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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am pleased to announce the release of my new Window Maker Kit for the Foundry's MODO application. The Window Maker Kit comprises of 3 highly versatile, procedural-based, C++ plugins that can be used to generate a huge array of casement, fixed-light, double-hung and sliding window designs. For more details, please visit https://www.thethirdguild.com/ Regards, -neil
  2. Hi, I have a general and maybe very basic question about windows in exterior scenes. I often see on visualisations nice effect of subtle reflection on almost complately transparent windows. Like this (it's the effect I'm trying to get) On my works I tried different setups for glass material, but still, it either gets super reflective or dark inside. So I was wondering what other factors can influence that? Like maybe light/camera angle or HDRI map on a vraydome or something else? Other thing is material on glass on balconies - I want it to be a little bit green like on attached viz. But when I put some fog oclor I get parralel parts complately transparent and perpenicular complately green. Thank you for any advises on glass material or scene settings.
  3. (copy thread from vray forum, sorry there were no replies there) Hi, I currently use vray for cinema4d on my main mac computer. I'm wondering whether I can set up nodes with a windows computer for DR. Is there compatibility even if the standalone is windows? If the answer is no, is there any way of getting around this conundrum? Thanks, Tarin
  4. Hi, I currently use vray for cinema4d on my main mac computer. I'm wondering whether I can set up nodes with a windows computer for DR. Is there compatibility even if the standalone is windows? If the answer is no, is there any way of getting around this conundrum? Thanks, Tarin
  5. Hi there, I am looking for to invest into a new machine. Could you suggest what the best specs I need to have so computer will not suffocates itself during renderings. Revit, Max, Rhino, VRay, Adobe Suite, AutoCad. PC preferably but MAC is ok too. Thank you very much
  6. Do you create them or put in ready-to-use ones (like in Max or a downloaded one)? I know sometimes you must create a new model, but in other cases? Do you think those in Max are good enough?
  7. Hi, I would like to make an 'art gallery' space with no windows for interior renderings. Rather than using vray lights to simulate a real art galleries artificial lighting set up, I would prefer to use my usual method of HDRI + VRAY DOME LIGHT because I prefer the light quality. Obviously using an hdri+domelight with a room without windows makes the interior pitch black, so can anyone suggest a way to use the HDRI to light an interior without windows? I am using 3DS Max 2010 Many thanks Raj
  8. Hi all, I'm having an issue with 3dsmax 2009 and 2010 not recognizing 4 of my render cores. I have a Dell T7400 (dual quad core) which was recently upgraded from windows xp 32-bit to windows 7 64-bit os. For some reason, after the upgrade, I can only see 4 cores in the render frame window. Both versions of max with vray/mental ray are only showing 4, so I'm thinking the problem has to do with the recognition of the chipset or mobo drivers.. I think i've downloaded and installed every driver and patch on the Dell, Autodesk, and Microsoft websites.. I've also tried to run 3dsmax in Vista-64 bit mode and was unsuccessful Any suggestions? Has anyone else come across the same issue? Appreciate the help!
  9. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie to network rendering & distribution rendering. I have worked alone for many years using 3DS Max & Vray, never really rendering anything more than 10-30 hours. Recently I joined a company with 5 people all using 3D Max & Vray. No-one in this company knows about distributed rendering or network rendering. I have used network rendering before to queue jobs over a weekend but I have never had a network of PC's to use for distributed rendering. I have been trying, using all the information on the net and with a little success. The only problem I find, is after I have clicked the distribute render button in vray and I've added the servers I want to use, It's not obvious until the render starts to render (after all the pre-processes) the image if these servers are going to help with the render. The 3 computers I have setup dist. rendering on. 1 is a dual core pentium, running windows 7 and max 2009 (64) 1 is a 4 core hyperthreading i7 920 running windows xp 64 & ax 2009 (64) 1 is my laptop that is running windows vista ultimate (32) Max 2009 (64) This occasionally works fine... but I really can't trust it to distribute render 4 jobs over the weekend as network renders. Sometimes all the computers work (usually the first job), and sometimes my poor laptop seems to be rendering 1 job all weekend with no help from other machines. Is there something I have overlooked? Am I trying the impossible with 3 different windows versions? Any tips would be greatly appreciated... many thanks Christian
  10. Hello, I have the following (i think basic) problem. How do I fit a library door/window or mold or frame (that have certain dimensions let's say 90x210cm) exactly to the hole in the wall that has 205x85cm? Until now I only managed to scale it by eyeball but this lead to all kind of artifacts an other problems such as the deformation of the profiles. I'm convinced that there is a solution to perfectly adapt the object (either by scaling or pulling vertices) to fit the required dimensions and that's why I'm asking if anyone knows more about that. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi everyone... this is my first tech post and I'm hoping that you can help me with what I think may be a basic problem, but one which I cant seem to find an answer to. If you check out the attachment, I'm doing a night scene of a shopping mall. I've got lights in the posts of the canopy (which I've turned down to highlight my problem), and lights inside the shops. I'm trying to get the lights inside the shops to shine out onto the walkway but the light appears to be coming out of the frames or something! The windows and frames are modeled from planes that have been inseted and beveled, and I'm using the Thin-Walled option in the A&D glass material. Anyone have any ideas?
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