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Found 10 results

  1. Had this problem for ages now but think it's time I dealt with it. See image below. Had this across two graphics cards, different drivers, so it's neither of those. version 2015, nvidia gtx 1060, Nitrous in viewports
  2. I use Nitrous direct3d 11 but it's just as jagged in direct3d 9. This is 3ds max 2015 but it's exactly the same in 2012. Also, it's relative to zoom. So if I zoom way in, it's less, if I zoom way out, it's even worse. edit: I just started a new scene and it didn't have the above issues. So I think it's an issue with that scene, possibly related to units coz when I move any item it snaps. Just a hunch. edit2: manual viewport clipping helps a lot, but I still get really strong snapping when moving objects in the perspective viewport.
  3. I'm making a interior scene with a single HDRI light and exterior portals (excluding glass object). I've got some weird glowing edges and some dirty edges. By the way checking Retrace in LC makes some of the glows disappear but all my image get dirtier and my render time increase like three times. Increasing LC subdivs and sample sizes, makes the glows disappear but my shadows get darker and the edges dirtier. My wall material is a simple white. I attached my V-Ray settings.
  4. So I am having some difficulty with getting clean edges to render in my scene and am looking for guidance in how to solve it easily. I am using a skylight and some target spotlights to light a mostly white model with a mental ray arch & design semi glossy material. And for some reason, when I render the edges are showing some nasty shadows/dark spots along the edges. Why is this? I have found that by raising the final gather precision to "Very High", it eliminates these shadows, but the render then takes forever. And at work, I can't afford this time. I am including a screenshot of some of my render settings.
  5. Hey guys, Recently started tackling V-Ray. Curious about displacement maps. I'm trying to add texture to a rendered-brick-esque material through displacement and bump maps. I'm using the stock 3ds max stucco map for both. However when I do, it seems the faces are actually displaced from the surface, leaving gaps where connected edges should be. I'm trying to do this without the DisplacementMod (which I know works with Keep Continuity) as I don't want the whole geometry displaced, just certain faces with the respective material. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks EDIT: I'm referring to the darker texture, admittedly the gaps are subtle in this example, but they're there!
  6. Hi , ive created this simple building and used boolean to cut some areas. now i got a really messed up topology which makes it real hard for texturing matters. how do i fix those edges highlighted in the picture. i want to make them as one solid quad rather than having multiple triangle shaped faces. would greatly appreciate any tips/advice. thanks
  7. Hi everyone I am using 3Ds Max 2013 with Vray 2.30.01 and I have aasigend Vray as renderer naturally. production and material editor renderer= vray 2.30.01 adv activeshade:vray RT 2.30.02 I am modeling some cristals like quartz and Diamond.I created a box,turned it to editable poly,tasselated it with face and then I selected the vertex in the center of the cross on one of my box sides and moved it upwards.it must have created a pyramid instead it is more like a cone,I tried turn smooth results off,add crease and everything I found on youtube but cant understand why it happens. please help...
  8. Hi everyone, I am having a weird effect in the corners of a room. I have never seen it before, so I am quite confused... I use 3DS Max 2013 with VRay 2.40.03. What is weird is that it does not happen everywhere in the scene. Only in some corners. Oh and no, there are no gaps between edges (planes actually cross each other) Anybody ever saw that before? Thanks
  9. hi, got a box of water that i want to see all the way around, it has a vray displace modifier for the suface ripples but the displace opens up the edges so you can see through the gaps. Looks pretty ugly. I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop this. I tried shrinking the UVW of the modifier stack and thought if i stopped it from tiling, the displace would terminate a few units short of the edge. Also thought I could make a mask material and fade out the displace towards the edges but this too didn't work. Ideas?
  10. Guest

    VrayEdges tex on bump slot?

    Some time ago i went to some kind of workshop for Max. There was a guy, a beta tester from ChaosGroup that was showing al the new stuff in Vray, I don't know the version anymore. He was showing some new render stuff and he showed that if he placed a VrayEdges tex on the bump slot it would automatcily soften the edges of the mesh. I have Max 8 with vray 1.5RC3 and i can't get it working. So please tell me how to do it or what version of Max and Vray i need to have. Thx
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