://www.jewelbeat.com/ - cheap 0.99$ music for royalty free
  13. Hello all, I'm working on a supermarket interior walkthrough and I'm getting a strange effect every few frames as the camera moves along its track. The attached consecutive frames show this and I've tried a few things like blocking out light sources and adjusting render setting with no luck. Anyone hazard a guess at what's causing it or seen something like it before? I'm in the process of changing the ceiling lights and if anyone has any suggestions on what type they should be are very welcome. Appreciate you might need some more info on the rest of the scene so please ask away! Cheers, Anth
  14. I am pretty new to making animations in 3dsMax, I've done some minor experimenting but would now like to take it to the next level. I rendered out a test 116 images (as jpgs for the purposes of learning the process) and have taken them into the RAM player. I am confused as to which codec or compressor to use, which file type is better to use... When I go to save as .avi, my list of compressors is as follows: "DV Video Encoder", "MJPEG Compressor", and "Uncompressed". I've seen turorials online that have other options but I do not see them on my list. I saw that I could also save as a .mov but when I tried this, I got an error. In the "Time Configuration" settings, what are the best options to use for Frame Rate and Time Display? I am planning on doing a walkthrough of a building with not many moving parts besides people walking, the sun rotating, and maybe some doors opening or something. Should I have different settings for test animations than for my final animation in the "Time Configuration" settings? I understand the time and the frame rates pretty well. I guess my main question is what are the best methods of saving and setting up the frame rates for test animations vs. final animations.
  15. Can anyone recommend software for high quality Fly-through rendering for architecture and interiors?
  16. Studio/Institution: interGraphics C&A Pvt. Ltd Client: internal Genre: Other Software: 3ds MAX, VUE. V-ray Website: http://www.intergraphics.com.pk Description: I would like to share our recent production. Although the production is finished, your valuable comments will help us imporve in future. Thanks & regards, Arsalan Uddin
  17. Studio/Institution: Virtual Graph Scandinavia Client: varied Genre: Residential Interior Software: cinema 4d 6 ce, kerkythea, premiere Website: http://www.uboot453.com Description:
  18. Studio/Institution: 3D ArchVis Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds max and Vray Website: http://www.3DArchVis.com Description: Hello, Completed this interior couple of days back. Went back to my lighting rig which I really love to work on. No lwf's, no 2.2's. I acted a bit lazy with refining the throw on the bed. Hope you like the render. Crits, comments and help all welcome.
  19. Studio/Institution: 3D ArchVis Genre: Residential Interior Software: Vray Website: http://www.3DArchVis.com Description: Hello, A kitchen render which was completed couple of days back. Hope you like the render. Crits and comments welcome.
  20. Studio/Institution: 3D ArchVis Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max and Vray Website: http://www.3DArchVis.com Description: Hello Everyone, Long time I posted here. Couple of loft interior renderings I did some time back. There are some issues with the subdivs. And the bg could have been better. All crits and comments welcome.
  21. Studio/Institution: Goblen studio Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D max, V-ray Website: http://www.goblenstudio.rs/ Description: One of my last commercial project - just one ordinary, low cost apartment. And here is complete walk-through animation: Comments and critics are welcome!
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