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Found 16 results

  1. Greetings! Using Vray and 3dsmax, when I turn reflection / refraction environment on everything goes completely black including the HDRI. The override material is reflective, I have excluded the glass windows and when I turn on the reflection refraction environment from the environment slot in the render setup the HDRI goes completely black. When the reflection refraction environment is turned off it works. I tried increasing the gamma and the multiplier and still no luck :-( I've been using LeonLeon51's (Tom) great tutorial on youtube on HDRIs and the environment . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing? Many thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! This is, in fact, is my first post so I apologise if this is not in the right place, however, I am currently working on a project for uni to create an environment using downloaded DEM and Orthographic imagery maps of Alaska Mountains and failing that, The Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming USA. I am able to download the DEm maps with no problem using the National Map on USGS.gov but cannot get the ortho maps. So my question is, does anyone else know where I might be able to find these maps or even do I need to have the ortho-imagery at all? could I create the terrain with DEM and texture myself? And info and advice is greatly appreciated and I'm using MAYA 2017 for modelling.
  3. Hi ! So I have a vray dome with invisible ticked. I did everthing like I used to for the last couple years but somehow All of my new scene/project are now showing the background thru windows. It shows like 50% when i put it in photoshop. I mean I can slide a image on a layer behind and it will shows but 50-50 with the new image behind I have a VrayHDRi map in environment slot and the in dome. Vray dome with invisible alpha channel in Vray frame buffer seems alright I save as PNG with alpha channel tick Maybe I hit a shortcut or something? Can you help me thank you
  4. Hey everyone! Just joined up on the site and excited to participate in the forums! I'm a 3D artist, motion media designer and environment designer in Boulder, Colorado. Cheers! -Alex http://www.alpine-digital.com
  5. Hi all, I am looking for some help - the goal is to make a realistic rendering ( of course). It's all good so far with materials and model. The issue is the environment reflecting on the building - we are not modeling the environment, but since we propose large glazed screen, the buildings from across the street have to be reflected. Even more - this is a historical city and that's a project on an intersection of 5 streets ( so there's a lot of different reflections from each angle) Can you please help and point out some smart tricks, or maybe lead me to other posts regarding similar problem? This is not super-urgent, so I'm also ready to invest some time for a better result. Thanks in advance, Janis
  6. Hello everybody, Last week i have started a new project of a condominium on a rural region. Problem is, i didn't have any success building a realistic landscape with google maps images, and i also think it become a bit creepy with that. I want to know, how do you create your landscapes? I've seen some images on CGA gallery wchich are pretty awesome, but i couldn't figure out how did they created that. My next step is creating a blend material with lots of types of grass textures to manage the variety of colors in the rural landscape, but i'm now quite sure about that. Please, share with me your experiences. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, new here. Working on this label for a client and they want some unrealistic lighting. I edited my HDRI map so I could make my own "reflections" My material is reflective, hdri map is set to spherical. For some reason as soon as the first edge of the first polygon that starts the smoothed corner comes the reflection of the HDRI is completely cut off.No matter what, if I move the edge or cut down the polygons the cutoff moves farther away. I have tried modeling the object differently, with and without smoothing and always the same result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi guys, I would appreciate your help on this. Say I have 4 chrome spheres in the scene, and I want each of the spheres to reflect it's own environment - season of the year (winter,summer,..). Could I please ask some suggestions on how you can override an environment for each sphere. I know you can have one image in the 3ds max background settings, and enable an override in vray settings to specify different reflection environment, but this would mean that all 4 spheres will reflect say - winter for instance? I want all 4 of these spheres in one scene to reflect 4 different environments. I hope you can help out guys, Thanks!!
  9. Hi All, When I setup my EC to the SAME values in both the vray physical camera or in the environment and render images using both methods, the rendering results are totally different for every method. Does anyone know why of how this happens? I don't have a clue... Some more information: I ONLY switch the 'exposure' checkbox in the vray physical camera, with default EC-values: f-number = 8 shutter speed = 200 / film speed (ISO) = 100 Any help is most appreciated! Tnx! rgds, E
  10. Hi y'all, I am experimenting with v-ray for 3ds max. I am doing this online course at lynda wich is really great I do however get a problem that I don't know how to fix. When I change my environment Background color from black to white in 'environment and effects' it effects the whole light in the scene. Is there a way to untick that? I just simply want it as a background and nothing to do with the illumination of my scen. Thanks in advance! Best regards yours scincerely SLEDGEHAMMER!!!
  11. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max, Vray, Photoshop CS5 Description: Hello! This is my first post on this website and I'm curious to hear your criticisms and advice. This is a project I'm working on in my spare time whilst working as a professional 3D Artist in London and was inspired by Peter Guthrie's amazing version of this scheme. Thanks you for your comments.
  12. I want to shoot and make my own HDRI environment maps for use with vray and max but I am having a hell of a time finding information on the web... Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to create HDRI maps? Thanks I prefer written tutorials over video but I'll take anything and I am using spherical mapping
  13. I am literally banging my head on the desk trying to figure out how to rotate my HDRI environment maps. I have the map applied to a VRAY dome light for illumination as well as having it in the environment slot of MAX (I'm working in 3ds Max by the way.) The MAP's horiz. rotation slider is greyed out. I've tried wire rotation of the light and nothing seems to be working. I have also tried screwing with the U offset...nothing. I just need the damn scene rotated 180 degrees...this should not be hard Thank you
  14. I've just started to consider trying HDRI lighting instead of the vray default sky. Had a few niggles which i'm close to ironing out, namely that if I used the same HDR for the viewport background/environment map, the sky would always look really dim until I ramped up the values on the HDR so much that reflections would blow up and the sky itself would look unatrual. I have found a nice way to set up HRD as far as reflections are concerned but the if I tilt the camera so I can see above the horizon, the sky looks dim as I mentioned. So, is it common to use one HDR image for the lighting and then another for the actual environment map which our camera sees? I've been aiming for a sky like this. Thanks.
  15. ok.. i asked this before like 2 days ago.. but i guess ma question was missunderstood.. so am rephrasing it.. >>am working on a scene.. n vray.. and using a sky image for the environment..but when i hit render the environment map bleeds into the walls of the building.. why is that?! n is there a way this could be fixed?!
  16. There was a time, when I made good enough walkthroughs (I really thought so) by simple camera moving. I was happy. My clients were happy. After purchasing of animated trees bundle I feel that I need to animate something else. But what? Even in their movie at http://anilibrary.com the building is a little frozen, comparing to trees animation, isn't it? What do you animate, guys, in your animations?
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