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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys, I ve ran into a situation with one of my scenes where it is taking ages to render in Mental ray (studio max 2014). The render size is 600x600 with draft render settings everything set to low in the render window settings. I then looked into my CPU usage and noticed that it fluctuates between 2% and 40% and never reaches 100%. I will normally leave to pc to do its own thing without interruption. usually it hangs round 10-20% for most of the time. I have enable Multi-threading, set the 3D Max to highest priority in process tab and affinity is on all CPUs. I noticed with another scene the CPU will only reaches 100% usage when the render is nearly complete. Also pre render tasks for these scenes will take longer than usual calculating. I have exhausted my search for an answer, please help. If I have left vital information out please let me know and I will post it. PC specs are: 2 CPUs - Xeon E5620 @2.40GHz = 16 threads Qaudro 4000 24 GB RAM SSD 250 GB AND 2x 1TB HDD
  2. Hi there, normally my vray distributed render works flawlessly. The slaves start in about 10-15minutes maximum. there are times indeed, where the vraylog, after sending all the assets and stuff, tells me that the slave (its IP) is Starting Frame 0. And it rest like that for hours. Sometimes after a bunch of hours the slave eventually starts rendering. did u ever had this problem ? how can i fix this ? my scene is 12'000'000 poly, with proxies and 128mb. I ve a super fast connection, my slave is connected to the router by a LAN cable. I've rendered heavier scenes without any problem. PS- I use only Vrayspawn , no blackburner or other stuff...
  3. Hi to all, Lately from friends and youtube videos I heard that Vray3.3 had a big improve in time saving and simplicity in the config, so I wanted to give it a try. I just installed it and opened a file that I used with vray 3.2, and when opening it asked to use the new features, so I said yes, that was the aim of the change. Surpirse though, it's really much slower than 3.2. Is there something I need to uncheck? I'm really susprised :S A file that lasted 3-4 min (just 600px, text file) now it lasted 25 min. Thanks a lot!
  4. no matter what set up I've had (admittedly I haven't had amazing hardware but I'm always WAY behind the curve in relation to what should be a reasonable frame rate) my viewports have always been immensely slow above 1m polys. And ugly too. Current set up is 2012 using Nvidia GTX 660. So yeah, not the best but in my current scene for example, I've got all my large-poly-count object set to view as box and if I move my vray camera I get what seems like less than 1 fps. Now, if I max a viewport and orbit around in perspective mode, the frames SHOOT up. I also have degradation on but it's almost like this doesn't count when not in single viewport mode. I also get this thing where everything is super bright and each time I switch back to a viewport I have to set to default lights. Every time. Because it's trying to use scene lighting. Anyway, without getting bogged down in to too many specifics. I gather 2014 is the first version of max that really uses GPU power for viewports, is this the case? and if so, what's not so much the BEST GPU but one that's affordable, and most importantly, talks well to 3ds max.
  5. Hi! The problem is that i modelled a car, and the more details i make the slower the viewport gets, all my modifiers are collapsed, so that souldn't be the problem, is it possible that i use too many iterations on my NURMS subdivision ? i have relatively powerful desktop pc, so that too shouldn't be the issue..also if i download some free car model from the internet, everything is running fine..maybe anyone have had same problem and knows good solution..i'm using max 2014 x64 on win 8.1. thanks in advance !
  6. Hello cgarchitect community! I am somewhat desperate for better performance by Vray 2.0 for Sketchup on my work computer. My biggest problem is displacement. If the model is the least bit complex and displacement is on for any materials, I end up with a render that crawls at a glacial pace until a bug splat. This happens pretty much every time. I have listed my machine's stats below. Any suggestions you may have for changes in hardware or settings that would improve vray performance would be greatly appreciated. I have tried many displacement and quality settings, and it does not seem to make a difference. Dell Precision T3600 Intel Xeon CPU E5-1607 0 @ 3.00GHz 32.0 GB RAM Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit AMD FirePro V5900 (FireGL V) SketchUp 2013 (same performance with SketchUp 8) Vray 2.0 for Sketchup Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone ! I guess i have a serious problem!! when i'm working with Iray activeshade using threads (12) the rendering isn't that fast but i'm able to move the frame buffer, opening material editor and so on, really fast BUT when i even try to take GPU advantage rendering going FASTER but all in viewport is slowed down so becomes quite impossible to do any changes !!! just yesterday i've tried a friend's laptop with a "normal" video board and was absolutelly perfect!!! SO why my Quadro 5000 act like that??? ....i've downloaded the last upgrade for both video bord and max 2014 (but was the same with 2013) Can anybody HELP me out???? PLEASEEEE thank you Soooooo much! filippo
  8. Just trying to make some very basic cloth drape. The simulation pretty much stops dead and claims it's gonna take 10 hours. I've done this before and it took seconds. Any ideas what's up?
  9. I have a detailed house model with over a million polys. I can browse around the perspective viewport at 200+ FPS, fullscreen viewport at 1080p HD with a GTX 550 2GB (scene uses only 1GB). But when I select a certain element or a polygon or even a single Edge and then rotate the viewport, I get 4 FPS speed and everything is slow to move. I am getting 200+ FPS in normal viewing mode so why so slow in edit poly mode? I have Max 2012 with windows 7 64. All latest drivers, hotfixes, windows updates etc.
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