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  1. Hi, I have been reading this great tutorial on Post Production using Photoshop (see below) It describes how to set up render passes in a Photoshop file in order to create a beauty pass. http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/chaos-group-vray/compositing-v-ray-render-layers-in-photoshop/ This has brought up a few questions that I would love to have answered. 1. I have saved my render passes as .tga 32 bit files. When I bring them into Photoshop they open in 8 bit format. Could any one tell me why this is happening? I am thinking that I need these passes to stay in 32bit in order to recreate this composite to look similar to my original before post-production manipulation - am I correct in saying this? 2. I have arranged my passes into layers identical to what this tutorial suggests, however my image looks very different when I compare it to my original also open in Photoshop. (my render - the original from Max retained similar color when I opened it in Photoshop). I was reading that Linear dodge can appear very different, 32 bit compared to 8 bit. In the attached images you can see that the first image is the original render from Vray/Max and the second is my PSD composite. I would appreciate some guidance on this issue. Much appreciated and thanks.
  2. Hi there, I'm rendering one of my projects from last year again. All files and settings were saved and they seem to be the same as far as I can remember. However, the shadows are much darker in the completed render. I still have the separately saved GI layer from last year and they aren't the same but I can't figure out why they are different since it's the exact same file. Please help. I need the same render result as the old render. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Ko8OAJM - Vray/3ds Max
  3. Please, i need someone to help me to convert save file from 3ds max 2019 to 2018 and send it back for me. because i cant open it on my laptop, i have the 2018 edition. i really appreciate it. Thanks for the help every one. really need it. 3dmax (hotel bedroom ).zip
  4. Hey guys, Was hoping somebody would be able to offer some advice/guidance on the following issue, and save my hair from being pulled out. So, whenever I try to bake some lovely Vray textures I get some irregular blotches/holes in my flattened texture maps. This only seems to be an issue when I use Vray during the Render To Texture process. You can see what i'm referring to in the following image: https://ibb.co/nEGXQf In this scene, there's no objects intersecting (just two default Max spheres, a Vray plane and Vray light). The blue sphere, which i'm looking to render, has been UVW Unwrapped, with it's channel set to 2 (also made this the mapping channel in Render To Texture dialogue box). It's been assigned a standard Vray material, and a VrayCompleteMap is the selected output - so hopefully this should all be consistent. I've tried using different combinations of GI engines, even turning GI off completely, upping light samples, switching UV channels, applying push modifiers to objects, resetting Xforms and just about every other solution offered in similar thread, but to no avail. If anyone has experienced a similar problem and found a solution you'd go down as a god in my books! Thanks in advance everyone and let me know if any other information is needed
  5. Greetings! Using Vray and 3dsmax, when I turn reflection / refraction environment on everything goes completely black including the HDRI. The override material is reflective, I have excluded the glass windows and when I turn on the reflection refraction environment from the environment slot in the render setup the HDRI goes completely black. When the reflection refraction environment is turned off it works. I tried increasing the gamma and the multiplier and still no luck :-( I've been using LeonLeon51's (Tom) great tutorial on youtube on HDRIs and the environment . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing? Many thanks!
  6. Hi! I'm new at the forum, sorry for my imperfections in english language. Please, help me with my problem. I'm trying to set up IES lights in my scene, something went wrong (look at attached image), effect is unreal, I was trying to increse the value in lumens, but effect still looks not good. Somebody has the same problem? Please help me!
  7. This problem is driving me nuts!! 3ds Max Backburner is throwing up an issue with loading Irradiance maps. I don't have any other issues with textures, models, render output files etc. It's just irradiance maps that are the issue. It's not even consistent, sometimes a PC will see the file and other times it won't. At one point all the machines saw it then it stopped after a few frames. I suspect it's a file permission issue, but why specifically irradiance maps? And how do I fix? As far as I can see every node is seeing all the files. All my files are stored on a NAS, I use UNC for all file paths. I'm not sure what left there is to try. I've read about setting up user accounts. All the render Nodes are setup identical in software and hardware, and they logon as admin with no user password. Strangely, when I rendered a very simple scene, as a test it seemed to work, could there be a conflict shafting the irradiance maps perhaps? Any ideas of things to try would be appreciated as I'm running out of ideas and time!!!! HELP!!!!!!!
  8. Hi all, I need a file converting to 3DS Max 2016 as I do not have access to 2018 as of yet. Is there anyone out there that could convert it for me please?? Any help is appreciated! Sam
  9. Hi! I have a massive library of .max files that I need to convert to a format that can be read by Maya. There are way too many files to go through them one by one and convert them manually, so I'm wondering if there's a way of converting multiple .max files to something like obj, fbx, ma or mb without having to go through and do it all manually? Cheers!
  10. Hi Guys, Hope you are doing good! I am looking for a steady solution to Max to Maya Conversion Have you any idea about http://www.maxtomaya.com/ Please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I am new at 3d studio max and I just started a new job that requires it. I am desperate to solve quickly a very unpleasant problem with my model and I am really hoping that somebody here can help me. As you can see I have this pannels and thet have the exact same properties UV maps etc, but some of them are fine when a texture is applied and others just get this effect ... Somebody has an idea why? Thank you very much.
  12. Hi, I typically use Syntheyes to cam match shots, but for this project I am being provided images/video shot on a Canon 5D mark II with a tilt-shift lens instead of a standard lens. I have confirmed with Russ Anderson (Developer of Syntheyes) that the software will not work with this lens. So basically the issue is the verticals are corrected to remain vertical even though the camera is pitching up a good 20 or 30 degrees which would normal cause them all to lean inward toward the center. Like what you can do with the Max physical camera or Vray Physical camera. Anyone have some best practices to share when cam matching footage shot this way in Max? Thanks in advance!
  13. Sorry to bother - my brain is numb from reading forums with little success. On a daily basis I use Make Preview to view animation paths. Ever since upgrading to 2015 this process has slowed way down. It is so slow I have to plan little projects to do in the mean time, even when I am only waiting on 180 frames. My production speed has tanked. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello, i have a max file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8hKCQvCxsbZMDU0MUZ0UW9GQVU/view this file made by my friend.. not my work... but i can't solve his problem and problem is 4 views seems in VFB.. test render images:' it should be like this : I try.. selected all objects> save as selected> rest and opened a new file> import marge file..then solve this problem as well.. but still i don't know how to solve in original file i would like know setting as well sorry for my English..if i can't explain you very well thank you...
  15. Hello friends just want to share my wardrobe model you can download or share for personal as well as commercial use c&c are most welcome for download just visit the link http://www.3ddesignmodelss.in/3d-model-2/3d-wardrobe-model/
  16. i have an issue with scaling lately in 3ds max design 2015. i want to basically scale something one the z axis, BUT i only want it to go in the positive direction. when i scale uniformly (i've actually tried with all scale tools), it goes an equal distance in both the positive and negative directions. is there a way to fix this so it only goes either just in the positive direction or just in the negative direction? any help/insight is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  17. I know it is "normal", but lately it crashes almost every day (well, usually every day). It is getting frustrating. Sometimes it is random, sometimes after I save or open max, in the upper left corner the redo/undo/save/etc buttons disappear (just the Max logo stays there) and then if I try to save again or open a file it crashes, and the worst part is that I dont notice that every time so if I work 10-20 minutes without saving, and notice that those buttons disappeared, I know I'll have to redo everything again. I dont really rely on autosave, sometimes it doesn't save for half an hour even if it's set to save every 5 or 10 minutes. Do you know what could cause this, or is this just as random as the crashes? I've been using the software (Max 2014) for more than a year now and it started happening in the past few weeks (until now it crashed as many times as it is "supposed to", but not this often). Thank you!
  18. Hello, I am to place out a few thousand doorsigns in 3ds max. You see I'm making a hospital and all the signs on the doors have a name, a number and a technical name. I believe solving this by using the text-game objects in Unity will make the game unable to run, so the brute force method would be to do it manually in 3ds max, with a plane cut with several polys unwrapped for each number/letter combination, but it's a job that's probably going to take me a few weeks. Therefore.. anyone got any scrips/plugins or thoughts/workflow methods to make this job a bit less like a nightmare?
  19. Hello everyone! My first post in the forum. I need to build my self a new computer have been working with my mac pro for too long and it is very slow. I am a Venezuelan Architect living in Phuket Thailand, i mostly use CAD, max and vray. I am not very good with computers but after reading online this is the set up i put together so far. 1- Nvidia K4000, i was also thinking about the gtx 670 but i finally decided to go with the quadro K4000. Now i think the rest should be based on the quadro card and the fact that the pc will be used for Cad, max and vray. 2- CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) (BX80637I73770K) should i go for Xeon or the Intel Core, or the i7-3930K 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor instead? 3- Cpu cooler: COOLER MASTER HYPER 412 SLIM CPU COOLER (RR-H412-16PK-R1) 4- Motherboard: ASROCK FATAL1TY Z87 PROFESSIONAL SOCKET LGA1150 / Z87 / 4 X DDR3 / 10 X SATA 6GB/S / ATX. Should i look for Asus or other brand? 5- Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC DIMM (2x8GB) XMP (CMD16GX3M2A1600C9) 6- Storage: PLEXTOR 128GB M5M MSATA SSD (PX-128M5M) 7-Storage: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.14 2TB SATA 6GB/S 7200RPM 64MB CACHE 3.5" (ST2000DM001) 8- COOLER MASTER SILENT PRO M2 850W POWER SUPPLY 80 PLUS SILVER (RS-850-SPM2) 9- LG GH24NS SUPERMULTI 24X DVD-RW SATA DRIVE (BULK) i think i need this to install everything. Can i use an external cd/dvd drive?. It is probably a stupid question, please forgive me! As i said i don't know much about computers. i don't even know if this motherboard or any of this are compatible or if i will have connectors issues. If any merciful soul out there can help me i will really appreciate it. Computer stores jere in thailand are not very good and they don't give any advice. Once again thanks and hope to her from you guys!
  20. Ok, I've found something strange and I want to share with everyone. It's possible that someone experienced this in the past and has no clue what happend, but maybe someone knows more about it and can explain better (and in more details) than me. So does anyone experienced this thing, when max out of the blue starts to work a lot slower, even though you haven't added more objects in the scene or complex materials, or when everything was just fine a minute ago and now you can't render what you created because max crashes all the time you try it? I've found what caused it and I was absolutely surprised. Looks like it happend when I accidentally pressed I have no suggestion on how to correct it. I tried to experiment with it but no such luck. So if anyone knows the reason behind it - share with everyone. I believe someone will appreciate it.
  21. I'm setting up some shaders for my library and sometimes when I set a diffuse color value it changes after I close/re-open the color picker. I checked MANY times and it's still happening. Perhaps this was always the case and I never saw it until now? The HSV went from 25,159,6 to 21,170,6 but the RGB sliders don't change. What the deuce!?
  22. Actually I need to create a roof structure that looks like the structure on the image, just with more connections like this. (sorry for the small image size) BUT! I dont know how could I create something like that in Max. The problem is that the the distance between them have to be the same (the black sticks have to be same lenght) and the spheres should be placed randomly in the space, not on a flat surface, yet keeping the same distance between the spheres' centers and (if possible) every sphere should be connected with the ones around it. Thank you.
  23. I need to create an animation with forests, mountains etc. There will be some close-ups and a few seconds of aerial view, so it needs to be a really big scene. Is there any plugin/generator for such tasks? How do pros make those beautiful landscapes? This is the first time I need to do something like this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: tried googling it, but I found nothing useful. I'm using Max 2013 + VRay
  24. im running max design 12 + vray - 64bit. Files are growing in size without any apparent reason, simple scene with a selection of primitives, no Booleans or proxies -can grow to 250 meg in size. If I delete the entire scene, so there is no geometry in the file, the size still stays at the large size. Any ideas what is happening? puzzled... and frustrated.
  25. Do you create them or put in ready-to-use ones (like in Max or a downloaded one)? I know sometimes you must create a new model, but in other cases? Do you think those in Max are good enough?
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