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Found 21 results

  1. hello guys, i am new to this website and i am here because i have a lot of doubts and searching for a good guidance. so my doubt is actually i work on sketch up and applied materials in it so if i export it in 3ds max and render via vray will those materials appear? and as i am a beginner and still learning these software's can any one guide me to good tutorials for 3ds max vray ? and sorry if this a wrong place to ask these question but i am really interested in learning. thank you.
  2. hi, when i render my interior scene applying material only to floor, it get reflected to entire scene. Please help. thank you. i use vray sun and after that i add vray sky environment.but when i add material to floor i think my sky environment get disabled , i change the sky intensity and render , there is no change.
  3. I'm having trouble compositing a reflective sphere into a backplate with a HDRI dome lighting present. The problem occurs when I try to use a VRayPlane along with a VRayMtlWrapper to cast shadows onto my background image. I'm managing to get the shadows but then the reflections for the lower half of the sphere become black. I've attached 2 images demonstrating the problem. Firstly, the correct reflections with the VRayPlane turned off: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9jod70srepauy4/problemA.jpg?dl=0 And now the VRayPlane is turned on giving the correct shadows but the reflections are missing for the lower half of the sphere: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2a0oy27bpvbefzb/problemB.jpg?dl=0 I think it's something simple that i'm missing but I just can't figure it out, I appreciate any help.
  4. hey guys.I have a question.how can I get shadows in element and product or maybe strong my shadows in post production....?? actually I don't know which element in vray can help me to produce or strong my shadows. please answer to me as soon as possible... tnx a lot mates
  5. Hello, I was wondering what Books and Tutorials you's would recommend for a person looking to develop skills in Architectural Visualisation in 3ds Max with Vray. Proficient in Sketchup but being a graduate urban designer currently looking for a job i am interested in improving my skillset. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, M
  6. Hello, Im trying to make Still Image of BAROS maldives Resort. I have attached the file but i need to make the same exact CAMERA match in 3ds max. I tried my level best to match the perspective but i was not able to do it. And according to google maps i applied the measurement to match but i was not "Caustics" is my other problem. Being a large area i was not able to get the caustic effect too in vray. I will be very glad to know the solution. Searched the internet for the plan and architects and much more. But i was not able to. Thank you.
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone out there can solve this small issue! The info: i apply my basic shader material (no maps as of yet, just testing lighting first) to my model. I click render - the materials seem to all have strong reflection on everything, even though i applied a basic 128,128,128 grey VRAY MTL.. My lighting, as it stands: - Vray sun -HDRI spherical map to a VRAY dome -a few Vray planes to my windows pointing in The basic interior lighting setup. I have reset all materials but still, shows up like some black looking leather. Any ideas what could be the problem? oh and if i change all the shaders/materials - e.g to a yellow - i can see this happen in the standard viewport but hit render...same happens. Any feedback would be amazing! Thanks all in advance! Rob
  8. Hi all We are trying to render a crowd using the multitexture plugin to randomise clothing. However when we use VRay DR each machine assigns a different texture per bucket Is there a fix for this?
  9. For an animation where only the camera moves, is it more common to pre-calc the GI or to bake the lighting and then render with all the lights/GI turned off? Are these the two most common methods? And...could anyone explain to me (or direct me to some reading) why you would choose one option over the other? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I just finished this render, I just need to know what could be improved, I´m always having problems with lighting, all my renders look dark. Im using vray, with catmull rom, vray plane lights (no vray sun), vray physical cam with 6000 temperature. Also if someone could help with some tips to how make it a bit more realistic. So please if you have any tips on anything to make this better please HELP. (Camera view, materials, colors, lighting, etc.... Here´s the image.
  11. Hi everyone I am using 3Ds Max 2013 with Vray 2.30.01 and I have aasigend Vray as renderer naturally. production and material editor renderer= vray 2.30.01 adv activeshade:vray RT 2.30.02 I am modeling some cristals like quartz and Diamond.I created a box,turned it to editable poly,tasselated it with face and then I selected the vertex in the center of the cross on one of my box sides and moved it upwards.it must have created a pyramid instead it is more like a cone,I tried turn smooth results off,add crease and everything I found on youtube but cant understand why it happens. please help...
  12. Hi My job is high-res rendering with vray and 3dsmax. for example 10000*6000 pixel rendering for billboards and large posters. I have some problem with saving render elements during this kind of rendering over 6000 pixels. I can`t use full preview in vray frame buffer and i must save just RGB pass in EXR format as Raw output. But i don`t have other elements for post-production in Photoshop. for rendering images higher than 6000 pixels my machine take too long time for "Preparing Direct Light Manager" My system config is : CPU : 3770 intel Mainboard : z77 Giga Ram : 2*4= 8 GB bus 1600 VGA: nvidia 560 GTX HDD: 1 TB (Normal / Not SSD) And my questions are: 1) what can i do for lowering "preparing direct light manager" step in rendering process and have higher resolution renders with full preview for Render Elements. 2) Can i have render elements without full preview frame buffer? I want them for post_production in Photoshop CS6 3) Can this upgrade for hardware (SSD or RAM) help vray for Sketchup for higher resolution rendering with elements / Passes? sketchup crash during rendering process is more than 3ds max. is it for 32-bit version for SU? Can Vray 64-bit solve this problem? Thank u for time and consideration !
  13. I am trying to render a building in 3ds Max with Vray by following a tutorial. I've mentioned the link below. The tutorial does not contain enough detail for newbie like me. I am running into trouble when I do the first test render, I don't see the effect like in the tutorial, I just get black image. I added a sphere and applied material as told in tutorial but I am doing something wrong but I am not able to figure out what. Please find the error and help me fix it. I am attaching the max file. The project files are uploaded here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hudm640lh8do21g/First%20Render.zip Tutorial Link http://en.9jcg.com/comm_pages/blog_content-art-150.htm First Render.zip
  14. I have a bitmap that Im trying to map to the diffuse slot of a material that I'm working on. for some reason when I click on the diffuse slot and go to choose the bitmap, when I click on the bitmap to use and clisk "Open" nothing happens. 3ds max with not allow me to slect any pictures for any of the slots (reflection, diffuse, etc). Not sure what to do. Can someone please help ???
  15. Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time poster... I have a scene where i have roughly 200 trees (3 different types) 100 bushes (1 type) all Archmodels from evermoton.org and the polycount is killing my render times. Its not the material as i am rendering the scene in "material override", and so i was wondering if there's a way to reduce this and speed up render times? How do people overcome this? Thanks
  16. I'm not sure if this post belongs here or in 3ds max http://forums.cgarchitect.com/67449-viewport-turn-black-vray-lights.html#post338001 Hi everyone. I have a problem with 3ds max 2010 64-bit and VRay 2.00.02. My grafic driver are Direct 3D 9.0 (Nvida Quadro 600). The problem is in the perspective viewport when I use Vray lights. It all turn black (as in no lights, only black and grey) when I for example hit ctrl+z or when I flip ctrl+w to maximize viewport. I can however use ctrl+l to switch on default lightning to see lights in my scen but that doesn't solv the problem. When the perspective viewport is black (after hiting ctrl+z, even if the ctrl+z doesn't have anything to do with the lightning) I can click in the perspective viewport and that makes it go back to normal vray lightning. But I have to click in the viewport every single time to make it work. Any suggestions? This problem doesn't affect my renderings - that part works fine! I'm not sure if this problem are caused by 3ds, vray or my grafic driver. But my suggestions are on vray. Thanks!
  17. Studio/Institution: prashstudio Client: IDL Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, vray, photoshop Website: http://www.prashstudio.com Description: Hi everyone, Here is my 100th post, and I'd love, if you through your harshest critics and comments on it . So that I could improve myself more and more. "Still Learning". Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm relatively new to architectural rendering (started my company last September). It hasn't been dull so far! However working alone hasn't allowed me to know others who do the same work. So it's great to have access to all of you to share work experience and see what's being done in the field! Regards
  19. Studio/Institution: VIrtuark Studio Client: albero cocinas Genre: Residential Interior Software: 20-20, 3ds max 2009, vray 1.5 sp2, photoshop cs2 Website: http://virtuark.blogspot.com Description: Hi, this is my second post, i hope you like it, comments welcome.
  20. Studio/Institution: Pixeles Studios Graficos Client: Edgardo Bautista Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max 2011 - Vray SP5 - Photoshop CS5 Website: http://www.edgarbaut.co.cc Description: Hi friends, I hope his comments of the rendering and so can improve my skills ... from already thank you very much! This render the work in 3DsMax 2011, Vray SP5 & Photoshop CS5.
  21. What is the best approach to lighting an interior space? I have a room that is illuminated from recessed flourscent fixtures and recessed ceiling lights. The images look okay but not spectacular. Should I have a generic IES ambient light in my space also or should the room be illumiated by just the many direct lights in the space? I am using a vray camera, iso400, f8 and film speed 140. Thanks, Mike
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