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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. My name is Daniel. I've created simple scene with a car and a GI Vray settings to illuminate my object. I created a plane and used both the v-ray properties and v-ray wrapping material methods but non seems to work what i want to do or maybe i do something wrong. So the problem is that i want the shadows to be fully transparent, so by this i mean that if i put .png render on a white background the shadows will work perfect, but if i put in on a black background the shadows are visible that they are not transparent and are working like this ( the center is blacker and as is going in gradient it's going to white and not to transparent background as i want) I have attached an example that i created in photoshop for what i'm trying to get with a dot that is blacker in center and goes in a gradient to the sides but to transparent. The gradient is only black color and has no white to lit the shadows... i hope you understand my problem. The shadows on black background are a bit gray and i want them to be full black and not grey-ish. The dot can do this in photoshop as you can see in the example that on a black background it almost invisible even if shadow is a bit on the grey side*(here i mean that the shadow is gray and not full black and still can't see it in black). If you have more questions about this problem please write here and i can give you all necessary answers. Thank you Daniel
  2. Hi. My name is Daniel. I have a problem with v-ray shadow catcher. I've created the scene with a car and i want the shadows from under it. So i created the plane for catching the shadows, I've tried the v-ray properties method and vray wrapping mtl method and none of them work for my problem. I will attach the printscreen so you can see what i mean exactly. The problem is that the shadow caught by the plane is not fully transparent as i want it, it is created from black color to white color, so it looks very nice on a white background, but when i put the model on a black background as shown in attachment you can see that it is pretty white, and is not constructed like in photoshop from black center to transparent layout, ass i explained in those photos with black gradient dot that has a center constructed from black and margins from the background. I want my shadows to be black but to extend to a transparent background, and the gradient got from background itself... i hope that i explained the problem pretty well... even if you need more input about the problem just write it down here.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to get rid of a ''reddish'' shadow in an interior rendering. I am almost sure that the shadow is coming from the v-ray sun in the scene. I would like for the shadow to be gray, I tried to fix the color bleeding by reducing the saturation to 0 in the GI, but it doesn't seems to be the issue. Is there a fix to this without changing the hour in the daylight parameters? Please help. I'm using 3ds max by the way. I will attach the render with the daylight settings.
  4. Hi! Take a look at the screenshot - near the bottom edge of the wall I highlighted a strange artifact - small spots of light (I'd call it: leakages) occuring randomly in the shadow. I am wondering what may cause such an issue. This graphics was made with SketchUp 2016 + V-Ray 2. I used only the very basic v-ray settings - only turned on GI and ambient occlusion. I tried to increase sampling numbers but that did not help.
  5. Hi guys New user of Vray for Rhino here. I don't know if I'm just not getting something, but I simply cannot get a plane with a simple bitmap (a background) to disappear and not cast a shadow. I need a reflective steel object, but with no shadows or visibility of the bitmap plane. I have 'only in secondary' on and 'cast shadows' off. Seems to have zero effect.
  6. Hi guys, I have a little problem with the shadows in this scene, it is first time happen to me and I have no idea what else to change in the settings. The model was done by a workmate with Archicad, saved as 3ds and later exported to 3ds max and rendered with Vray. Usually this is a typical workflow that we use at the office, but never gave me that problem. As you can see, the shadow edge on whatever material with bump (it doesn't matter if is 30 or is 100) get like blurry, and is all around the scene. I leave here a couple of pics with the same material with and without bump. Any of you have an idea of how fix that blurry effect on the render? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi everyone, I am having a weird effect in the corners of a room. I have never seen it before, so I am quite confused... I use 3DS Max 2013 with VRay 2.40.03. What is weird is that it does not happen everywhere in the scene. Only in some corners. Oh and no, there are no gaps between edges (planes actually cross each other) Anybody ever saw that before? Thanks
  8. Hi everybody! I stumbled across an annoying problem when trying to render object faces close to each other in slightly different angles. The shadow is not where it should be judging by the geometry of the objects. Whats the problem? I'm using 3DS Max 2013 with V-Ray version 2.3, but I guess the problem is with lighting settings. I've tried the default render settings as well as Solidrocks v1.2, no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, This is a problem I've been having for a while. Whenever I use VrayFur, the object looks flat when rendered, like with no shadows. I've looked for tutorials and on forums and for people that have had this issue before but I've had no luck. I've attached an image to illustrate the problem. To the right of the VrayFur object, I added a few 3-sided cylinders the same thickness and material as the VrayFur object so you can see the difference. Any help will be much appreciated since I've been trying to sort this out for a while and it's starting to do my head in! Thanks!
  10. Hi All, I'm using Vray, and I want to light a scene with a spotlight, but have the shadows come from a parallel light. So I need a light that produces shadows but no light, and I can't figure out a way to do this with Vray. Normally I would use the 'shadow caster' option in my light, but this doesn't seem to work with a Vray light. Is there a way to do this with Vray?
  11. What can do to make it look more realistic? I know there are problems with the lighting, shadows and the with the pillows' textures (and i dont like that sunset/sunrise "headboard", but i had no desire to change it now) but i dont know exactly what should i do to make it more photorealistic. Thank you in advance.
  12. kasyensz

    No shadows :(

    Guys, I have a problem with shadows.. I linked a VRAYHDRI image to my dome light.. vray sun is regular settings Leeves of a tree in front of the window so i get the shadows from it.. For some kind of reason i get NO shadows.. somebody tips? Thanks Kaspar
  13. kasyensz

    No shadows

    Guys, I have a problem with shadows.. I linked a VRAYHDRI image to my dome light.. vray sun is regular settings Leeves of a tree in front of the window so i get the shadows from it.. For some kind of reason i get NO shadows.. somebody tips? Thanks Kaspar
  14. I've been trying to find a good answer everywhere, and as of yet, haven't found one. I'd just like to be able render out separate passes for each major element in a scene with everything else matte and then composite them back together in post. Ie/ One pass for cars, one pass for ground elements, one pass for trees etc. My problem is that when I render these layers out with everything else matte, the GI isn't the same as if everything was in the scene and it doesn't look as good. AND, I can't seem to get just a straight shadow pass that overlays the layer beneath it. The big reason I'd like to do this is I'm faced with extremely tight deadlines left, right and centre, and as much as it would take extra effort to set it up this way, if there was a mistake on one layer (say a single car amongst others zooming by far too quickly by accident) I'd be able to just re-render the cars and not the entire scene. If anyone has info on how to do this I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, I'm working on a small kitchen scene and I'm having odd "shadows" all over the place. Tried getting rid of it with every trick I know. Still, walls look rather messy. Another weird thing is when I try to back the VraySun light with a basic Vray light as additional light source, I get black screen.(?) Can't say I had this experience before, but if anyone has idea what may be the cause - I'd appreciate it. Cheers! TKM
  16. As the attachment will show, I am having problems with shadows in my interior panorama scene. Splotches and wierd tints keep cropping up despite best efforts to correct. I have attached my render settings but I think it is either a material or lighting issue. Any advice would be welcome.
  17. I'm fairly new (2 weeks) into using V-Ray, and sure this might have been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything in this forum. Anyhow, I'm creating a white on white animation for a transition sequence and during one of the segments, there's a splotchy shadow that starts to build up like its some sort of viral fungus. I'm curious if there's a certain setting, checkbox, or number that can actually make this shadow look natural, smooth and pretty? Most settings are set pretty high and I'm using only one light (VRayLight on Plane setting). Attached is a couple screenshots with the shadow area highlighted. I also attached current settings of the V-Ray, Indirect illumination, and Settings tabs. I'm on 32-bit 3ds max 2010 SP1 and V-Ray Adv 1.50.SP4a Thanks!
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