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Found 7 results

  1. I just can't understand why sweep modifier won't follow the shape, that's all. Here's the picture
  2. hello everyone, I've recently created a parametric array modifier for 3ds max. I think it may be very useful for many peoples workflows. please check it out and see if it's useful for yours Use for all sorts of parametric placement needs. Linear or radial arrays are common, but also various oscillating arrays. You can add random variation to any array. You can even use a path to control array placement. The array can be used on various object types such and shapes or poly/mesh geometry. You can even instance it across various object types to get synchronized arrays. Use it to array complex repeating topology and weld it together later. There’s also a number of animation features you can use to get some cool motion graphics. There’s even some advanced features for controlling material ids or offsetting UV’s. Take a look at the documentation for more information: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AF8vbEk-7BagjMo4 also check out a little video of the modifier in action! you can access the product page here: https://apps.autodesk.com/ACD/en/Detail/Index?id=7221085778557027350&appLang=en&os=Win64 I hope the price is fair for the value it brings. please let me know if you have any comments or questions, i'm always open to feedback. also, check out my friend Henning Lande's artwork: https://landetls.artstation.com/ . his feedback drove many of the best features in the modifier.
  3. I am a complete noob when it comes to manipulating rigged characters in 3dsMax. I downloaded the "Tetravol People Pack 1" from TurboSquid but the people come in the standard "T" pose. I have my modifier up and I've tried messing around with the "Physique" modifier which includes submodifiers for "Envelope", "Link", "Bulge", "Tendons", and "Vertex". There is also an editable poly below that. I can't get any of the joints to move or much else to happen. Can anyone point me to the right tutorial or give me a basic rundown of where i should start?
  4. Hello! I'm using sweep modifier to model classic furniture but in situations such as the one in the picture it acts weird and i have to work around it, rather then using a straight forward modeling method. Can you suggest something to make it work properly? I can't use banking because the profile will no longer be vertical, I had the same issues with loft compound object. I also tried a reset xform - did not work. normalize spline does not keep straight corners How I'm trying to create this: I created the spline in top view, mirrored it on the Z axis, attached it to the original spline, welded the vertices at the end of the splines, applied sweep modifier. So? Any ideas? Thank you
  5. I get an error whenever I render with the 'Hair and Fur' modifier turned on. I get 4 errors on the prompt every time, three of which is labeled as an "IRAY" problems, and the other one is a "PHEN error. I don't know what any of these mean or how to fix it. I am just trying to add spots of grass to a rendering and I thought I would use the modifier like I used to use when rendering with mental ray. Computer Stats: Intel i7-2600k 3.40 GHz Quad-Core ASUS Z68 Mainboard 8 gb DDR3 2133mhz RAM Nvidia Quadro 6000 GPU 2x OCZ SSD (250gb for OS/Data, 60gb for caching/page file)
  6. hi, got a box of water that i want to see all the way around, it has a vray displace modifier for the suface ripples but the displace opens up the edges so you can see through the gaps. Looks pretty ugly. I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop this. I tried shrinking the UVW of the modifier stack and thought if i stopped it from tiling, the displace would terminate a few units short of the edge. Also thought I could make a mask material and fade out the displace towards the edges but this too didn't work. Ideas?
  7. Hi, I have a problem with the Cloth Modifier in 3DS Max and I want to help me, I searched the net and nothing … The problem is that when I make my tablecloth simulation starts to fall to my table model but does not fall completely stops like a 5 or 8 cm from the table, the simulation continues but never falls completely on the surface of the table I want to stay exactly on the table not floating … Please help me I’m going crazy! with this problem I hope you understand me, I’ll wait for your answer greetings,
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