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  1. Hi Forum, Currently am working on an animation project. The project consists of a moving car and a camera following it. its just an 8sec shot. the issue am facing is when i pre-calculate the irrradiance map, the camera movement is not seen in the renders. the camera stays where it is in the 0-frame and only the car moves thus the final image renders with lots of artifacts and splotches. My render settings are a. For Precalculation of Irradiance Map * time confuguration -2 to 202 * Irradiance map - Medium animation (60,30), Use camera path, Animation Prepass. *Light Cache - 2000, Single Frame (Since Camera Movement is Very Small), Use camera Path. b. For Final Rendering *Time Configuration 0 to 200 *Irradiance Map - Medium animation (60,12),Use camera Path, Animaton Rendering. 3ds max 2016 & V-Ray 3.60.03 Can anyone please help me on this.? ** When i Render the scene with BruteForce Everything renders fine**
  2. Hello Everyone, Looking for an answer from a PRO USER of 3Ds Max 2021 and Vray (6.10.08) I have this scene with 5 cameras, want to render animations. Setting primary engine to Brute force and 2nd engine to Light cache. Pre-calculated LC for each moving camera. Now I want to do batch rendering with their respective LC selected, and output required in EXR 32-bit so I could comp it easily in NUKE using cryptomatte. If I do the rendering in Targa, else I will have to render wire, Zdpeth, AO passes separately for each camera, this was an old method of doing it, which takes ages to get final output. Please suggest how to do it, is it even possible to do it in 3ds max ? Thanks
  3. ARCHITECTURAL ANIMATION Introducing to you an architectural animation made by Dezoor. This is a product of our heart. It is seriously invested in design, visualization, animation, light, sound,... A house in Japan designed by VTN Architects. ------------------- Rendering: Dezoor Visualization Creative Director: Hai Dang Animation: Hai Dang Modeling: Quy Nguyen Editor: LinHo Official ------------------- Project: Japanese House Location: Japan Design: VTN Architects Behance: Behance Video Full Hd : Architectural Animation Video Breakdown: Breakdown Animation
  4. Hi folks I am looking for a best solution to add huge traffic(May be 8000 vehicles) in a big masterplan. My primary software is 3ds max 2020(Vray Next), what plugin or any other thing I can use to animate this huge traffic ? and If I want to animated trees in the scene as well. I need to prepare a flythrough camera of 20 second to show the whole masterplan having canal running through and lots of roads across. Please suggest best solution for these 2 things (Animated trees and vehicles) Best regards
  5. Hi guys! Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Sometimes it happens that you render your animation and the frames naming doesn't match your postproduction pipeline, or you need to send your files to somebody and there are some requirements when it comes to naming. In this case, you need to rename your frames, but of course, you are not going to do it frame after frame. In simplest situations, Total Commander renaming tool is enough but it doesn't cover all possible situations. So I decided to make two tutorials, one for Mac with vRenamer and second for Windows with Rename Master which show how batch to rename frames AND meet the following requirements: It's possible to batch-rename all frames names and keep the render passes names\suffixes intact It can batch-renumber frames accordingly for every render pass Works on subfolders (often used by Maya and Modo users for render passes) It's free How to batch rename frames in Mac with vRenamer How to batch rename frames in Windows with Rename Master I hope you will find it useful, and they will save you a lot of time.
  6. Hello to everyone, We are currently looking for a lebanese lawyer to help us to collect our fees regarding one project for an architectural animation. If someone had a similar experience, it would be wonderful if he can share it with us ? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi folks Need help I have 4 cameras in the single scene, all are like walkthrough. no moving object. I have precalculated irradiance maps and light cache for all 4 cameras separately. I want to render elements VrayWireColor and VrayZdepth as well for each frame and each camera though. Yes I can render 4 cameras using BATCH RENDER at the same time. If in case it is not possible to render with vrayelements even then i am wondering how will I use recalculated irradiance maps and light cache for each camera using batch render. I find no option to link these irradiance map and light cache with their respective cameras. I know Light cache and irrandiance map calculated with 1 camera can not be used from different camera. It has to calculate for each and every camera. Sorry for little long explanation. Looking for a help from a pro. Software 3ds max 2019 Vray Next 4.20 Thanks
  8. Hi , I have a problem while rendering an animation. I need to put togheter with After effects, some stills and some video of the same model. The animation is both day and night, and the problem is in the night version. Either with vraylights or photometric lights the still image comes out ok while the animation totally black. It means no Irradiance map or light cache is produced. Only rendering with a single pass produces something useful. Is there some settings on the lights or in the vray parameters am missing? No matter how much I rise the lights intensity, animation frames are black. I am using Vray next 4.2 and solid rock
  9. Greetings! The possibility of offering an animation to a client is presenting itself to me, but I need to provide an estimate to see if it would be financially feasible for them. I understand that animations are priced out either as a flat fee or by the minute or second. This would likely be a 30-60sec animation, so maybe I'd be looking at a $/sec figure. Does anyone know of what a rough figure would be for a small studio would charge for that? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I have to create an architectural walkthrough, interior and exterior, with plants moving with the wind, a swimming pool and people. Hopefully 1 minute long and done in a month. Any advice on which software is the easiest, fastest, and best results? I am having a look if making it with Unreal, or Lumion, exported from 3dsmax. Where can you find the animated 3D models like plants and people? thanks guys!
  11. Hello Everyone, This is a New 3D Scene (3ds Max + V-Ray) I've just created for my blog and Patreon supporters. Happy Holidays & a Prosperous New Year to Everyone Download the full 3d scene and watch the animation by clicking on the link below: Blog: http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/12/happy-holidays-prosperous-new-year-to.html I really hope you find it useful, like and share it . Ta Jamie
  12. Tell me, please, how to make animated tracks from the wipers on the auto glass.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm rendering an animation of a scene that is lit by lights that change colour and intensity throughout the animation. Do you know what would be the best GI settings to use to ensure that I don't get any flickering? Cheers, Antony
  14. How do you remove flicker from over blown highlight? No matter what settings I use, unless I eliminate it completely, the animation flickers every frame, what am I missing? I am using brute force gi with 0.005 noise.
  15. Hello guys, I have a problem when rendering an interior scene animation. It is a little bit confusing. When I render a single frame the view seems to be fine, but once I run the animation a black pixels cloud appears in the frame. Does anyone know what can be the source of the problem?!
  16. So I'm thinking of getting my studio the latest version of Anima, as it seems quite useful for animations and even still renderings. And with its Unreal plug in, it seems like something my studio can greatly benefit from. Does anyone here use it in there workflow and can speak to its performance, ease of use, any complaints or things to avoid? Can you animate cars with it, or is it strictly people?
  17. Hi everyone. I need a very urgent help. This is my first post on this forum. If you can help me I will be very glad. Thanks in advance. I had done several short animations with Vray before, but despite following the same steps, something is going wrong, I do not understand why. The steps I follow are from Vray's own site: the https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/vra ... c+animatio My problem is that I can not save the Light Cache and Irradiance Map. Even though I click the save button, I couldn't find the .vrmap and .vrlmap files in where I saved them. I've tried the same steps many times. I could succeed to save them in one of my trying, but that time Vray just rendered the first scene again and again.(It normally should render and save each scene one by one) So, please help I do not like to say "urgent" but unfortunately, it is urgent
  18. Hello everyone! First post here. I hope this is the right place. I am looking for the software (or any alternative) which was used to make the first 15 seconds of this YouTube video: I'm a 3D Designer by profession, working on a digitalization project of a certain medieval castle in 3D. The castle is almost ready (but I also have to show a "timelapse" of the 3D modelling, preferably in the style of the aforementioned YouTube video. I've been looking everywhere but so far I'm unable to find anything similar. Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  19. I have long compiling time when I'm using a simple plane with a VrayDisplacementMod on it and a PhoenixFDoceanTexas displacement-texture (tangent mode). The compiling takes about 1min30sec for every frame (because the animation of displacement with the PhoenixFDoceanTex). - Is there any method to use and calculate only the surface the camera can see (like you have the option in iToo soft with vegetation)? - Or maybe other idea's to cut this time to it's minimum? PC stats: - double Xeon E52680 V4 2.4GHz - 64GB Ram - Windows 10
  20. Quite new to ANIMA, and have a very perticular query. We have a large animation scene where we are using anima to populate people in motion. There are a lot of levels and blockades though, and the paths end abruptly in a lot of places in the scene. Is there any way of making the rigged people reverse on a path rather than just disappear? Or how are others going around such issues where the end of paths are visible in the animation sequence? Any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers
  21. shmuck3d

    color bleeds

    Hello all, After a long break..currently im working on interior scenes for animation using vray 3.4. Some how i cant figure out why are those colors bleeds as shown in picture attached. Im a bit new in animation with vray. Currently i used Sketchup/3dsmax-Vray (modeling and rendering) -AfterEffect/Vegas (for compositions). What is the best format to use for all the prepass? because its eating all my hardisk space for a 2minutes animation. thanks in advanced.
  22. I'm at the end of my rope and nearly out of hair to pull out over this issue. I'm trying to render out an animation for a client and I've followed Chaosgroup's suggestions for rendering scenes with moving objects and cached my Irradiance Map, I've found forum posts about using Brute Force instead and tried that, I've adjusted the subdivs of my reflection up and down and gone to Oz and back, but I'm still getting flickering in the reflections from frame to frame. Does anyone know what causes this or if there's an easy fix? It's only happening in my specular and reflection channels, so I'm doubting it's a GI issue and more a material/VRay settings one, but I'm out of ideas. Here's a link to a .gif I threw together where it's happening: http://imgur.com/a/l8fks
  23. Hello everyone, I'm doing research for my final year project at university related to architectural visualisation and hoped I could get some insight into how the architectural visualisation industry works at the moment. The project is aiming to understand if VFX techniques commonly used in film and television such as compositing can help to achieve a more emotional architectural visualisation experience. If anyone could fill out this short survey I'd really appreciate it as it would help a lot with my dissertation, it's mainly about rendering engines and what the average type of jobs include. No personal information is taken and everything remains anonymous, and there is no obligation to answer every question or finish everything, thank you. There's also a link to the animations I made for the project in the survey for some context if anyone's interested! https://goo.gl/forms/8fujwxOAQ3CaygsX2
  24. Hey everyone I'm having a bit of an issue and need help. I am currently working with Vray 2.3 and have an interior project I've been working on doing stills. For the stills I've been using the vray frame buffer color curve corrections and exposure corrections when saving out my renders. Now we are doing an animation and the renders don't seem to be saving using the correction info and I can't seem to get the same effect in after effects. Is there a way to make the animation frames (I'm rendering thru backburner to a render farm) save with the vray frame buffer corrections? Please help. Thanks.
  25. I kind of used the settings in the link to render my animation faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLyDQ-UhekA First bounces: Irradiance map and second: Light cache. Half of the frames of the animation looks like someone poured coffe over it. I used the approximate directions of the link before and it worked on another animation project.
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