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Found 10 results

  1. Question for freelance archviz artists! Let's say I wanna start my archiviz company and most of my work will happen online because I have potential clients from different countries... Where to implant my company? What is the smart choices regarding all the administrative stuff, taxes...?
  2. I started working at a studio as a texture artist, organizing the textures/materials is part of my job. On my PC I dont have a lot of textures, so I never really thought about how to do this. In the studio there's a folder for wood, concrete, brick etc, but there are probably a few thousand different textures. How should I organize that? Should i create subfolders for wood planks, rough wood, fine wood etc, and same for the other textures as well, or is it better to have them all in one place, like here, just a folder named wood and that's that? The other question is: How to name the textures? I think it doesn't matter while you don't use them, but after I create a bump map and reflection map, how do you name those? OR do you use a project folder and copy every texture and asset you use in the scene there? Never worked in a studio before and I was curious how you deal with your assets. Thank you!
  3. Hello! Guys.. I am Dhaivat Soni, I started my Arch-Viz Firm a years ago when I was a kid, and I name it "Dhaivatfilms", Because at that time I was doing Video things like Editing little VFX and all kind of that stuff too.. But, now these days I am completely in Arch-Viz Field. My client find my studio name inappropriate for Obvious reasons. Therefore I am Re-branding my Studio. After Brainstorming so much I came up with Nothing We need a New name, In end we will add "Design Studio"... Friends gave this suggestions: Outworld Design Studios Broken Box Studios But I dont want negative things Thanks In Advance Keep Suggesting!!
  4. Hello, I'm Augusto, and let me tell you my situation. I'm a 22 years old guy who's not satisfied with his current job. I work in a small arch-viz studio in my hometown, it is the only professional studio in entire city wich has 120k citzens. I don't have a big or good portfolio, because i did not have invested in my trademark since e started at this company. The thing is, the job i do for them, i can make it myself, faster, on the deadlines (we always lose the deadlines (not by my fault)) and with much lower prices. I want your opinion, is my portfolio good enough to launch myself and start my own studio? I arleady have a portfolio website and trademark, but i don't know how make it seen. Corner Studio I'm thankful for all your answers and opened for opinions the goods and the bads.
  5. Hello cg artists! We are a new studio called TÄK based in Paris, you can check our work at http://www.tak.wtf We would love to have some feedbacks from you guys!
  6. Hello guys long time no see this is tutorial iam posting about setup the studio lighitng using vray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7vi8Ppo1sg
  7. I have looked through the XPresso nodes of the Particle Emitter Object in R16 Studio for an event that outputs the death of particles. I would like to trigger a series of animations whenever a born particle dies after its lifetime. Also, I need a way to determine the global coordinates where any particle died. thanks for your help
  8. Hej all. Have recently just moved to Sweden and am looking for network connections. I've worked in London for various studios including Hayes Davidson and Wagstaffs Design. Now I working as a 3D Illustrator for Tengbom Arkitekter in Stockholm, Sweden. I'll upload some images to my CG architect portfolio soon but in the meantime please look at www.itschriswebb.com for my portfolio. Also feel free to add me on Twitter www.twitter.com/itschriswebb or LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/itschriswebb. Keep up the good work everyone! Chris
  9. Hi all, I'm curious to know more about the industry behind people textures and was hoping to find studios in L.A. that shoot images for such textures. I was also curious to get in touch with professionals who have or regularly pose as people textures in the greater L.A. area. Please let me know if you have any leads. Thanks, Tcoburn
  10. Studio/Institution: iMages Studio Client: Spazio Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, vray, Photoshop, Fusion Website: http://www.i-mages.ru Description: Check out our new work. Comments are welcome!
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