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Found 7 results

  1. Dear anyone, I'm new to 3ds max and I need help rendering a reflective material. I need to render a building that has a glass facade that is made up of blue tinted glass and blue non-translucent reflective panels. I've got all my other materials pretty ok, except for the most important one of course. I seem to be able to make the panel as reflective as I need it, but as soon as I do that, i start loosing the blue color. Hopefully someone can help me/ explain me how to set this up properly. It should look somewhat like blue reflective sunglasses. I'll also add a picture from an existing building that has the same material as a facade. Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Hi, I'm a new user of vray for max (architect trainee). And for my new job I have to make some renderings of a building that has a facade that is covered in blue very reflective non-translucent glass combined with blue reflective coated blue tinted glass. I managed to get almost everything in the scene ok, but I'm having a rough time with the facade materials. If someone could help me (give instructions) set up the material for the non-translucent panels, I would be very happy! On this link you can find a link to a picture of the material I need to mimic, It's going to be exactly that, because it's going to be from the same manufacturer. http://www.teugels.eu/images/ref/bluetowers/bluetowers1.jpg Thanks in advance! Mattias
  3. yes, yes, yes...maybe it's little boring for you (next freebies...) but i supppose that someone of You dear friends, still needs fresh skies. Voila - 23 photos for you - ready to prviate and commercial use. Here are 3 examples (downsized): http://trzyde.blogspot.com/ I hope you will find this stuff useful Kind regards Krzysztof Czerwiński
  4. Hi i'm learning VRay and I found something strange and I don't know why is happening maybe someone can explain me. When I render this scene in my render view this blue spots appear, but when I save the image (.jpg) it desapears, why is this happening? thanks in advance:p .
  5. For some reason when i render with vray with same settings i've always used and has worked, I am now getting a almost full blue/neon like looking render and im not sure what i am doing wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  6. Studio/Institution: redo [arquitectura+rendering] Client: none Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3d mx, psd Website: http://www.redo.com.mx Description: C&C are welcome!.. thanks...
  7. Morning all, I am in the process of teaching myself V-Ray (2.0) for Max (2012) and have come up against some issues with the sun. I cannot seem to get the sun to shine into the scene and illuminate it. If the sky model rollout on the vray sun parameters is set to Preetham et al. and move the sun to a relative midday position, I get a blue render (Please see attached.) If the sun is at sunset position, the color seems accurate. I have the sun set in this scene to shine through the windows, but no sun is entering the scene and I am limited to the light (it would seem) from the vray sky. The one that looks alright is what happens when I switch the sky model to cie overcast. I apologize if this is a noob question but I am in a desperate position here. Thank you so much
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