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Found 4 results

  1. Dear members! I'd like to ask you to please fill this survey for my research! Thank you so much! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxlnRxQOWxmcCmZz0mpWTzBpCxkF93B8xMJg8aqE0vWw6XhQ/viewform
  2. Hello everyone, I'm doing research for my final year project at university related to architectural visualisation and hoped I could get some insight into how the architectural visualisation industry works at the moment. The project is aiming to understand if VFX techniques commonly used in film and television such as compositing can help to achieve a more emotional architectural visualisation experience. If anyone could fill out this short survey I'd really appreciate it as it would help a lot with my dissertation, it's mainly about rendering engines and what the average type of jobs include. No personal information is taken and everything remains anonymous, and there is no obligation to answer every question or finish everything, thank you. There's also a link to the animations I made for the project in the survey for some context if anyone's interested! https://goo.gl/forms/8fujwxOAQ3CaygsX2
  3. I’ve been wondering about the true benefits of 3D architectural visualisation. Are 3D architectural visualisations merely pretty pictures, or are they essential to the business of the client? For those who do 3D architectural visualisation and regularly work with clients, what, according to your experience, are the clients looking for when they are considering buying 3D architectural visualisation services? If you have the time, please could you chime in with your thoughts on this. I’ve drawn up a list of questions that I would love to get answers to. For the purpose of these questions, a client can be anybody (architects, builders, property developers, real estate agents, etc.): What sort of business results do the clients expect from 3D visualisation services beyond simply pretty pictures? What are the specific problems the client wants resolved that 3D architectural visualisations can help with? What impact do 3D architectural visualisations have on the business results of your client? Is there any data available that shows this impact? Specifically, is there any data that suggests that a client who uses 3D renderings in their marketing (even if they are low quality) is more likely to sell a property than a client who doesn’t? Do 3D architectural visualisations help in terms of saving time for the client? If so, how? What are the specific fears and reservations that the clients have when deciding whether or not to purchase 3D visualisation services? Aside from the images themselves, what other intangible benefits do the clients look for? Thanks for your time. Much appreciated.
  4. Hello! I'm new to the site, in awe of all the great work here! Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place... I'm currently studying Computer Animation at university and looking into arch-vis for my final year project, specifically focusing on interiors. For my primary research I need some industry insight about the workflow and techniques used. If any of you talented individuals have a few minutes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please answer the following questions. 1) How long have you worked in the industry and for which company (if any)? 2) What is the fundamental purpose of Arch-Vis? 3) What is the current state of the Arch-Vis Industry? What are its strengths and/or weaknesses? 4) Where is the industry headed? 5) What do you look for in a potential employee? 6) What is your standard pipeline for producing a visualisation? 7) In your opinion, what is the most important part of the process (e.g. concept, colour, lighting)? 8) What are the key elements of a good render? 9) What makes a good composition in a render? 10) Do you use any premade models (furniture etc.) from a library, or create your own from scratch? 11) What is your preferred 3D software/renderer and why? 12) What post production techniques do you employ? 13) Would you consider looking over some of my work and giving constructive feedback? 14) Are there any extra points of advice you would like to share? Thanks in advance!
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