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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys. First time posting here I am currently studying VRayMtl2Sided, for which I created a simple scene with a Boston Fern created in SpeedTree and imported to Maya 2016. http://i.imgur.com/cVT33sw.jpg The scene is being illuminated with V-ray Sun and Sky. The settings of the sampler and GI can be seen in this image. http://i.imgur.com/T9vW9oJ.jpg The problem I have is that I can not find the way to increase the samples that the Specular element receive (Observe Specular and Sample Rate) http://i.imgur.com/rjFgcXd.jpg I understand that the shadows and quality of the specular highlights are linked to the subdivisions of any Vray Light, but I can not find a way to increase these for the Vray Sky, as there are only subdivs for the shadows withing Sun settings. The materials are set as shown. http://i.imgur.com/66uzcHO.jpg I feel it is very simple to fix, but I have no idea how to fix it, I thought of using another light for the specular, but I do not know how well that idea is. Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Hi all, I'm starting to learn vRay but keep coming across the same issue when lighting with the vRay Sun. I have attached images of the over exposed area around the window frames which have a white colour applied. I have tried to lower the suns intensity and increase brightness in physical camera to compensate... but always come to the same results. The only way I've found a way around this is to apply a grey colour to the window frame... which the sun then exposes as white... but this is a cheats way and doesn't actually solve my issue. Working in Maya Settings are > Color Mapping: Exponential Linear Workflow Phy Cam > F-number: 5.6 Shutter: 100 ISO: 800 vRay Sun settings are default. Any pointers on what it is I'm doing wrong? Thanks for looking P.S: Maya Scene File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgve8xf24ip1gfl/Bedroom%20kel%202.ma.zip?dl=0
  3. I'm trying to render a living room scene with large windows. I want there to be squares of light on the ground, with sharp shadows where the window frames are. I am happy with my lighting using VRay Sun and VRay Sky, but the lighting is too soft and creates really soft shadows. If I disable the VRay Sky, I get the sunlight on the ground like I am looking for, but the whole scene looks bad. I tried using a VRay Dome but I don't have much experience with them and I just ended up with a dull render and solid blue outside the windows.
  4. kasyensz

    No shadows :(

    Guys, I have a problem with shadows.. I linked a VRAYHDRI image to my dome light.. vray sun is regular settings Leeves of a tree in front of the window so i get the shadows from it.. For some kind of reason i get NO shadows.. somebody tips? Thanks Kaspar
  5. Studio/Institution: 3d Freelance Group Client: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max 2011, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop Website: http://freelance-group.blogspot.com/ Description: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome one of our last works. Part of private residential appartment. Modern bedroom in the attic. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  6. Ok guys, I recently moved to a new office and have jumped into using VRay C4D. I'm learning and developing, but I need a solution to a problem. I need to calculate and render real shadow patterns for a specific site. Is there a way to use a solar model and geographic coordinates with VRay Sun/Sky? This seems to be a pretty basic feature that just about every app can do, but I cant see how to do it with VRay. Steve
  7. Morning all, I am in the process of teaching myself V-Ray (2.0) for Max (2012) and have come up against some issues with the sun. I cannot seem to get the sun to shine into the scene and illuminate it. If the sky model rollout on the vray sun parameters is set to Preetham et al. and move the sun to a relative midday position, I get a blue render (Please see attached.) If the sun is at sunset position, the color seems accurate. I have the sun set in this scene to shine through the windows, but no sun is entering the scene and I am limited to the light (it would seem) from the vray sky. The one that looks alright is what happens when I switch the sky model to cie overcast. I apologize if this is a noob question but I am in a desperate position here. Thank you so much
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