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  1. vray light select render element shows light white in full mode 3ds max
  2. Hi! I'm new at the forum, sorry for my imperfections in english language. Please, help me with my problem. I'm trying to set up IES lights in my scene, something went wrong (look at attached image), effect is unreal, I was trying to increse the value in lumens, but effect still looks not good. Somebody has the same problem? Please help me!
  3. Hi everybody, Breaking my head on trying to mimic one of those christmas led's. Did test's like different materials / ior / ies lights....but just don't seem to get it ? Starting to feel like a floating cork on open water, please someone.... give me some guidance to the coast !! What i did : 1. Finding out the real world setup of how a led is made. 2. Putting the IES light on different levels in my led ( to see the effect on various angles ) 3. Making a reflection cap around my IES light and inside the led. Result was minimal, so left that out. 4. Making a second refraction layer to my epoxy material ( ior 1.438 + ior 1.627 ) Trying to make a sort of lens effect. This made some effect as expected. So left that in. What am i missing, doing wrong ? How would you make it ?
  4. Hi Guys, Would really appreciate any help, as this is frustrating me a lot! I'm trying to animate some LED panels and I'm saving pre-passing the Irradiance maps, as well as using camera path for light cache. when I render single frames everything seems to be ok, but when using the above mentioned approach, I get some really odd light buildups... Scene is lit by a HDRI dome light and 2 regular Vray plane lights (one warm one cold). Since the unwanted light appears to mirror those light planes, I think It has something to do with them. But it only happens when I try to render as an animation and not stills. -- render http://www.filedropper.com/2panel10assembly2 -- Max scene
  5. Hey Everybody, just wanted to see if anybody had any suggestions as to how to duplicate this effect with camera settings in one rendering if possible. I have a small bedroom with a single point of light illuminating the room... I simply want to emphasize the effect of the single point of light coming into the room without over exposing the rest of the room. see example of what i'm aiming for.
  6. Hi guys... First post, sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else already buy googling it don't fix my issue... Playing around with lighting effects I can't figure out why the beam of light is missing on some materials... please check the image see if you've seen this before... Thanks for any help!
  7. Hello. You are giving great help to 3d artists everywhere. I am building a night exterior 3ds max vray scene and lighting my garden with vray spheres (radius of 80cm). My vray light spheres are placed over the exterior lights in the garden. They render with a very strong shape of a sphere, though their illumination is quite right, so I am guessing it does not have anything to do with intensity (which I have used a 150 multiplier for). My lights are casting shadows, they are double-sided, invisible, they ignore light normals, and they affect diffuse, specular and reflections. Any suggestions as to make them have less of a trace around the bollard, without darkening my scene? I also tried ies vray lights instead, but they come out somehow too pointy. I prefer the spheres. Thank you in advance for any time you give to this, Anna.
  8. Dear all, I have been tinkering with 3ds max years ago and wanting to focus more on how to do realistic render in interior design.. I have read lots of tutorial and vray setting on the internet and adapt their setting in my scene, however, it seems I still can't achieve the desired result.. When the vray window filled the raytrace and light cache, the image seems good, but when the rendering process start, the image seems to be brighter and don't seems realistic at all.. If you look at my attached image, the right part before rendering seems fairly good and not too much saturation.. I also like the shadow on the ceiling.. After the render process (on the left) all things are brighter.. My question is, is there any setting that I should focus on to achieve the right side part? Or you usually did that on photoshop? Honestly I don't want to rely on photoshop heavily.. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hi there! I have a problem with the reflections (I think). It has the appearance of a reverse ambient occlusion, and occurs in my ceiling, which is "floating" a few centimeters above the beams. What can be causing this?
  10. So I'm trying to render a scene with a round skylight in the ceiling that has frosted glass in order to diffuse the light coming through instead of casting a direct shadow. I know I can adjust the sun properties to fade the shadows more but that will affect the shadows throughout the scene from other windows and I don't want that. Is there a certain glass material or material property I can use that will diffuse the sunlight that passes through it into soft shadows? Here's a simplified example of the scene mechanics I've having trouble with. I want the light cast on the ground to be more diffuse/blurred:
  11. Hi, I recently found myself puzzling over this scenario. I achieved a workaround but wondered if: a) the proposed was possible and b) what would be the process you CGArchitects would use? In 3ds Max with V-Ray: 1) You have a bathroom with a mirror on the far wall, and a camera outside of the bathroom (pointing towards the mirror). The camera is to look through the wall/s into the room. The mirror is to reflect the interior of the room. How would you do this? #1 2) There is a Domelight (using an HDRI) illuminating the scene outside of the room. To bring more of this light into the room, through two adjacent walls of the four, you wish to allow the light to pass through the walls but for reflections in the room to be of the interior only. How would you do this? #2 I would be interested to read how people here would technically address this problem. I know this scenario is not realistic (in so much as light doesn't pass through typical walls), and that an inevitable response is to just allow the light through fenestrations. However, I found this an interesting dilemma to be presented with. Thank you for your responses
  12. When I render my sceen from Sketchup, only 4 of my lights are shown. If I hide two of the lights that are shown, two other ones will then show up on the render image. I've tried searching the web, but have found no similar problems. I have the demo version of v-ray, but it says that it has no limitations, so I don't think that is the problem
  13. hi there, i'm pretty experienced in renderings without artificial lighting, but now i've to render an interior image with some lamps and i ve got a lot of troubles. as you can see on the image, i ve a lot of noise where the lights are near the object (in this case the columns, but i've got also IES light in other scenes with the same problem). what i have : - Irradiance map + light cache - Dome light with cloudy hdri - some vray lights (just planes, even the round lights near the wall, are small planes) what i tried to do: - Increase shadow subdivisions of all the lights until 220 subdivisions (!!!) = no solution. - Increase the subdivision of the irradiance map from 50 to 80/100 = no solution. - Delete any bump map on the wall = no solution - Increase Light cache samples = no solution ......help me please!
  14. Studio/Institution: Monash University Genre: Institution Software: Rhinoceros, VRay, Photoshop Description: Hi all. For class this semester, we were tasked with re-designing a building on campus which received no interior light whatsoever. My group's response was to use an atrium channeling the light using reflector panels. I was just wondering if anyone had any improvements I could make in terms of the lighting / post-processing, as it feels little harsh (if that makes any sense) and I'm not quite sure how to fix that. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, I've been using this forum for years and years but this is going to be my first time asking for help, bear with me please! Attached is my scene for an interior with a lot of lighting fixtures specified. VraySun and Sky were used outside to try and keep things simple. I just can't get the balance of the floor material right, I'm a bit of novice with reflection maps/fall-offs etc. I'm trying to get some of the exterior light and/or sky to reflect to add a bit of depth to the image but I always seem to end up with either a completely flat material or very spotty reflections. The same happens when I try and add reflections on the timber stations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  16. hi there,i'm new to forum and i really looked into every possible solution but couldn't find it,so i decided to make new account and maybe someone can help me/you can see problem on fridge and microvawe in attached image,how to get rid of noise,i use daylight system and mental ray.Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello, I modelled a structure in Rhino with Rhino Script. I simply want to render it with its context in Paris. A simple urban scene render with white blocks of buildings. However, I'm pretty new to Maxwell. Even though I tried many things I couldn't figure out how to have a render as in the reference image attached. My white blocks don't look white. The image looks washed out. I thought it can be because of two things: the white material choice and the sun-atmosphere settings. Even though I played with them I couldn't yet succeed. The image attached is done with default Physical Sky settings with Burn at 0 (yes, figured that out!) EV:13, Time: 13:45 I'd appreciate if someone can help me by explaining the essentials to achieve such a render, colours and effects.
  18. Hi All, I'm using Vray, and I want to light a scene with a spotlight, but have the shadows come from a parallel light. So I need a light that produces shadows but no light, and I can't figure out a way to do this with Vray. Normally I would use the 'shadow caster' option in my light, but this doesn't seem to work with a Vray light. Is there a way to do this with Vray?
  19. Hi guys and girls, Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I have been given a challenge of creating a Vray material with an LED light that shines thorough it (like the image attached). The material in real life is called corian. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-M0nYCjMSoKA/UKKfWLMHcnI/AAAAAAAABUU/Ieif2CvOy8o/s293/corian+image+%28forum%29.jpg I understand that i would probably have to use a double sided material but I'm unsure how to go about creating this effect! Can anyone help me out pretty please!? thank you!!!!
  20. hi, ive got 4 photometric lights emitting from cylinder. when they r out in the open they light up the scene properly. but when they r hidden in the ceiling, they light through the geometry and make splotches as if using low GI settings.. now those images r rendered with FG only on Low preset with 3 bounces..
  21. I've done a pretty decent search for the noted topic and tried a lot of the settings/suggestions given, but I can't seem to get rid of these completely random splotches in my scenes. I've attached some image examples. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47326[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47327[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47328[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47329[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47330[/ATTACH] They're completely random and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why they appear. I've tried jacking up AA settings, changing reflect/refract values on the materials, making the sun invisible, nothing seems to help. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Hi, wondered if anyone can shed any light on my problem. Which is a bit ironic as it seems to be some kind of irradience light cache problem. These are my settings adaptive dmc set to 1/6 irrmap hsph 50 interp 20 set to use camera path light cache 1500 sample size 0.1cm noise threshold 0.01 with 0.8 adaptive amount it's all real world scale, I've done a incremental add to map every 5th frame the animation is 3000 frames long, I'm still getting the strange blotches everywhere, the scene is lit with a vray sun, ies lights and vray lights, they are all vray materials. If anyone can help I'll be very grateful indeed.
  23. Studio/Institution: dbrenders Genre: Residential Interior Software: sketchup + vrayfor SKU + photoshop cs3 Description: hope you like this one!
  24. Studio/Institution: personal work Client: N/A Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3DS Max 2011 Design - Mental Ray Description: Here's a living room that I've seen in a photograph... will post a scan of that soon. I'm at a point where I need to work on details and populate the space with furniture, but got side-tracked by lighting methods before I could finish modeling. I noticed that the interior looked better when no sky portals and MR sun / MR sky was used for lighting. As soon as I placed sky portals on my window openings, I had harsh unrealistic shadows and an overly blue tone filled the room. I realized that I can mount images to the portals and use warm filters to get rid of the blue light, but tried that and the solution was still less accurate than without sky portals. I also tried adding portals, but turned down their multiplier so they would have less contribution, but the quality of he lighting was still not as good as without sky portals. The down side to this method is that the fg solution is typically much blotchier (as you can see in the render). Does anyone have a really accurate/unconventional method for rendering interiors in MR? [ATTACH=CONFIG]44511[/ATTACH]
  25. Studio/Institution: Adeo design Client: private Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, pshop Website: http://www.adeo.si Description: Interior viz, please c&c:-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]39952[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39953[/ATTACH]
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