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  1. Hello everyone, here on the site are not long ago. In the sphere of 3ds max are much, in all cmpanii that I activated render was not the final product. Now at the moment I am unemployed and trying to find some clients on the topic of indoor and outdoor 3D visualization. During the time I was employed and now at the moment in my free time I make visualizations so that I do not process and move forward Harder. You can simply give me some advice in finding clients maybe I'm not doing something right and I'm not going in the right direction. Thank you in advance for the advice. I wish you as productive a day as possible. Have a nice day.
  2. Episodes Explore NFT Boom with Focus on Benefits to Artists; Latest Episode Premieres Today with NYU Professor/Cryptology Expert, David Yermack LOS ANGELES – April 26, 2021 – Today, Chaos’ CG Garage podcast announces the launch of a series focused on NFTs (nonfungible tokens). With NFTs sweeping through the art world, turning digital artists into sudden millionaires, the opportunities can seem limitless. But NFTs also come with a bunch of questions, especially for artists unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. The series seeks to explain what they are, why they matter and how to get started, so artists can make more informed decisions about their careers. “CG Garage has always been about shedding a light on what matters to CG artists, whether that’s how they came up, interesting projects or just making sense of emerging opportunities,” said Christopher Nichols, CG Garage host and director of Chaos Labs. “The DeFi world is fascinating, but it also needs a guided introduction for most people. In these episodes, we’re talking to artists and experts in the know, who can easily illuminate the many facets of NFTs, from basic ideas like ‘what is Ethereum?’ to their carbon footprint. If you’re curious, this is where to start.” For the uninitiated, NFTs are digital tokens that can be used to track the ownership of a digital asset. Because they live on a blockchain (or decentralized ledger), these digital tokens can be easily validated as totally unique, giving the owner access to an evolving investment or bragging rights. While online superstars like Grimes and Beeple have already sold NFTs for millions, they also offer a new way for CG artists to sell and profit off their art, moving them from social media likes to recurring royalties without any help from the traditional gallery system. Two episodes are available now, including today’s discussion with the head of NYU’s finance department, David Yermack. Several more will be released in the coming weeks. The current series will include: ● Sally Slade, Magnopus’ lead AR/VR developer, explains what she had to do to get her digital drawing onto the NFT market, using a $100 budget as a constraint. ● David Yermack, NYU Stern cryptocurrency professor, breaks down the key concepts behind NFTs in the most accessible way possible, getting into issues of ownership, the value of digital copies and the role digital artists can play in the NFT market. ● Alex Coulombe & Samuel Arsenault-Brassard will join the podcast on May 10 to talk about how they created an art exhibit using virtual architecture and NFTs. ● David Levy, Avatar 2 concept artist, will stop by on May 24 to explain how the changing profit model and new financial opportunities are impacting the artist community. The series is designed to be listened to in order to build up the listener’s knowledge base, moving from initial ideas to a more versed, actionable understanding as things progress. CG Garage is available to download and stream (for free) on the Chaos Group website, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Gaana. About Chaos Chaos is a world leader in computer graphics technology, empowering artists and designers to create photorealistic imagery and animation across all creative industries. Chaos develops 3D rendering and simulation software that is used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. In 2017, the firm’s physically based renderer, V-Ray, was honored with an Academy Award for its role in the widespread adoption of ray-traced rendering for motion pictures. Today, the company’s advancements in ray tracing, cloud rendering, and real-time visualization are shaping the future of design communication and storytelling. Founded in 1997, Chaos is privately owned with offices in Sofia, Prague, Seoul, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. For more information visit chaosgroup.com
  3. Hello! This is my first time using the CG forum (actually, any forum AT ALL!) and I'm here to read what you guys have to say about this current project I'm working at and see where I can improve, I'm sure I'll learn with everyone since this is my first year learning and working with 3D Render! If you stopped by to give me a little advice I'll be eternally thankful!
  4. V-Ray for SketchUp eBook for Designers, Let’s Talk About 3d Art Long Story Short: I wrote an entire book about V-Ray for SketchUp. Why? Because I have a lot of knowledge that I wanted to share with the world. Legit, right? -- As an architect, I have found SketchUp as a super comfortable 3D platform, in which everything can be modeled extremely quick. Undoubtedly one of the best 3d platforms available. Yes, there are obvious drawbacks too, but creating 3d artwork is what prompted me to use SketchUp so I became what is known as a “power user” using a lot of plugins in so many different ways. I got to know it so deeply, that one day I’ve issued my first SketchUp Pro textbook. Then there was a turning point when V-Ray for SketchUp enters the picture (literally). It was tremendous. Each simple 3d model becomes a fully realistic and attractive visualization. V-Ray for SketchUp allows me as a 3d artist and architect to communicate my projects in a unique professional matter. Very often I owe this ability to be able to apply architectural competitions and get the best out of my designs, which means that as an architect, I cannot settle for the raw SketchUp model but have to add V-Ray to my final art. Ever since I gained tremendous knowledge, skill, and technique perfecting my approach to visualization in general. So I wrote a book. Yes, a whole book, 400+ A4 pages packed ebook. Initially, it was composed in Hebrew, my native language but from that point forward, it was a very short path to get the book translated to suit the English language. The book is now available on a dedicated website at vfsbook.com and now published to the world! It’s a very exciting move to share my knowledge with the entire world, and I’m sure that as an architect and as a user, I’ve been able to improve tens of thousands of users on their rendering results. It’s an amazing feeling! I was happy to help, even in a commercially driven project, so other junior 3d artists can achieve great results in a short time, getting their learning curve as efficient as possible. If you would like to see an example from the ebook, go to vfsbook.com. Moshe Shemesh. Architect.
  5. Hi, I have a degree in Architecture and since the course development I have been in love with ArchViz. Since then I have been studying with the goal of making this passion my full-time and final profession. I confess that I have been having difficulties getting projects a little more consistently and this is a little frustrating. I started using Blender and fell in love with the way it works. But to work for an archviz company that uses Blender is very difficult, I rarely find one. I live in Brazil and around here I don't know any company that works with it or is flexible allowing the use. The question is: How soon do you think Blender should enter the market for good, or will it?
  6. Im attempting a more full environment here, more lived-in, than in the original marketing material scene showing these homes. The client renders had no front yard trees (but most homes do so on this street) so i added them here for this personal work. I also think i need advice on how to blend the curb to street intersection from looking CG. Can anyone offer that or other suggestions on how to add more realism. Maybe i need to be more subtle with the water puddles.? Or random object scatter? Or edge of street displace map? Its difficult to show new buildings yet at the same time capture nature and dirt. Thanks for looking. Paul
  7. Question for freelance archviz artists! Let's say I wanna start my archiviz company and most of my work will happen online because I have potential clients from different countries... Where to implant my company? What is the smart choices regarding all the administrative stuff, taxes...?
  8. 3D Model of the Capitol District TownePlace Suites Created in Unreal Engine to Speed Up Design Process and Give Designers More Freedom CHICO, Calif. – April 6, 2021 – Creating the look and atmosphere of a new hotel is a complex undertaking, with every design decision needing to be weighed and approved. The TownePlace Suites in downtown Nashville was no different, so design and development team The Gettys Group turned to visualization experts Theia Interactive to help give it an advantage. In response, Theia created a fully rendered, high-quality 3D build of the hotel in VR, giving the designers the ability to walk its virtual halls and make design changes on the fly – saving time and money. “Building a high quality 3D model in VR, The Gettys Group was able to save a huge amount of time without sacrificing anything – in fact, it actually gave them more options than ever before,” said Bill Fishkin, president and co-founder of Theia Interactive. “By taking advantage of new technologies like VR and game engines, we can provide designers more flexibility at a fraction of the cost, changing how hospitality design is done.” Using Unreal Engine and its Optim collaborative template, Theia created a scale model of the Marriott International’s TownePlace Suites, focusing on the lobby, guest rooms and common area, along with a rooftop bar. The hotel – which opened in Nashville’s Capitol District in October 2020 – includes 204 suites and studios, a 50-person meeting space, an outdoor courtyard and several other amenities, including a rooftop bar. The virtual model allowed the designers to change every aspect of the look, including the furniture, the floor, the color of the paint and more. The model also featured dynamic lighting to show how things would look in daylight and at night. As the design came together, stakeholders had the ability to tour the 3D model remotely, either on their desktop or by putting on a headset and wandering around the model in VR. They could then leave notes for the designers, or even have full voice conversations with them in real-time, all without having to leave their own home or office. The designers also had access to a fully-equipped virtual planning space where they could collaborate remotely as needed (in or out of VR). The TownePlace Suites marks the latest in a series of collaborations between Theia and The Gettys Group dating back to 2017. Once the TownePlace Suites visualization model was complete, The Gettys Group reached out to hospitality management firm Big Little Fish and offered a virtual tour of the 4,500-square-foot rooftop bar. The group immediately saw the potential, and leased both a coffee shop in the lobby and the rooftop bar. They brought in chef Aaron Thebault, a rising star in the culinary world, and opened the fine dining establishment Zeppelin on November 6, 2020. "We had a strong vision for TownePlace Suites, and we knew from experience that Theia could relay our vision via real-time rendering,” said Ron Swidler, chief innovation officer at The Gettys Group. “The combination of Theia, CloudXR and AWS helped make our vision a reality, and it helped others, including our stakeholders and tenants like Zeppelin and Moonshot Coffee Bar, buy into the vision as well. We are thrilled with the outcome!" Theia will appear at GTC 2021 to discuss this and other recent projects. Fishkin, Swidler and NVIDIA senior manager of global business development XR Greg Jones, will deliver the session “Faster Approvals, Fewer Redesigns: Learn How NVIDIA’s Cloud XR and AWS Supercharge The Gettys Group’s Iterative Design Process.” The session will be released on April 12 at 4:00 p.m. PDT. About Theia Interactive Based in Chico, California, Theia Interactive is an immersive solutions studio and software developer, with a passion for building beautiful virtual environments for Enterprise businesses. Whether it’s virtual reality experiences, augmented reality demos or mobile apps, Theia tells engaging stories through virtualization. Theia has created award-winning projects for companies such as Epic Games, HP, Mohawk Group, NVIDIA, Suffolk Construction and Toll Brothers. For more information visit https://theia.io/.
  9. Hello, I run the Belgian 3D rendering agency nofuss which provides bespoke visualization services for architectural designers. Find out more about nofuss, take a look at our architectural 3D visualization work gallery or get in touch with nofuss.
  10. Hi everybody, I am having a real problem finding some wallpaper textures for a bathroom that I am doing for a client. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I can find wallpaper textures from wallpaper companies that can be used in archviz projects and that are generally seamless? I don't want to violate any copyrights and the sample that I have been given is very specific (it's an image from a magazine). I have tried a Google Image search and others to find something similar, but no success. So I think my only recourse is wallpaper manufacturers, but I don't know how to go about it. Anybody with experience in this area, I would greatly appreciate your help! Here in the attachments is the image from the magazine that my client sent me.
  11. https://www.behance.net/gallery/100684105/Elegance-House-Chicago 3DSMAX | CORONA RENDERER | Photoshop #design #archviz #interior Thanks !
  12. https://www.behance.net/gallery/100684105/Elegance-House-Chicago CORONA RENDERER | 3DS MAX I am Architectural visualizer thanks !
  13. Hello everyone... I'm really excited to share with you this completely reworked Grass kit that works with C4D r20+ and use new Multi-instances and other powerful new tools of new Cinema 4D. Some of new features are: 3 versions in one purchase (Corona, Vray and Physical render) New grass blades generated from geometry with much more customization Multi-instance clones for extremely fast navigation Deflector objects to adjust grass edges and overlaps Possibility to change material and use it with any render engine Container object plugin included in download Support for Broadcast version of C4D (along with Studio version) ...and many more optimization and updates. you can purchase it on this link: https://gumroad.com/bossco and you can see more on tutorial video here: best regards and fast renders, Bosko L.
  14. Hello all you beautiful people, I just started my journey in archviz. I tried to look up many sources to rendering an animation using the Vray GPU Next, but hardly was able to find any tutorials with the best render settings. I made an interior scene and tried to render an animation and 3dsmax crashes every time after calculating the light cache, I wanted to look up on how the professionals do it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. Nebula Render 2 is a new unbiased physically-based standalone software aimed at architects, designers and casual VFX artists. The software is said to be very intuitive while being fast and powerful. Website: http://www.nebularender.com/
  16. Hi folks, We published a new freebie collection: 10 cut out trees as PNG files ready for drag & drop use. Hope you'll find it useful. http://bit.ly/2JvsUWm
  17. Hello, we are archviz studio, based in 2005 in Czech Republic. This is our website: http://miss3.cz/ We are also making some 3D assets: https://www.bonboniere3d.com
  18. Hello People! I just started a new Meetup Group and I am looking forward to see new members. If you are an architectural visualization artist in Berlin, this group is for you. https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Berlin-Software-Architektur-Meetup-Gruppe/ Best regards from Berlin, Artem
  19. Hi there everyone, Jason here, one of the organizers of the D2 Conference in Vienna. I am a longtime CGarchitect member, but have not been active in the forums for some time. About a week ago, I came across a post in the forum related to 2019 conferences and noticed there was some discussion about the D2 there as well. The D2 is taking place this year on August 23rd and 24th. The day before, on August 22nd, there will be some limited workshops as well as our traditional opening party, which will most like consist of a modeling battle or something similar. I thought I would start this post for anyone to ask questions or give feedback about the D2, so fire away! I will also drop information here from time to time as we get closer to the main event. Look forward to hear from all of you and hope to see you in Vienna in August. Jason
  20. Hello let me introduce myself My name is Thomas Groppi from Vancouver B.C I teach Rhino/Modo/Solidworks for Industrial Designer at Emily Carr University of Art and Design as well as Architecture for University of Oregon. Here are some beginner training videos for learning Modo / Rhino / Solidworks (soon GH) We use those software for Kinetic Architecture https://www.youtube.com/user/tgroppi If it can be any help go for it Best Thomas
  21. Hi, everybody! My name is Alex.G and I am a 3d visualization artist, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Tell me please where is a place on this forum where is possible to meet new people in 3d viz work and to offer them a cooperation? I have a big experience in archviz and want progress in this way more and more... You can check my portfolio here: cgalexg.com Big thanks for helping, Alex.G
  22. France's Abvent Group has announced Artlantis 2019, the latest version of its flagship rendering software. Producing photorealistic renderings for simulation, presentation, and communication in record time! Check out what’s new in Artlantis 2019 >> https://artlantis.com/en/2018/11/26/abvent-releases-artlantis-2019/
  23. Check out this coffee table pack ready for use in Unreal Engine 4 , perfect for architectural visualization https://gumroad.com/products/LbQMv Tables Preview :
  24. Hi everyone, Here is an animation rendered in the real-time renderer Twinmotion 2019 in 4K in only 43 minutes. Down Under the Chicago "L" What do you think?
  25. Here is the latest 4k video created with Twinmotion in less than 1 hour.
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