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Found 25 results

  1. Question often asked to me. The solution is simple : Helpers Standard Grid Check Autogrid radio box in the parameters of the Helper Object Grid Create the grid on the surface you want to be align on Right Click the viewport Activate Grid On the left top part of the viewport, Left Click on the actual name of the viewport Click on Extended Viewport Grid Top Tadddaaaa ! When editing is finished, delete the grid... I hope it will help users Trick tested and appouved on Max 2018, Max 2017.
  2. Hi, I need urgent help, I´ve been having this very big problem with my 3ds max since version 2016, now with the 2018 version is the same and I don´t know why this is happening. I´ve been trying anything you can imagine but nothing works. I´ve already upgraded everything to the latest version, everything but Windows, and it´s happening on every machine that I use, it is like the file gets corrupted once it happens. The point is that when I hit any object in the scenes, suddenly the gizmo or the UCS going very far, the pivot point of the scene loses, then I have to switch viewports and press Z to get to the center of the model, this doesn´t happen when I look through a camera. Just now, I´ve added a vray proxy and it doesn´t happens. I don´t know what to think. I´ve tried to attached a video but I can´t do it. I need urgent help please, I´m in the middle of something important! Thanks in advance.
  3. I use Nitrous direct3d 11 but it's just as jagged in direct3d 9. This is 3ds max 2015 but it's exactly the same in 2012. Also, it's relative to zoom. So if I zoom way in, it's less, if I zoom way out, it's even worse. edit: I just started a new scene and it didn't have the above issues. So I think it's an issue with that scene, possibly related to units coz when I move any item it snaps. Just a hunch. edit2: manual viewport clipping helps a lot, but I still get really strong snapping when moving objects in the perspective viewport.
  4. no matter what set up I've had (admittedly I haven't had amazing hardware but I'm always WAY behind the curve in relation to what should be a reasonable frame rate) my viewports have always been immensely slow above 1m polys. And ugly too. Current set up is 2012 using Nvidia GTX 660. So yeah, not the best but in my current scene for example, I've got all my large-poly-count object set to view as box and if I move my vray camera I get what seems like less than 1 fps. Now, if I max a viewport and orbit around in perspective mode, the frames SHOOT up. I also have degradation on but it's almost like this doesn't count when not in single viewport mode. I also get this thing where everything is super bright and each time I switch back to a viewport I have to set to default lights. Every time. Because it's trying to use scene lighting. Anyway, without getting bogged down in to too many specifics. I gather 2014 is the first version of max that really uses GPU power for viewports, is this the case? and if so, what's not so much the BEST GPU but one that's affordable, and most importantly, talks well to 3ds max.
  5. I'm flollowing the tutorial by Peter Guthrie on HDRI lighting, seem to have all the camera and render settings set correctly and still - i can't figure out what I do wrong. I have a HDRI map set as texture in my domelight (not selected as "invisible" or anything like that). The map doesn't show in the viewport (when I select "Use Environment Background", the viewport turns all black) and in the render there is no background whatsoever. I use 3ds max 2013 and V-ray 2.4. Attached is everything that can possibly help to spot what's wrong. I would be very thankful for any advices, I'm struggling with what seems to be so simple for quite a time and it's rather frustrating. How is it that what's shown as achieved so effortlessly causes such problems to many people?
  6. Hello ! I have an issue with previewing the geometry in 3ds max. It is disappearing and not previewing when zooming in. System units are "mm". but also check in meters and nothing changed. Also there is issue with gizmo in perspective only, that it doesn't move smoothly but in steps. It seems like an issue with scale, but i have to work in "mm". Is there some solution for this ? Thank you !
  7. Did anyone try Quadro k5200 with 3ds max 2015 or 2014 viewport ? because i bought it and i don't feel i get the full performance for the GPU ? what i think its the driver , and i don't know whats the best driver for it ??
  8. Hi guys, From latee, i have been facing a strange error. My 3DS max 2013 viewport keep flickering, and showing strange transparencies to all the geometries that i have in my scenes. I am using Nitrous(direct3D 9 on GTX 760) I am attaching a screenshot of the same error. The strange bit is, the moment i switch to the vray physical camera, everything seems to be appearing fine, but when i am in orthographic mode, i always see through the roofs and floors(sometimes they dont appear at all) If anyone has faced the similar problem, and know a solution to it, i would highly appreciate it. I am not very well versed with the hardware side of this, so please ask if you need some more information. Thanks!
  9. Hi! The problem is that i modelled a car, and the more details i make the slower the viewport gets, all my modifiers are collapsed, so that souldn't be the problem, is it possible that i use too many iterations on my NURMS subdivision ? i have relatively powerful desktop pc, so that too shouldn't be the issue..also if i download some free car model from the internet, everything is running fine..maybe anyone have had same problem and knows good solution..i'm using max 2014 x64 on win 8.1. thanks in advance !
  10. Let me share this problem that is driving me nuts these days. I am using 3dsMax2014 & Vray 3.00.03 I have this scene which is using a Multi/Sub-Object material for each building block, with each texture/material showing ok on each material ID of the object: Now I wanted to add a "dirt effect" to the material using VrayBlendMtl, and then the multiple bitmaps does not display in viewports (just one, regardless of material IDs): I tried using other similar kind of materials (standard Blend, Shell, Shellac, etc) and the result is always the same: after mixing the Multi/Sub-Object material with other materials (either max standards or vray's) the ability to show several textures on the viewports is lost, and trying to activate each map just shows it for the entire object without using the proper Material ID's of each face: This is a scene with 8 full blocks with several dozens of buildings, hundreds of materials/maps and 60+ Millions of polys... so this problem makes the scene a lot less understandable in the viewports when working with it. Any ideas how to fix this?
  11. Anyone have any ideas on how to get 3ds max to show objects with transparent maxwell materials as transparent in the viewport? (other than making the object see-through)
  12. Hello all, So, the past few days in the last week i've been testing Octane and Iray with a GTX 590 to see if i suited to this gpu renderer workflow and it turns out... i didn't adjusted. I'm aware that the GTX590 isn't the ideal card (memory wise), but i just wanted to grab a speedy card and see how it performed. There are many things to mature still (software and hardware wise) and i don't feel comfortable toasting a gaming card for hours to do an interior render that i can do in vray in much less time. So, that brings me to the main subject: Previously i had a HD5450 on this workstation and i'm now stuck with a GTX 590 and i really don't need that much power. 3ds maxViewport performance on the gtx 590 is smoother than on the hd 5450 (as anyone expects anyways...) but i really didn't feel that it justified the price difference as i do a lot of layering inside 3ds max and almost never get my viewport to show gigazillion polygons. I'm thinking in ditching the HD5450, sell the GTX 590 (don't need that much power) and get a similar performer to the GTX590 in 3ds max viewport and save the change. Any advices? Perhaps a used GTX460, 570 or 560? No Quadro's for me thanks The nvidia 600's series are out of my budget and from what i can see from forums posts they don't offer any increased performance in 3ds max viewport compared to 400 and 500's series. That is... unless someone proves me wrong
  13. Hi All, I was hoping some one could hep me with the following issue I seem to be having with 3ds max 2013 PC - i7 6 core - 24gig of RAM and just upgraded my graphics card to an AMD FIREPRO W5000 graphics card (2Gig) and after an hour or so's use the viewport (only in wire frame mode) seems to corrupt, with lines and meshes exploding everywhere. I can't click on them, as they're not physical if that makes scense, its a view only thing. Seems to work ok when I switch to Direct X but slightly laggy in some scenes. I have updated to the latest video driver and am slightly stumped on how to fix this issue. Also its not a scale thing as this happens accross a number of old scenes I've worked on. Really want the Nitrous mode to work as it has many benefits. Please help!!! Cheers all.
  14. I didn't see any news items on this, so I thought I would post. Lemme know if I missed an article! https://www.caustic.com/visualizer/index.html Works with standard max and maya shaders, mental ray shaders, and hopefully more. Also in Rhino. If people are interested, lobby for V-Ray support in Max and Maya too!
  15. Hi Folks, I have Max2011 and in past versions I have been able to hit 'T' 'L' 'P' etc. to "switch" between viewports, but now the keystrokes change the current viewport instead of switching. My guess is this is a default. Any advice on how to get it "switching"? Thanks.
  16. In 2011 I used to be able to toggle off red selected faces in the viewport by hitting F2, but since moving to 2012 this is now set up to turn on hidden line shading mode. It was very useful to see through the selected faces for doing quick slices. I'm not even sure what the old command I used was called, so I can't switch the hotkey back, any ideas? Edit: and I've also changed office so I can't check my old setup
  17. Hi, I have been working on this architectural building (usually i do interior view)... then i start to have this weird -like polygon tearing apart - in my viewport when viewing from certain distance.. Is very disturbing... May I know what could be the problem to this? I never have this kind of problem when im doing a smaller size scene (room etc).... Could it be lack of cpu memory, or it has to do with the CAD file im importing in? I try deleted the Cad Plan but is still the same.. Hope sm1 able to help me here. Thanks
  18. I've just started to consider trying HDRI lighting instead of the vray default sky. Had a few niggles which i'm close to ironing out, namely that if I used the same HDR for the viewport background/environment map, the sky would always look really dim until I ramped up the values on the HDR so much that reflections would blow up and the sky itself would look unatrual. I have found a nice way to set up HRD as far as reflections are concerned but the if I tilt the camera so I can see above the horizon, the sky looks dim as I mentioned. So, is it common to use one HDR image for the lighting and then another for the actual environment map which our camera sees? I've been aiming for a sky like this. Thanks.
  19. I'm not sure if this post belongs here or in 3ds max http://forums.cgarchitect.com/67449-viewport-turn-black-vray-lights.html#post338001 Hi everyone. I have a problem with 3ds max 2010 64-bit and VRay 2.00.02. My grafic driver are Direct 3D 9.0 (Nvida Quadro 600). The problem is in the perspective viewport when I use Vray lights. It all turn black (as in no lights, only black and grey) when I for example hit ctrl+z or when I flip ctrl+w to maximize viewport. I can however use ctrl+l to switch on default lightning to see lights in my scen but that doesn't solv the problem. When the perspective viewport is black (after hiting ctrl+z, even if the ctrl+z doesn't have anything to do with the lightning) I can click in the perspective viewport and that makes it go back to normal vray lightning. But I have to click in the viewport every single time to make it work. Any suggestions? This problem doesn't affect my renderings - that part works fine! I'm not sure if this problem are caused by 3ds, vray or my grafic driver. But my suggestions are on vray. Thanks!
  20. So just installed max 2012 the other day and so far everything is working well except for a little annoying glitch. In the upper left of the viewport are three menus, general viewport, POV, and shading. The first two, general and POV work fine. the third, shading does not work at all. If I click on it (right or left mouse button) nothing happens. If I go into Views> viewport configuration > visual style & appearance I can see the settings and change them. but this is really annoying. not having the short cut to check xview for example as well as shading preferences is quite a pain. Any ideas? I brought over my hotkeys from 2011 and wondering if that has anything to do with it or if there is some random check box somewhere that needs to be checked or unchecked. thanks in advance.
  21. I have never had this problem before....ever. I was working on a model doing some textures and 2 textures would not show in the viewport. Others would but these 2 would not no matter what I did. The show map in viewport button was enabled. I tried a few of the other suggestions that I found online and in this forum but nothing worked. I was using Vray but I am not sure this is specific to Vray. I tried saving the textures to different formats, .tif,tga, even .psd, no luck. Just for the heck of it I resized one of the textures and lo and behold it worked! The solution was to resize the texture. I have no idea why this worked. The original image was 1768x3368. When I resized it to 1238x2358 it worked fine and showed up in the viewport. If any Max guru can explain this I would be interested to hear it.
  22. i just bought the pny quadro 4000 and I'm working with 3dsmax design 2011 I've tried to install the performance driver for 3ds max from nvidia, but it said that "no product detected on my machine... I've tried all the other drivers and non of them came up with good view port solution. i get squares on objects, artifacts like big squares pixels on some of the polygons when i tried to uninstall the regular performance driver, it said that i don't have permission to do so i saw a couple of posts about that issues but non of them came up with solutions does anyone have a solution for me? please help... thanks
  23. I have been having this kind of problem for sometime whenever I try to model something of a larger scale..but did not bother with it, as 90% if my time I usually model smaller Interior, Rooms etc so there is no problem with those smaller area. But when it comes to bigger scene like a whole building, or a bus station, a multipurpose hall.. I tend to get this kind of "broken" polygon, especially with thin wall. I dont think is a problem with my graphic card.. and I hope there is actually a setting in 3ds max to fix this... My new graphic card is Nvidia Quadro 3000M 2GB. These happened also with my older GTX 260 card. The printscreen below should explain what I am trying to tell I hope there is a solution to this.. as it is really annoying to model with such viewport
  24. Hey. I have the problem, that there is no material shown in the viewport. When i render the scene with vray, the mat is correctly placed but in the viewport everything is grey. i used max 2010 befor and it was differnt there. where can i set the tick to change that? thx jan
  25. Hello, here is a really annoying problem I have with 3ds max design 2009 since i first installed it and i couldn't solve by myself until this moment and since it is driving me out of my mind I thought I should ask here. This is the issue: While working, in any scene, the viewports change from orthogonal projection (top, left, or other orthogonal view) to perspective by themselves. This is really annoying since i have to "push extra buttons" to get them back as I set them up initially. I hope you can help me Thanks in advance
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