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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Hoping someone can help me! I set up an apartment in Revit, and am now working on a visualisation in 3D Studio Max and using Vray to render. I have been adding furniture all day and doing renders fine, and I'm not sure at what point it happened but I now cannot render. It is just a black screen when I use ActiveShade Renderer and it crashes when I try to do a proper render. I have tested other files and they all render fine. I have tried deleting all the furniture I added in case this was the reason but it still won't work. The really weird thing is though that when I do an external render of my apartment in that same file it's fine. As soon as I move my camera inside though it is all black. I have environment turned on, a sun and inside lights so I'm kind of lost what to do! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Danica
  2. I have a problem with importing a model that I have created in Sketchup into 3DS Max to render with Maxwell Render. I have the units of my model set up as follows: The units for sketchup are also in mm. When I import the .skp file using the 3DS max import option and render the file the materials do not scale properly: If i create a geometry in max and apply the same material, the material is to scale as shown here with a box: One solution for a small plane like that in my sketchup model is to go into sketchup and export the model as a MXS and them import it as a MXS file type in max. When i apply the same material as in the earlier images, the Material is now to the correct scale as shown here (again next to a box created in max): This workflow from sketchup to max is a bit tedious and does NOT work for more complex models and lots of geometry is missing. So my question is this, How can i import sketchup models into Max and have the materials map properly?
  3. Hello, I am new to animations in 3D studio and just created one for a client. My problem is I need to stop the animation at approx. frame 550(out of 1000), have something else happen for 100 frames, and then continue on with the original animation. How do I get the current animation to stay still for 100 more frames in the middle of a current animation? I am looking to have a 1100 frame animation. Thanks for the help!
  4. Studio/Institution: Personal Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max, Vray, Photoshop CS5 Description: Hello! This is my first post on this website and I'm curious to hear your criticisms and advice. This is a project I'm working on in my spare time whilst working as a professional 3D Artist in London and was inspired by Peter Guthrie's amazing version of this scheme. Thanks you for your comments.
  5. guys i set high quality render setting have still bad reflections on the water surface, chrome edges, roof and the floor stones. what is the problem here that i can't get nice reflections even this high settings?! please have look on the big res. of the following fotos here: http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_testrender.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_render.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_mat.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_1.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_2.jpg thanks all! Deutsch wird auch verstanden! gruß http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_1.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_2.jpg
  6. Hi Tried a quick search on "ifc", but got 0 matches!? Isn't that the coming standard BIM format? Anyway, do anybody know of a plugin that enables ifc import and export into/from 3d studio max? Surprisingly few matches on these search terms on google as well. In advance, thanks for any answers!
  7. Studio/Institution: rendershape Client: Mondadori publisher Genre: Institution Software: 3d studio max Website: http://archiviz.wordpress.com/ Description: Hi,an other work, comment will be very appreciated, thanks. Roberto
  8. Studio/Institution: Ita Project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3d studio max, multiscatter, mental ray, photoshop Website: http://archiviz.wordpress.com/ Description: Hi,finally back with a new work, comment will be very appreciated, thanks. Roberto
  9. Good afternoon everybody, I'm in a real need of little help to create a wind effect on a field of plastic tubes, same thing as a grass field. I'm not sure about using reactor on the tubes and dynamics to create the wind effect, can anybody help me? I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance.
  10. Studio/Institution: Toni Fresnedo 3D Studio Client: N/A Genre: Other Software: 3d Studio max 2011, Vray, Photoshop CS5 Website: http://www.tonifresnedo.com Description: Hi, this is my first post in this great site, the job is a personal version of the House K, designed by 3LHD Architechts Zagreb (Croatia). Hope you like it. For more House K Renders visit Flickr House K Album Gallery A greetings.
  11. I was working at an architectural design facility in San Francisco last year called Screen Point and we worked on an autocad revit 3D Studio Max Pipeline and had a lot of trouble with large textured aerial photographs. We compressed the aerials with WavGen ECW and could import these very large files and render them with no problems. Just thought I would let everyone know cause it made the whole process so much easier and saved me a lot of time. Check out the Wavgen website.
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