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  1. Hello, Am Arch viz artist having 4+ years experience in creating 3D rendering for a studio based in India. Some of you may already know this but If not below is the website where you can get any of your texture to seamless. it is online & Free https://www.imgonline.com.ua/make-seamless-texture.php
  2. Hello guys, a simple question: a client asked me to make a brick facade which is similar to the reference here : https://imgur.com/a/YwwC3yS i completely forgot the name of this kind of bricks (simple bricks pivoting for X degrees) so i m not able to find other references to better study the task. 1) do you know what's the name of this typology of brick pose ? 2) do you think if it's better to use/create a displacement map or to model them directly in 3D Max ? (the façade is not enormous, but neither small...i would say 40m x 5m (length x height) 3) do you've ever seen a texture like this in some sites so i can download/buy it ? thank you!
  3. Hey guys, Was hoping somebody would be able to offer some advice/guidance on the following issue, and save my hair from being pulled out. So, whenever I try to bake some lovely Vray textures I get some irregular blotches/holes in my flattened texture maps. This only seems to be an issue when I use Vray during the Render To Texture process. You can see what i'm referring to in the following image: https://ibb.co/nEGXQf In this scene, there's no objects intersecting (just two default Max spheres, a Vray plane and Vray light). The blue sphere, which i'm looking to render, has been UVW Unwrapped, with it's channel set to 2 (also made this the mapping channel in Render To Texture dialogue box). It's been assigned a standard Vray material, and a VrayCompleteMap is the selected output - so hopefully this should all be consistent. I've tried using different combinations of GI engines, even turning GI off completely, upping light samples, switching UV channels, applying push modifiers to objects, resetting Xforms and just about every other solution offered in similar thread, but to no avail. If anyone has experienced a similar problem and found a solution you'd go down as a god in my books! Thanks in advance everyone and let me know if any other information is needed
  4. Hello, Anybody have any ideas/advice on how to turn a normal brick texture into a herringbone style brick within Photoshop or something else. I have attached the brickwork that i want in Herringbone style but cant think of a way to change it to Herringbone. Thanks in advance Michael
  5. Does anyone know a good site to buy a rock wall texture? We are working on a project in a ski resort and they need a very specific rock texture. We are having a hard time heading the correct texture. Thank you in advance for the help. Please remove if this is not the correct place to publish this. Thanks
  6. Hello there This is my first time I try vray with 3ds max. I created a new Vray material (a white marble texture). But the texture doesn't appear neither on the viewport or the render. this is what I get : (it's just the color that changed , there is no texture) Please help ! Thanks
  7. I'm trying to create a brick texture where I have used procedural noise map. Then I have randomized the texture so that it doesn't look continuous overall. Now the problem is that the map is still looking continuous through out the bricks and it's not at all randomized though all other bitmap textures are looking randomized when tested.
  8. Hey everyone! Just joined up on the site and excited to participate in the forums! I'm a 3D artist, motion media designer and environment designer in Boulder, Colorado. Cheers! -Alex http://www.alpine-digital.com
  9. Hi everyone, I am new at 3d studio max and I just started a new job that requires it. I am desperate to solve quickly a very unpleasant problem with my model and I am really hoping that somebody here can help me. As you can see I have this pannels and thet have the exact same properties UV maps etc, but some of them are fine when a texture is applied and others just get this effect ... Somebody has an idea why? Thank you very much.
  10. I started working at a studio as a texture artist, organizing the textures/materials is part of my job. On my PC I dont have a lot of textures, so I never really thought about how to do this. In the studio there's a folder for wood, concrete, brick etc, but there are probably a few thousand different textures. How should I organize that? Should i create subfolders for wood planks, rough wood, fine wood etc, and same for the other textures as well, or is it better to have them all in one place, like here, just a folder named wood and that's that? The other question is: How to name the textures? I think it doesn't matter while you don't use them, but after I create a bump map and reflection map, how do you name those? OR do you use a project folder and copy every texture and asset you use in the scene there? Never worked in a studio before and I was curious how you deal with your assets. Thank you!
  11. Hey all I am just learning UVW Unwrapping and I bumped into a problem. I already unwrapped a same skirting board with very nice results. However I dont know what could it be with this one. I attached images where you can see that it is properly mapped, but the render and preview, map it with incorrectly. Thanks for the help
  12. I just published 780 textures fore free (sorry no tiled yet, but I will make it soon). You do not need to register or login there, just click Download Free Texture button visible at texture's picture view to get 1500 x 1000 px image for free (private/commercial use allowed).
  13. Hi All, I'm a real beginner, so this will probably be an easy one. Having linked a Revit model into 3ds Max, I'm now applying textures and adding lighting etc. Currently I'm trying to add a corrugated metal cladding finish to the building. I'm working with a painted metal diffuse map and a sine wave-esque displacement map I created using gradient in photoshop. The problem makes itself apparent when rendering, the material seems to apply differently to polygons within the face, and not the face itself, leading to strange interference-ey effects (see attached image 1). Help much appreciated, thanks. Chris M
  14. hey guyz, ive been trying to apply a wet to look to my texture, took the texture into PS and painted few areas in white/light grey so they'd appear wet. however after i get a render the white/light grey areas appear as dark spots over my texture. here's a photo to illustrate what i mean. any idea what i might be doing wrong?
  15. Hi all, I'm hoping that someone out there can help me out with a problem that I'm having creating a material for coca-cola. The problem I'm now having is with the Cola liquid. I can't get it to have a brown/black glow like an image that I've seen. Ideally I want to replicate this effect on my own model. Can anyone help to advise me how to go about it? I have C4D R13 and Vray to work with. I have no idea if this is something achieved by lighting, Vray or another method. I've been scouring the web but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards. MikeV
  16. Hello friends, I'd like to introduce to you our latest product. Sky v2 is compilation of 50 spherical maps for background replacement in your 3d scene. Maps are in great resolution of 20.000 x 10.000 pixels. Check this out! http://www.viz-people.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&product_id=105&category_id=4&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=29
  17. Hello, Does anyone know where I can get high-res maps of insulation (rockwool/polystyrene/celotex etc)? I'm doing a cut-through of a construction and need to show all elements in quite a lot of detail Thanks
  18. So textures on curved surfaces have always been funky in Sketchup, and I can't seem to get this one to work properly. The problem is that I'm working with a cylinder with two different radii at each end. So the typical method of mapping a texture to the cylinder surface results in the texture being rotated from a point and curves up as it wraps the shape. Any thoughts on how to make this work? Here are samples of the shape and the texture.
  19. Hey folks, Just need a generic wooden floor tile, high quality, free for non commercial. Nothing too crazy. Just need high res. Every free texture site seems to not have decent floors, you generally have to pay a pretty penny for them. Or should I be using the free tile plugin from CG-Source? Haven't tried it yet.
  20. Hi all, This is my first post so here goes hehe... I am attatching two images (600x600px) The first one was created in modo. It is a simple scene -> 1 camera , 1 directional light , 1 plane. the plane is a basic material but with 3 procedural noise/cellular maps which are applied as displacement maps with gradients masking and blending each other one (of the layers) out. literally created in ten minutes. I was amazed by how easy it is to create such a deep effect. The second image is my attempt to do it in 3ds 2012/vray 2.0 again same setup 1 light,1 plane, 1 camera. I was having a bit of trouble so I am just going for the First layer of cracks in the wall for now. basic vray material. I apply, VrayDisplacementMod, 2d mapping, set displacement depth and render. Now, what I notice: The quality and speed is so much lower with vray surprisingly. I am sure I am doing something wrong. (Btw I also tried playing around with different GI settings etc.) for one, in the vray version, there are many artifacts visible, and this is at the minimum after i bumped up texture sampling resolutions etc... especially if i zoom in the quality gets lower (does this have to do something with the quality of the base procedural cellular map?) second, in modo rendering time is 36 seconds. in vray 7 Minutes ! I am also sharing the 3ds scene , and vray settings if someone could help ? The reason i am interested in using vray is because I like the high quality of the outdoor renderings and I would like to use such a material for an architectural project I am working on ... Any comment would be highly apprecieted. Thanks !
  21. Trees Volume 1 Texture Pack http://www.ambientlight.co.uk/store/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=64&category_id=10&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=79 Pack Info: Trees Textures Vol 1 1 contains 22 high resolution tree textures for use in your 3D and Architectural projects. The trees in this texture pack are based upon Young Maple Acer Campestre trees commonly used by Landscape designers to provide street foliage in new build areas. All textures are derived from 3D Tree Models created by ambientLight. Each texture has an alpha map for use alongside the diffuse texture for perfect blending into your scenes either by direct compositing or billboard rendering. 22 High Resolution 3072 x 3072 Pixel Tree Textures with Alpha Maps
  22. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't find a Texture thread. I am working on a cafe that has a massive selection of books. Books have always been a pain as I don't have a ton of book covers in decent quality. I've used google images and pull a bunch off of there, but if anyone has made a collection they don't mind sharing or a website they find many on, I'd really appreciate it! I plan on having a massive book-collection zip file after the project is done for free on my website at http://www.TJunkers.com Thanks!
  23. Hello guys, I just published a stone texture Collection with a wide array of marble, natural stone, granit, travertine and basalt. I took the pictures in a natural stone factory site on large blocks (some of them was 3.80 m wide !) it was very interesting and impressive to carry such heavy stone with a dedicated crane equipped with hydrolic suction discs. My goal was to provide a good choice of high resolution quality textures with large real life dimensions, so it allow you to reduce the pattern effect typical of most of others available textures Please tell me if you find this collection pertinent and what you think about the product, the presentation etc.. some photoshop layers are also provided to make joints for your own customized slab/tiles if you have any remarks ... http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/557096 Thanks
  24. Hi There hope someone can help me out I am creating a herringbone pattern paved area for a project and want it to have a nice bricked edge around the outside. I want to do this with UV mapping but cant think how I could make it work Is there a way to have maybe a single brick texture mapped around the edge and have it fit around the nice curves I want to create? Or is there a better recommended method for doing something like this? Many Thanks!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  25. Hi, Can anyone tell me a way of creating a good rotating sky without using mr.sky or render environment? Thanks. I've heard of things like skydomes and such, I tried but I just somehow can't get it right (lighting). I'm not quite sure if I’m right, but I think a skydome is just a dome sort of object with a panoramic map of the sky (or something)... Any help would be appreciated
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