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Found 13 results

  1. I have many point cloud objects I'm trying to scatter in 3DS Max 2017 and render via V-Ray. (According to iCube's site, they support all .vrmesh objects for scattering.) I used V-Ray's "OBJ GEO PLY to .vrmesh Converter" utility to convert a .ply point cloud into a .vrmesh. It renders great in V-ray. However, when trying MultiScatter or MultiPainter and using that .vrmesh as a scatter/paint object, nothing shows up in the viewport. When trying to render, Max crashes. Any way I can get this working? And if it's impossible, is there an alternative scattering package that supports point-cloud based .vrmesh objects? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have had a dual Xeon workstation for about 4yrs and it has worked fine with no problems. About two yrs ago I purchased an I7 workstation (as was always the plan) which is now my main modeling machine leaving my older one to do the grunt of the rendering etc.. About 8 months ago I decided to set up Vray DR across these machines. All has worked brilliantly up until this month. Now when I render an image using this set up they both jump in and start rendering fine, but around 1hr into the render the dual Xeon machine gives up. It crashes and the monitor linked to it goes black, but with a white cursor blinking in the top left corner. It doesn't seem to over heat (its liquid cooled with 2x corsair Hydro H80's), as its freezing in my attic studio this time of year (writing this with gloves on), and it was fine over the summer. I swapped out the graphics card with a different one just as a test but as I thought that's not the problem. I'm stuck really and don't know where to go from here. I need to get this sorted asap as I promised a mate I would do some Architectural Visuals over xmas, so any help would be massively appreciated!! Thanks Adam
  3. Hi I am new to 3ds MAX so I can't get too technical but my 3ds MAX crashes too often and I don't know why. It never happens while rendering but often during modeling especially when I have another window open and watching a movie while working with 3ds MAX. The crash message is just like the one attached in this post. My PC configurations are 1) Core i3 2) 8G RAM 3) 1T HDD 4) GTX 750 overclocked edition (not Ti) with 2G memory As you can see my hardware specs are not that great but it is adequate for running 3ds MAX. I don't work with large projects. I am a beginner and I am making simple assets at the moment. I can't pinpoint the exact cause of the problem but I suspect it is either because of my cpu, ram or video card. I know it is not a software problem. I don't have money to upgrade all three. What component has the highest probability of being the root of the problem? If any reader is experienced with hardware configuration requirements, I would really appreciate it if you could voice your thoughts.
  4. Hi, Hoping someone can help me! I set up an apartment in Revit, and am now working on a visualisation in 3D Studio Max and using Vray to render. I have been adding furniture all day and doing renders fine, and I'm not sure at what point it happened but I now cannot render. It is just a black screen when I use ActiveShade Renderer and it crashes when I try to do a proper render. I have tested other files and they all render fine. I have tried deleting all the furniture I added in case this was the reason but it still won't work. The really weird thing is though that when I do an external render of my apartment in that same file it's fine. As soon as I move my camera inside though it is all black. I have environment turned on, a sun and inside lights so I'm kind of lost what to do! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Danica
  5. I know it is "normal", but lately it crashes almost every day (well, usually every day). It is getting frustrating. Sometimes it is random, sometimes after I save or open max, in the upper left corner the redo/undo/save/etc buttons disappear (just the Max logo stays there) and then if I try to save again or open a file it crashes, and the worst part is that I dont notice that every time so if I work 10-20 minutes without saving, and notice that those buttons disappeared, I know I'll have to redo everything again. I dont really rely on autosave, sometimes it doesn't save for half an hour even if it's set to save every 5 or 10 minutes. Do you know what could cause this, or is this just as random as the crashes? I've been using the software (Max 2014) for more than a year now and it started happening in the past few weeks (until now it crashed as many times as it is "supposed to", but not this often). Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, seem to be having a little trouble with the Dope Sheet editor. I'm currently working my way through a massive book to get acquainted with 3DS Max and I'm up to a section on animation. Unfortunately however the Dope Sheet Editor (and Curve Editor tends to crash at seemingly random occurrences. There is no apparent trigger, and it seems any action will cause it (even just opening the editor at times). There is no consistency in time between crashes either. Sometimes it will happen an hour later, or 10 minutes later. The crash itself doesn't provide a 3ds Max Error Report screen, it just provides the Windows "This Program has stopped working" error, in which you can only hit 'close'. I can't seem to find an error log or anything, so if anyone could provide any insight onto the topic, that would be super amazing. Oh! And I'm using 3ds Max Design 2013 (with a student license). I have updated to Product Update 6 Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have been having a seriously annoying issue with the Multiscatter plugin as of late. Relatively small scene without too many scatter objects. Vray 2 updated. Max 2012 Multiscatter 1.1.xx (on a different machine can't remember specific release) Vray memory set to dynamic @ 10000 gb All Materials Vray. Intel chipset 12gb ram ati graphics So, the problem is during light cache calculation, max just crashes completely. The scene is roughly 550k polys, which is on the low side for what my machine usually is handling. I am using MS to scatter 1 bunch of grass, and one unique tree. So after my scene was crashing, I exported just my house model out and started anew. Grass scattered on simple plane, I'm just testing some new models, and set to max 100,000 instances. It was rendering fine, then I added in the tree to another plane and it started crashing. I also had 1 other unique tree in the scene at this point, but it was not being scattered. I set the tree that I was scattering to have a max of 35 instances. CRASH. I re-opened the scene and deleted everything except the original plane and grass scatter objects, that was rendering successfully, and it still crashed. I cannot for my life figure out why it is crashing, and especially what I am doing that makes a scene that was rendering fine at the beginning, start crashing max. Anyone have any ideas? I am strongly considering just going with another scatter plugin.
  8. I know this is probably futile to enquire, and it's not the first time I've mentioned it but... Does anyone else get this: They work using vray RT on a scene and then it just dies and will NEVER work for that scene again - ever. Start a new scene, no problem. But as far as RT is concerned, it's out to lunch until you start a new scene. This happens 100% of the time and it KILLS my production time.
  9. Sometimes it just crashes for no reason (i mean the computer just restarts). Sometimes the computer just freezes and I have to restart it. There are no warnings or errors. It works fine until the computer just restarts itself. It is a big problem when you're working on something and boom! You lost some of your work. I set the autosave interval to 2minutes, but I'd like to fix this problem. It gets annoying. Sometimes it doesn't restart for hours, sometimes restarts after a few minutes I open Max. Do you know what could cause these crashes and how could I fix it? Thanks ps: The computer is working fine if I'm not using Max
  10. I am using Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2012 64-bit and am trying to consolidate the materials in my scene for use on another computer. I am using the "Resource Collector" and also tried the "Bitmap/Photometric Paths" Utilities but every time I run the utility I get an error that says "An error has occurred and the application will now close." Can anyone point me in some kind of direction to fix this? Thanks
  11. Here's my scene: link Was just wondering if it crashes max for anyone else? Very simple scene. I had to revert to an earlier version and now that's crashing. Might be a vray thing *shrug* who knows. Don't worry about trying to figure out what the crash is, mainly interested if anyone can open it. Created in 3dsmax 2010 & vray 2.0. Many thanks!
  12. I'm using the plugin for Rhino, every time I render I get the message maxwell.exe has stopped responding, click to close. I'm using the 64 bit on a windows 7 64 bit machine. any one have any ideas?? thank you
  13. Hi guys, first time posting so I´ll try to keep it short... I've already searched the forums and didn't find a similar problem (forgive me if I didn't see it and am posting again) Here´s de deal, in my assignement, I have to simply move the camera through the production line of a factory. So I selected the walls and everything I didn't need in the scene beside the machinery, to better animate the camera... But now that I'm done, when i try to unhide the hidden stuff through the "UNHIDE ALL" command, Max crashes!!! And I can't find a reason why. Any ideas? I'm using 3ds Max 9, by the way. Thanks in advance!!
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