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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking for a good high quality way to present a walkthrough to clients on the web. Streaming is a bit of a hassle to set up and I haven't found that it works reliably. It also take pretty long to load. WebGl is great for realiability and load times but the quality suffers. I thought a Matterport style 360 walkthrough might be a good alternative. Is there a software or service out there that can generate 360 walkthroughs from an Unreal model? I would like something that can be setup easily, and ideally something that can be easily re-uploaded when the model changes. I was looking at Sketchfab and found examples of 360 panoramas, but I would like to stitch these together so it feels like a true 3D walkthrough. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/scandinavian-apartment-demo-scene-990ce2d827404c66a975b03ff97a0c03 I remember seeing a couple of companies doing this from 3Dmax and other software . . . will need to search my notes and see if I can dig up a list. Any insights would be appreciated!
  2. Hello, I'm rendering a 360 (2:1 aspect ratio) to be uploaded on a website. However I'm having issues with stretching/distortion when looking around, especially around the edges. This issue varies depending what software I use - I tried Pano2VR, roundme, kolor etc. Basically the only time when I don't get any stretching is from Panorama Exporter Viewer which is native to 3ds max. However in that case I can only view it and cannot upload it to website or add hotspots etc. First I thought this issue is connected to camera settings but it seems it's more likely the algorithm settings from the JPG or TIF to the actual 360 since 3ds Max is showing it without any distortion while looking around. I would be really happy if someone could help me with this. You can see the stretching in screenshots attached or go directly to link and see especially in the bed https://roundme.com/tour/403121/view/1401993/ I tried using fish eye projection and that fixed most of the distortion but introduced not straight lines (because fish eye) so that doesn't really solve it Does anyone know which projection is 3ds max using for the panorama exporter?
  3. Hi, I'm creating some 360 Arch Viz views in Corona for a client currently. Only as the rooms are quite small clients wants to put the camera in the corner of the room, or against a wall and look around only say 180 degrees and not look up or down due to distortion. Anyone know how to create this limited view - or more likely render full view with a restriction on viewing area? I'm surprised this isn't more common that you want to look around a space but not be able to see every direction. Thanks.
  4. VR v1.0 has been released! yVR is a new multiplatform tool that allows you to view your mono and stereo 360 renders directly on your device either in 360 or cardboard mode. yVR works locally for artists that want to see their work directly on their final medium or across the internet to showcase to clients and get fast and efficient feedback on 360 projects. yVR Client for iOS and Android downloads are available in the stores. yVR Client for PC and WebGL are included in the installer. Available for 50€ More details, info and features at http://www.ycdivfx.com/product/yvr/
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to share this article about theViewer and how to embed your 360 VR tours in any website. Check it and share your thoughts http://help.theViewer.co/advance-features/how-to-embed-tours-in-your-website More about theViewer and advanced features, including spectator mode (Shared Experience) and Magic Links, visit here http://theViewer.co/getstarted
  6. Hey guys, I know some of you are keen to hear about developments in VR, same as me. My VR platform of choice, theViewer finally officially released their app on Oculus store. Check it out https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/955859367860314/ For more info about theViewer, visit http://theConstruct.co/beta Thanks for being awesome, guys Cheers!
  7. Hello, Facebook launched 360 photographs a week or so ago and so I wrote a short little tutorial on how create and upload your imagery in a format that will work. Hope it's helpful! http://www.whitakerstudio.co.uk/blog/2016/6/15/facebook-360-photographs-tutorial
  8. Hello, I discovered last week that Facebook have just introduced 360 photographs. It turns out that it's really easy to upload your cg image but I had to visit a couple of different websites to check the settings so I've consolidated them into a little tutorial for anyone who's interested - http://www.whitakerstudio.co.uk/blog/2016/6/15/facebook-360-photographs-tutorial Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing your images on Facebook! James
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if what I'm going to ask is possible or not but here goes… I'm looking to create a rendered image that is fully interactive in a viewing sense… i.e: it can be rotated like just as you can rotate a model in sketch up and zoom / possibly pan etc… The idea is to be able to use these on a website to fully display products. Please let me know if this is at all possible even if very tricky, i don't mind a challenge! One other thing whilst I'm here… I would also like to be able to create renders that you can animate on touch i.e: click on doors and they open (all rendered). Yet again I realise that these things are a bit ambitious but if you know anything about any of this then your comment would really be appreciated!! Cheers Matt
  10. This is something I've been curious about. After you render out a 360 panorama and plug it in to a pano software such as 'Pano2QTVR', how would you put it onto a website for people to check out? Any help would be appreciated
  11. Hi... In 3DS Max it is possibe to create Panorama image using the tool Panorama Exporter with MAX standard Camera... But I could not do it Using Vray physical camera..!! Can anybody give an advice..!!?
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