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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am currently rendering for my project and the glass in my building would not render clear. They have only been rendering white. I tried adding reflection and refraction layer, tried adding an emissive layer, lower the fog multiplier, brighten its color, changed the sun angle. Nothing worked. Any suggestions? I would love to have clear glass so the structural columns would show up. Also I applied black generic material to the railings but they also rendered black. Are they related to the same problem?
  2. Hi, is just configured vray for autosave file and at the end of the render it wont save the other channels using framebuffer. As i select the channels manually through the menu and try to save it none file´s are saved. Anyone can help? thks
  3. Hello, I'm rendering an animation with DR in 3DS+Vray of 300 frames. I calculate before the LC and the IM and then I run the final render process through the DR. Vray starts rendering alright the first 20/30 frames but after that, the DR start failing to render all the VrayProxies (I have many Proxies for trees and furniture). Basically, you will see the proxies missing in some buckets after some frames rendered perfectly. Everything is merged in scene so NO XREF scene or objects. Once I spot the DR making a mess with the frames, I if stop the process and I just try to re-render the failing frame (without touch anything in the scene or in the settings), it cames out perfectly with no problems. do you have any idea what's going on ?????
  4. Hi, Guys, I am new to this community! Nice to meet you all! I have been using vray for Sketchup for a while. The biggest problem I have is that the rendering looks not realistic as it should be(what the renderings show on some website). I downloaded different material layers from Poliigon, it prepares each map for you: Ambient Occlusion map /Diffuse map / Displacement map/ Gloss map / Normal(bump) map. I applied the material to my drawing and rendered it, but... it still not look good. I also tried to use the materials that in the vray library, but it come out to be very plain, I mean it does not have details, texture and looks more like a piece of 2d drawing, looks really weak in 3d visual sense. It become better if for each material I added a bump map, but the light still seems not quite right. I feel it to do with my settings for reflection, refraction parameter... I know some basic IOR value and I understand the basic ideas of glossiness, fresnel, but it just does not look good. I know it is a broad topic, but is there any tutorials talked more depth into how to set the parameters? I know each material has different settings, and it sometimes confused when you were watching how it works in some videos and did it by yourself but it come out totally different.. Thanks all!
  5. Hello, guys, I use Vray for Sketchup I have found two very annoying issues: 1. I added infinite plane on my model, but the rendered output comes out like this: with a lot of whitened areas(see the 2nd image) 2.I used the grass texture embedded in v-ray material library, it shows in sketchup like normal grass texture, but when I rendered it, it comes out like a piece of green linen cloth(I use the default setting, not sure if it is the issue).(see the 1st image and the 3rd image) I also attached images at the end of the post to show what I talked about. Much appreciate if you could provide any advice!
  6. Hi! I tryed to do a chain curtain with Vray displacement Mod and some texturing but the result is not as good as you can see in the reference image and the render time is increasing drastically. Any ideas? I attached the displacement map also.
  7. Hi, Looking for some advise if anyone has the time on a the specs of a new GPU */ 3ds max-Vray RT render node. I am wanting to build a machine with 4 x 1080ti cards, and*I have a few question if anyone wants to chime in much appreciated -What impact does the CPU have on a GPU rendering machine - ie can I basically pick the cheapest intel i7 I can find? -Motherboard specs? I see in some of the commercially pre built systems from various vendors they seem to use workstation motherboards and xeons, (at greater expense) is there any reason for this over say a gaming atx baord with 4 card slots? -What impact does RAM have...? -Power supply, I am assuming a 1500W would be required.* -Of the cards available, anyone recommend a particular brand? Does a factory overclocked card offer a significant performance increase? Here's my initial spec based on my assumptions above...which may or may not be reasonable!* https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rYFdTH Intel - Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor Corsair - H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler*Asus - SABERTOOTH X99 ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard Crucial - 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory Samsung - 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Gaming OC 11G Video Card (2-Way SLI) x 2 (will become 4 eventually) NZXT - Phantom 820 (Black) ATX Full Tower Case Corsair - AX1500i 1500W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Total:** *$2884.80 USD * * * * * Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. shmuck3d

    color bleeds

    Hello all, After a long break..currently im working on interior scenes for animation using vray 3.4. Some how i cant figure out why are those colors bleeds as shown in picture attached. Im a bit new in animation with vray. Currently i used Sketchup/3dsmax-Vray (modeling and rendering) -AfterEffect/Vegas (for compositions). What is the best format to use for all the prepass? because its eating all my hardisk space for a 2minutes animation. thanks in advanced.
  9. 3ds max 2017 - Vray 3.40.03 Render Problem, I Attach Image Rendering image (Pass 22) - - why ?? Rendering Time Also Increase...Why ?? Any Solution Plzzzz.....
  10. Hi guys I have a very urgent work to do and I don't know why I am having this problem. Please see the image. You can see the buckets on the frame buffer, it stuck somewhere in the middle and it is taking forever to proceed for rendering. I hid the vray proxies and lights but still its not working. Please help. I double checked almost every setting, may be I am forgetting something but it is driving me crazy so need some help.
  11. Ok so at this point it just seems that the higher the Cuda Cores, the better (clock-speed as well). But would a GTX 1070 be enough for fairly complex Rhino renders? I am always tempted to go higher like, say, a 1080 ti because it has like 3500 Cuda Cores. On the other hand, there are some great laptops with a 1070. That way I can use the laptop as a desktop and I will have the option of portability.
  12. vray 3.4 distributed rendering is frozen at light catch left blank 3ds max application has stopped working on slave
  13. Hi Guys, I am stuck with this issue for many days now, I am creating an exterior scene which needs to be rendered out in Multiple Layers and Each Layers in Multiple Passes. What Comp Artist needs in for every layer he needs a shadow of the hidden objects meaning the objects in the other layer. for Example : Layer 1 - House Layer 2 - Ground Layer 3 - Trees Layer 4 - Cars Etc Now What i am trying to do is Create a Shadow Matte for Ground Layer using VraymtlWrapper( As i ground layer is needed to collect the shadows from other elements) and Turning off Visible to Camera options in object property for all the objects in other layers. but when i render in, there something is completely off with the shadow matte which i have applied to ground layer, please check the attached image for reference. I am using Vray Camera and I am using Vray Sky as Environment, I tried using the Vray Object Property but its the same results. Please help me guys what i am doing wrong, I am Using 3ds Max 2017 and Vray 3.4 Btw - For Vraymtl wrapper - I am using Alpha -1.0, Shadow and Effect Alpha option is turned on and Matte object option Thanks
  14. Hello guys, I recently upgraded from max2014 and vray 3.2 to max2016 and vray 3.4 i am quite used to using the RAWshadow, RAWlighting, RAWtotallighting, RAWxxx passes in my postproduction. But i have noticed, that in the new vray 3.4, these elements are appearing very strange and with random colours. I have been ralking my brain around this from the last week, but have failed to pinpoint the error in my settings or anything to go about it. Does anyone have similar experience with the elements and knows what i could do to fix it?
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