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  1. Hi to all expert Vray gurus, Advance apologies if this has been resolved before, but from reading the threads i am still unable to resolve this weird glass distortion that I have been getting. Please see attached images. I noticed that this happens only when the glass (with 10 mm thickness) is parallel to the camera's line of sight. I have tested with Fall Off (types and directions) without success. The only way that I could remove this was to have the refractive index set to 1, which is incorrect for glass, and makes the scene look really flat. I am sure your expertise be able to resolve this in no time. I really appreciate your help on this issue, which has been driving me mad. Many thanks in advance. Novice VRay user - Q
  2. Hello Everybody, I'm new in vray and need some help with infinite plane and glass reflection. I want to render object in white backround and using infinite plane to get shadows on ground. My problem is that glass in that object reflecting infinite plane. Is it possible do not reflect infinte plane on glass and still have shadows on the ground. I'm using vray 1.5 and rhino...
  3. Hi, I'm in a final proccess of adding shaders in the tailights, but i'm habing problems at the of rendering a group of objects. They are 3 of them which overlap themselves, chromed metal, the internal glass and the external glass(02.jpg). When the external ins't rendered the internal has a good reflection, but when the external glass is rendered the internal one has an awful appearance because of the reflection overlapping(01.jpg). How do i do to the internal glass having the same appearance even with the external glass rendered? In tem 03.jpg there are the parameters which i've used to create the shaders. Thanks
  4. For the past couple days I've been racking my head trying to create this complex acrylic material that resembles a piece of furniture i have. Basically its a pieces of thick refractive acrylic joined together its has a very nice glassy look to it, also, the back side of the vertical piece has a red colored less transparent strip of of acrylic instead of the clear. This lets the red color project and bounce around the whole piece from different angles, its a very cool effect. So i was able to get the bounce to work correctly but then i realized that the material i created wasn't behaving exactly like my sample. When i look at the sample i can see through the acrylic and see edges on the other side, it makes the depth and thickness and geometry of the object obvious even though its warped where faces overlap.Bellow I've attached a photo of the sample showing the location of the red strip outlined in green, and the effect im trying to achieve outlined in orange. My material isn't doing that and it looks frail and thin like brittle pieces of glass stuck together. I tried to sue a small outer shell modifier as a cheat to make get the effect i was looking for and it kind of worked but then i lost the red color bouncing around the objects. I could really use some help with this if anyone has mastered these kind of complex materials, I've always had trouble getting water to look realistic no matter how mater tutorials i watch its probably the same reason this is giving me trouble. I'm using Max2016 and vray 3.30.05 and my materials settings are posted below, thanks in advance for all of your help!!
  5. Hi forum.. Im rendering in Vray for Rhino. My windows are reflecting the sky as black. Other reflections are working. Glass is using the standard vismat 'clear_glass Architectural'. Sky is a bitmap in the environment refraction / background layer. Sun is on. Any ideas what i might be doing wrong? (Is it best to do sky this way, or better to use a skydome? The sunlighting is most important for me - can you still use the sun with the dome?) Thanks people!
  6. Hi, I have a general and maybe very basic question about windows in exterior scenes. I often see on visualisations nice effect of subtle reflection on almost complately transparent windows. Like this (it's the effect I'm trying to get) On my works I tried different setups for glass material, but still, it either gets super reflective or dark inside. So I was wondering what other factors can influence that? Like maybe light/camera angle or HDRI map on a vraydome or something else? Other thing is material on glass on balconies - I want it to be a little bit green like on attached viz. But when I put some fog oclor I get parralel parts complately transparent and perpenicular complately green. Thank you for any advises on glass material or scene settings.
  7. Hi! SO, I recently moved to Revit (from cad+sketchup+thea render). sadly I'm going back to 3ds max and vray. I used it before but not for a few years. I'm trying to figure out whats causing my glass to bend the view so much. don't recall this ever happening before. the window frame is 90 deg and not bent as it looks in the render. maybe its something from the revit model? its just a store front family with default parameters. and its just a basic vraymat with refraction. I tried changing most parameters in reflection, refraction, IOR, diffuse etc. its always there. attached render + with mat on the side + cropped closeup. any insights? Thanks!
  8. In 3ds max when i set vray material's Refraction parameter's Affect channels to "Color only" Vray LightSelect render element does not show light which comes through glass. But when i set to "All channels" i can see the lights in Vray LightSelect render element which is coming through glass. But the problem is that i can not set Refraction parameter's Affect channels to "All channels" in 3ds max because Vray Refraction render elements does not match to beauty pass with Linear Dodge (Add) blending mode in photoshop, it only matches when i set material's refraction parameter's Affect channels to "Color only".
  9. Vray lightSelect render element does not show light when glass appears in between vray light. But when i set material of glass affect channels mode "colors" to "all channels" i can see lights in vray lightselect render elements but vray refraction pass does not match in "All channels" mode of Linear dodge (Add) photoshop blending mode. Vray Refraction pass only matches when i set Color only in Affect channels.
  10. Hi, I'm a new user of vray for max (architect trainee). And for my new job I have to make some renderings of a building that has a facade that is covered in blue very reflective non-translucent glass combined with blue reflective coated blue tinted glass. I managed to get almost everything in the scene ok, but I'm having a rough time with the facade materials. If someone could help me (give instructions) set up the material for the non-translucent panels, I would be very happy! On this link you can find a link to a picture of the material I need to mimic, It's going to be exactly that, because it's going to be from the same manufacturer. http://www.teugels.eu/images/ref/bluetowers/bluetowers1.jpg Thanks in advance! Mattias
  11. Good Morning All! I am working on a 3D Panorama for Oculus in V-Ray and while that's all fancy and well, I am having what I believe to be some very basic problems with a french door's glass reflection. As you can see from the attached files, there is a weird point where the reflections follow a curved path and provide and mirror like reflection of the inside. You can also see distortion that creates a visible gap between the windows mullions that simply is not that big. The window is a single cube (not a plane but a 3D object)...I am using a falloff for the reflection map and you can see all my settings. I am sure this is some stupid facepalm moment when someone points out an obvious error, but for the life of me I cannot seem to solve it...I have spent way too long trying to resolve it and now it's time to ask the forum Please help! Thank you so much
  12. i dont know what to do, my vray glass is not acting like it was suposed to, when i used the vray sun the glass turned into a complete mirror, and when using the hdri its with a black part still the image: please can anyone help?
  13. so I'm having this problem in vray... I have multiple glass tables but because of the reflection, the top looks like a mirror.. I don't know what to do about this. this is happening in two diferent projects. I'm doing everything that is online, but I'm not getting any changes... can you help me?
  14. So I'm trying to render a scene with a round skylight in the ceiling that has frosted glass in order to diffuse the light coming through instead of casting a direct shadow. I know I can adjust the sun properties to fade the shadows more but that will affect the shadows throughout the scene from other windows and I don't want that. Is there a certain glass material or material property I can use that will diffuse the sunlight that passes through it into soft shadows? Here's a simplified example of the scene mechanics I've having trouble with. I want the light cast on the ground to be more diffuse/blurred:
  15. I have encoutered problem when working with vray passes. In some of my scenes appears very sharp black noise in Global Illumination pass that is more or less noticeable in raw render. No matter of the basic render settings (DMC noise treshold, resolution etc.), once it appears, the noise is present every time. Areas affected are usually those with some dark material/texture. scene setup viz printscreen: 3Ds Max 2013 + Vray 2.30.01 Gamma 1,6 or 2,2 No extremly complicated geomery. No some extra special vray materials. No other mental ray, a&d materials (I hope so) Basic lightning: Sun + vraysky + few vray lights No matter if using Vray frame buffer od not. I did try by trial and error various scene setups including using global override material, check/uncheck filter maps, reset of the lightning in scene (delete old, create exact same new), import geometry in blank scene, no reflection/refraction etc... It made sometimes black noise disappear... usually that last only until few renders later or save/load current scene. Never managed to ged rid of it permanently. Could it be some corrupted texture? (using usually RGB *.jpg... sometimes in resolution >12000x12000px (flooring)) Second question is about basic glass material... sometimes in GI pass it appears pure black and sometimes appears as any other solid geomery (blue arrows). Any ideas?
  16. Hi there super-talented people! I have a question. From past few days, i have been looking at a lot of glass structures for references on a project. Whenever i see the refelctions on a cladded wall, there seems to be a certain noise/bump effect on it. here is a very good example. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/212/glassupfronteh5.jpg If you notice, the wires are not reflecting throughout in a straight line over the surface, but they tend to distort a wee bit on the edges and the middle of the individual surface. Can anyone throw some light on how do i go about to achieve something similar on huge surfaces, where the opposite side of the street appears in a similar fashion on the cladding wall? I use Vray 2.4 and 3dsmax 2013 Cheers
  17. Hi, ive been wondering what i could possibly do to make my window glass below, to look more realistic and believable. as you can see my glass looks pretty much flat and nothing near realism : i wanna achieve something like the image below: how do i get nice reflections in the glass so it looks more realistic? should simulate reflections by adding vray plane lights or put an image into a plane so it gets reflected in the glass? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hello! Im a relatively new user of vray, and are experiencing some problem when rendering windows. Im curios about how you prefer to do your glass reflections in vray so that they reflect the surrounding environment. Is it HDRI, or do you model the surrounding area? How do you get vray to reflect a cloudy sky in a window for example? I appreciate any help, or tip on this topic.
  19. I use vray 1.5 sp5 in 3ds max to render a vray glass and environment map with vray physical camera. But the Vraysky behind the glass is dark. With 3ds Max standard glass material and Vray physical camera, with normal camera and 3ds max standard material or with Vray glass material and normal camera there is no problem. I post some more pictures and settings with it. How to solve this problem? Thanks! The glass has thickness and I use VraySun. 1. Vray physical camera with Vray glass material settings 2.Vray physical camera with 3ds Max standard glass material, glass parameters: Blinn, specularLevel 125, Glossiness 40 3.3ds Max camera with 3ds Max standard glass material 4.3ds Max camera with Vray glass material
  20. Anyone have any ideas on how to get 3ds max to show objects with transparent maxwell materials as transparent in the viewport? (other than making the object see-through)
  21. I just joined the forum so hello to everyone! I'll keep it short. Setup: Modeling / exporting from Revit; Rendering in 3DS MAX Goal: Create a frit pattern on one side of the Revit glass material in MAX Problem: MAX does not allow multiple surfaces to be edited on the Revit glass material. The frit pattern and everything I have just fine, but the main problem is when I assign my frit glass material to the glass it assigns that frit pattern to all 6 sides... which visually doesn't work as it messes up the frit pattern. I've tried using a multi-material and assigning frit to #1 and regular glass to #2-#6 but #1 is used for all 6 sides. Any ideas on how to assign my frit pattern to just the outside of the glass? Thanks!!
  22. Hi all. This is my first post. Hope i'm not repeating anyone else's. I work in an arch office and luckily I have at my disposal 3ds and vray, that i used before. I had only to adapt to modelling in sketchup, cuz it's the standard around here. At the beginning i hated it, but got used to it and now can't live without it, except for this particular issue: ----------------------GLASS or volume in general---------------------------------- -when doing glass, i noticed immediatly that i had to make simple faces in sketchup and then apply a shell modifier in 3ds in order to have thicknes, otherwise, 3ds would calculate both faces separately and no volume in between and that always leads to erroneous refractions. So far so good; that was not the end of the world, until now that i am working on a project with curved windows. What happens is that, because sketchup's circles aren't actually circles, but a sequence of lines, the curved windows are exported as dozens of contiguous planes and, when you apply the shell modifier, things get ugly. They will be extruded individually thus creating an end-of-the-world-like result. i'm sure that many other people faced the same problem. Is there a solution for that? Thanks in advance. P.S. Sketchup is so simple, fast and productive. It's a pity that curved things arent vertorial. It's also a pity that it only supports 32bit and that vray for sketchup is still not yet there. I'll have to learn how to live with that. Maybe if Autodesk bought it instead of Trimble (wtf is trimble anyway?) there would be less compatibility issues. Who knows.
  23. Good day guys.. I have a problem of making a good reflection of the mirror.. There is something horizontal line (color blue) beneath the glass.. Is there a way how to eliminate the effect???.. I also maximize the size of the image of reflection but it doesn't have any effect at all..
  25. Hi all, I've been trying to render a champagne glass in my scene but the render comes out very strange. the result: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eddygosht/8684346334/in/photostream I have checked the normals on the model, turned on reflections/refractions in its Render Stats, checked the glass material (Ray Depth, Affect Shadows) but none of it seems to work. Can any one suggest a solution?
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