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Found 25 results

  1. Hello I am rendering exterior scene, and found these splothes on houses. I am using standard vray physical camera with standard parameters. I tried increasing samples in GI irradiance map and light catch, didn't work. I don't know what to do... I included render pictures and my used settings in attachment. Extra notes: Lighting system - Vray sun, Vray sky, 2 domes: 1 reflections, another diff.
  2. Hi! I am simply trying to use the Matte Shadow channel to extract both the shadows casted and the shade of the objects in my scene. I'm able to get a majority of what I need in terms of shadows, but the shade on the backsides of the columns on the right and the ceiling don't show up in the channel. Any thoughts of how else I could do this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone. I use Vray 3.40 and I have a problem with shadows on sofa. As you can see the shadows on the sofa are weird and too sharp. Is anyone know what is happening here. I lighted the scene only with HDRI Thank you.
  4. Im working on a scene where i should have sharp shadows coming from shutters (classic film noir shot). The shadows look sharp and well defined when i turn realistic view in my viewport, but they get extremely blurred out when i render with gi turned on (i guess the lights and shadows are being mixed together to the point that the shadows that look sharp in the viewport have completely disappeared during rendering) I'm using a vray plane light (dont want a vray sun for this specific shot), tried changing the distance of the light source from the actual shutters, tried changing the size of the source etc. ... Any ideas on how to preserve the 'sharpness' of a SPECIFIC shadow while rendering with GI? If not, is there a workaround in post (for example exporting a sharp shadow map that i can control in photoshop?) Thanks a bunch NB: Working with 3ds max/vray
  5. I'm having trouble compositing a reflective sphere into a backplate with a HDRI dome lighting present. The problem occurs when I try to use a VRayPlane along with a VRayMtlWrapper to cast shadows onto my background image. I'm managing to get the shadows but then the reflections for the lower half of the sphere become black. I've attached 2 images demonstrating the problem. Firstly, the correct reflections with the VRayPlane turned off: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9jod70srepauy4/problemA.jpg?dl=0 And now the VRayPlane is turned on giving the correct shadows but the reflections are missing for the lower half of the sphere: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2a0oy27bpvbefzb/problemB.jpg?dl=0 I think it's something simple that i'm missing but I just can't figure it out, I appreciate any help.
  6. So I have my objects on a plane, and the plane is using the typical matte technique of using VrayMtlWrapper and the alpha set to -1 etc. plane is set to not cast shadow, otherwise normal. when I render, it renders out everything except the plane, which is good, but in the alpha channel the shadows are as opaque as everything else i.e. solid black when I save them out. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
  7. hey guys.I have a question.how can I get shadows in element and product or maybe strong my shadows in post production....?? actually I don't know which element in vray can help me to produce or strong my shadows. please answer to me as soon as possible... tnx a lot mates
  8. I've worked on this for quite a long time. The client wants to see every single change. When I rendered it in the beginig I had images of an acceptable quality. The more I change the scene (adding objects or replacing materials) the worse the quality gets. After I added the brown object, I don't get shadows anymore, unless I remove the floor from my scene. I replaced the brown object with one I have made myself, but it didn't help. All the materials are Arch&design. Renderer: mental ray. How to fix it? Please help!
  9. Hey Guys not sure what/where I have gone wrong here Any advice as to why my render is coming out the way it is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rab
  10. I'm trying to render a living room scene with large windows. I want there to be squares of light on the ground, with sharp shadows where the window frames are. I am happy with my lighting using VRay Sun and VRay Sky, but the lighting is too soft and creates really soft shadows. If I disable the VRay Sky, I get the sunlight on the ground like I am looking for, but the whole scene looks bad. I tried using a VRay Dome but I don't have much experience with them and I just ended up with a dull render and solid blue outside the windows.
  11. So I'm trying to render a scene with a round skylight in the ceiling that has frosted glass in order to diffuse the light coming through instead of casting a direct shadow. I know I can adjust the sun properties to fade the shadows more but that will affect the shadows throughout the scene from other windows and I don't want that. Is there a certain glass material or material property I can use that will diffuse the sunlight that passes through it into soft shadows? Here's a simplified example of the scene mechanics I've having trouble with. I want the light cast on the ground to be more diffuse/blurred:
  12. I am using 3ds max 2012 with vray rendering and vray physical camera with vray sun. I also use an big half cylinder (with no caps) with a sky map on it for reflections on windows. When I render a scene of an exterior building I get uneven lighting and shadow problems as in the photo attached. The upper part of the building is too dark and the parts that are extruded dont have proper shadows. How can I solve this problem?
  13. Hallo everyone, as a small part of my thesis I have to research the artistic aspects which make great renderings or images in general. That would include for instance: - lights and shadows - pictorial composition - colors or anything else you consider important. I am wondering if you could link me to great resources which address these and other subjects relevant for creating great images. Ideally, these resources should be books, publications or other high quality texts which can be referenced in the bibliography of a thesis. If necessary I am also happy with normal websites or blog entries as a starting point ;-) Thank you very much for any help!! :-)
  14. I've attached an image of the view in question along with snapshots of my "High-Quality" render settings. I'm having difficulty reducing noise, particularly on dark objects with glossy reflections. As you can see the rest of the scene is quite clean thanks to the boost in Image Sampler Settings (Max Subdivs = 6) and a reduction in the Noise Threshold (0.005) My problem is that the window frame (and even the side of the couch) is quite noisy. I've attempted lowering my noise threshold to 0.001, as well as increasing my image sampler subdivisions to 12 without noticeable improvement. The material settings for my window frame are: (2,2,2) diffuse colour (0.7) glossy reflections w/ 32 subdivisions I also tried boosting the frame's material's subdivisions to 128, and the noise actually got worse; the contrast between the light and dark pixels increased! I did a test with the Global subdivs multiplier cranked to 4; the results were better but the rendering time was exponentially longer, and the frame was still noisy. I am using a Vray Dome to light my scene, and I've already cranked it's subdivisions to 32. This reduced the overall noise in the scene, but the frame remains a problem. I'm not sure how to fix this? Edit: I just realized the image uploader adds quite a bit of compression. The noise is much more noticeable on the original image.
  15. I am having trouble getting the shadows to come on in elevation view. All of the buildings are modeled as components and families. Attached is an image.
  16. Dear cgPeople, I'm having huge trouble... I am currently trying to render an interior scene with vray for Rhino. I set up the sun system, irradiance map and light cache, but my furniture doesn't cast realstic shadows. What can I do? I am trying the whole day... It would be awesome, if you could help! Thank you in advance... I attach a pic of the render...
  17. Man o man, fun never ends...Just wondering if anyone has ever come across their vrmaps causing their renders to have less contrast? I had my scene the way I wanted it to render locally (without using vrmaps because they were test renders) and then when I send my calc pass and render pass the rendered shadows have far less contrast and quite frankly just don't look as nice! Any help is appreciated...I want this project to end! haha S[ATTACH=CONFIG]47336[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47337[/ATTACH] So I just sent the exact same render without using the VRmap, and not only is the contrast back the way it should be, but the render times are less than 1/2 of what they were WITH the vrmap? Am I missing something here?....Perhaps too much time consecutively behind the screen...HELP~
  18. (see attached). I've been following the V-Ray Advanced Webinar from 3dats. I've tried everything but a) my shadows are too dark (do you agree?) and b) the ground is really bleached and burned out. What I have: Physical camera, Vray Sun, irradiance map and light cache. What I've already tried: Tweaking many differing color mapping settings. The values don't seem to change anything much at all, even when I put in quite drastic numbers. I'm very new to Vray (just started today) so if you could go easy on me with the ol' prior knowledge
  19. Hi, I'm somewhat of a vray rendering noob. I've modelled a scene which I'm now trying to render, but I'm not getting anything near the results I'd expected. I've tried googling the issue but can find no obvious solution and outcomes have not differed greatly despite my tinkering with the settings. Basically I'm trying to render a scene which is set on the top of my builing; I've created a large number of objects on top of a frame I've designed to simulate the light and shadow effect of light passing though foliage - the unrendered scene shows the light/shadow that I want (image 1) but when I render I get a scene with apparently no light, or at the very least no light/shadow detail (image 2). The render I have shown in image 2 is using default settings. Could someone advise please?
  20. Hello, I'm getting some strange shadows occuring in my models. Sometimes shadows appear from objects that dont exist or they invert. Here's an example: Note the strange white shadow on the table of the top of the chair on the right. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43746[/ATTACH] If I then move the view slightly (or the time of day) they can correct themselves or just change but still be incorrect. When I render in vray they are correct. Is this a GPU/OpenGL issue? I have EVGA nvidia GTX570 HD card. Cheers
  21. Studio/Institution: GWJ Architecture Genre: Office Interior Software: Cinema 4D, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://www.gwj.ch Description: Hello there! Visualization of an office building atrium. Color, mood and sky editet in Photoshop, rest in Cinema 4D and Vray. cheers Yama
  22. My first post! ...and I'm about to shoot myself! lol I've checked every single corner in max and vray parameters and can't find what is wrong! The light doesn't "light" the wall close to it, but does on the ones on the sides. I'm using a regular omni inside each lamp (the light is not blocked by any object, or any face of the lamps) please help!
  23. Why am i getting really noisy results? the IR is set to -3, -2 The shadow subdivs are at 24...I just don't know what i'm doing wrong..I keep on producing really noisy and dirty results..Help please
  24. hi, im having a tough time with the settings of this render... i need help! as you can see, i am having trouble with shadows and reflections (from windows and water)... the render is also very slow... i have a dell precision 690 2.33ghz with 4gb of ram withing 8 processors (got a quad core). and sometimes max just crashes! my scene is all vray proxyed, and the trees are xrefed. i need desperate help.... i am already super late on printing, but i need good renderings... please! thanx in advance!!!
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