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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Has anyone got any good advice/techniques/plugin suggestions on how to create this chalk pit wall around a site. I'm not sure whether its worth modelling it when they may be a plugin that could create something for me? I have attached an image of the chalk pit wall. Thanks in advance Michael
  2. I just can't understand why sweep modifier won't follow the shape, that's all. Here's the picture
  3. Hi all, I am trying to learn 3D architecture visualization and I am in the early stages of study. I am using a book titled, "3D Max Design Architecture Visualization" by Brian Smith (with other supporting authors). In this book he explains a preferred method in creating exterior walls using Loft & ProBooleans (staring on page 114). I've tried this method and it seems to work well especially in relation to cutting out the window and door areas. The example in the book has an exterior wall with the total even height all around the building (like the green wall in attached sample image). I am currently working on a cottage type of house that has several peaks along the roof line and I am wondering how to best approach this type of exterior wall where the roof line varies (like the purple wall in attached sample image). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks much, Eric
  4. Hi, I searched all over the place and couldn't find an answer. Would somebody know how to erase revit walls imported to 3ds max. I imported the Revit file with the "do not combine object" option. It allows me to do whatever I want except erasing the wall. Hope somebody knows whats wrong.
  5. Is it possible to select a wall face and create a new mesh for it? I am using this in a real time engine so I want a new mesh on inside wall for new material for ease of change. Could you help me knowing how to achieve this?
  6. It's one of the best script i ever seen - free for commercial use and with power of hammer and full of helpful features. Roofs, tiles, floors, walls, complicated systems of blocks - now it easy:) Just use this script and use it to create real 3D roof (presets are included to script!). You can cut your filled walls in angles which you can define for every edge, you can define area (by spline) to fill it with your own component, you can change everything in real time. Here is script: http://www.avizstudio.com/tools/atiles/ And check a video tutorial about it: Check their ATree3D script too (free) : http://www.avizstudio.com/tools/atree3d/
  7. Im using AEC wall in my scene but if i put a door or window in it, the wall remains there. theres no opening in the wall. what could be the problem? thanks
  8. Hey everyone, I'm running into a modeling problem in Revit. I have a curved stair and I want to "attach" a wall under the stair to the stair itself so the wall profile follows that of the stair. I've looked around on forums but all I can find are threads from 2002 or 2005 using older versions of Revit and such. I attached 2 images - the first is the stair without the wall under it. The second is what I want to accomplish - I photoshoped the second image to get the result I wanted.
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