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Found 7 results

  1. Hi to all, Lately from friends and youtube videos I heard that Vray3.3 had a big improve in time saving and simplicity in the config, so I wanted to give it a try. I just installed it and opened a file that I used with vray 3.2, and when opening it asked to use the new features, so I said yes, that was the aim of the change. Surpirse though, it's really much slower than 3.2. Is there something I need to uncheck? I'm really susprised :S A file that lasted 3-4 min (just 600px, text file) now it lasted 25 min. Thanks a lot!
  2. G'day CG folk, Has anyone found the perfect mouse for modelling work? I'm primarily a 3ds max user -so the middle mouse button get alot of abuse. For me, a soft middle button click with 3 or 4 buttons for some macro action would be great! ... any recommendations / finds / ideas?? Thanks T2Q
  3. I'm using vray 2.4 and forest pro 4. On a medium scale scene with some dense grass a few trees/bushes it's so slow that it's kind of pointless using it. The GPU is as slow as the CPU but tends to hang. Overall it will give me a very poor still after a minute or two of initial calculations and then won't update ever again when I change something in the scene. Current spec is i7-4770, 16 gb, Nvidia GTX 660 (obviously mediocre). I tried Octane and that was crazy fast, but I'm not sure it's materials are going to be good for arch viz stuff compared to vray. Shame though as it's the fastest thing out there. So I'm thinking the only way forward is to get more graphics cards and stick with vray. Would welcome any advice. I guess the other thing is, my budget is not so good so this is about speculatively looking ahead and weighing up my options. I gotta have some real-time foliage as these 10 minute delay times between iterations are killing the quality of my work.
  4. Good morning everyone, I am sure there are people around having the same issue as me. I have noticed in a recent project that vray uses 100% CPU power when doing a rendering with override material enabled. However, when the render with the same settings is run, the CPU consumption oscillates between 40 and 60%, never reaching 100% during any part of the rendering process. It actually seems to me the speed is related with the materials. I await for your comments and I hope any of you helps to solve this problem and optimize the use of my resources.
  5. I currently have two workdstations: 1) HP Xeon E5440@2.83Ghz (2x Duo Core, 8 threads), 4GB RAM (Window Experience Index 5.9) 2) Dell Xeon E5630@2.53Ghz (2x Quad Core, 16 threads), 12GB RAM, SSD running at SATA2 (WEI 7.1) I am rendering the exact same scene with VRAY 2.3 in Maya 2013. The scene use the same irradiance map and light cache map saved locally in the machine. The VRAY settings on both machine is the same except the dynamic memory limits are set to 3000 (for HP) and 10000 (for Dell). Max render threads are set to 0 (use all threads available). Which machine do you think it will render faster? Most people would think Dell should kick HP ass, but in fact HP render about 11% faster. Render result: 1) 7m8.4s 2) 8m4.9s What am I missing here? Does the CPU Ghz play such an important role? or in general, HP is a better machine than Dell? The Dell machine is much newer than the HP one. I just don't understand why HP is faster than Dell with 4 less cores .. :banghead:
  6. HI! I use vray for sketchup and was trying to figure out why my rendering speed haven't got better since I upgraded from 2 gb to 8 gb ram. Is it the ram the only thing having to do with speed or is it something else, like cpu or video card? For some reason it's taking me the same amount of time to render an image in the 8gb pc than with my 3gb laptop. I appreciate any help!
  7. Hello, I looking to bring down render time of this image. Please give some ideas how to do this. I also suspect that there might be some tricky switch somewhere, beceause scene is rather simple (except xref 230mb tree) IrMap: low LC: 400, 4pases ImageSampler: DMC min:1 max:2 AA: Mitchell-Netraval and it turn out to be 4.5 hours! on quad intel q8200, 8gb, asus. at first it was crashing after it reached 5.6gb, but then I found this dynamic memory 400MB limit, and set it to 7GB. also some spots showed upupper left area?, also it is bit too dark, so I think I need to convert to gamma workflow(nightmare) one direct light, enviroment ovrd 2.0, vray sphre wth light mtl inside(as a sky) ____________________________________________________ To summ up: 1. What do you thik about render time of it? 2. Where the color pixels coming from? 3. Is there easy way to convert scene form non managed to gamma2.2? 4. How do you like it, what you see? Help me. Boys and Girls.
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