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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I need to achieve the nylon material from the attached image. After I day of tests i find it hard to get a good result. I have attached my last test. The material I use has a custom bump map and a custom falloff in diffuse. I have attached it as well. Any advice anyone? Thank you!
  2. Hi, So without going into too many details: I have a piece of cloth, that I want to attach to an object. This object will be animated in position, and has a part of it that has a bending modifier that will be animated also. I want my cloth to be attached to the part that is bending trough the animation. So if I attach my cloth using "group" and "node" to the object, the simulated cloth will follow the movement of my object, but not the bending. What I tried was to attach a few dummies to my bending part of the object using attachment constrains and trying to attach the cloth using "node" to those dummies. But it won't let me "node" it to a dummy that is constrained. (Check the picture) How can I simulate a cloth to a bending object? ____________ Another thing, I found that 3DS Max got very slow when animating with attachment constrains, is that normal? ____________ Hope anyone could help me out here:) Thanks in advance!
  3. Just trying to make some very basic cloth drape. The simulation pretty much stops dead and claims it's gonna take 10 hours. I've done this before and it took seconds. Any ideas what's up?
  4. Hay all! Can anyone please help me with a modelling problem? I'm using 3dsMax to model, and I have an highpoly model of a bag that I want to hang in a closet, but I want to look at it and "feel" the gravity. I've tried to use cloth simulator but it just doesn't work with such a heavy poly. Does anyone have an idea how to go around this problem? Is there any max plugin that can help me? Thankx in advance.
  5. Hello guys, I need help regarding modelling general clothings without using garment maker. I searched many forums and videos for cloth modelling but all of them use garment maker. I can model by using a plan and modifying it to make it look like cloth but the problem arises in unwraping where the final output comes with stretches near the seams and in bulged places. Is there any way to solve this problem?? you can suggest me some tutorials too... Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the Cloth Modifier in 3DS Max and I want to help me, I searched the net and nothing … The problem is that when I make my tablecloth simulation starts to fall to my table model but does not fall completely stops like a 5 or 8 cm from the table, the simulation continues but never falls completely on the surface of the table I want to stay exactly on the table not floating … Please help me I’m going crazy! with this problem I hope you understand me, I’ll wait for your answer greetings,
  7. I'm making an animation of a curtain following an irregular shaped trail. A bit of research pointed out that the best approach would be to use cloth, attached to rigid bodies and moved with reactor. I don't have any clue on how to implement this though, since I'm not familiar with reactor. I found this video already, which points out more or less what I want to do; Can you help me out?
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