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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Forum, Currently am working on an animation project. The project consists of a moving car and a camera following it. its just an 8sec shot. the issue am facing is when i pre-calculate the irrradiance map, the camera movement is not seen in the renders. the camera stays where it is in the 0-frame and only the car moves thus the final image renders with lots of artifacts and splotches. My render settings are a. For Precalculation of Irradiance Map * time confuguration -2 to 202 * Irradiance map - Medium animation (60,30), Use camera path, Animation Prepass. *Light Cache - 2000, Single Frame (Since Camera Movement is Very Small), Use camera Path. b. For Final Rendering *Time Configuration 0 to 200 *Irradiance Map - Medium animation (60,12),Use camera Path, Animaton Rendering. 3ds max 2016 & V-Ray 3.60.03 Can anyone please help me on this.? ** When i Render the scene with BruteForce Everything renders fine**
  2. I have this error whenever i try to render a scene. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542669110442590208/570944199780990988/erro.JPG And that`s the vray log and vray.cfg. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542669110442590208/570727419791671318/unknown.png Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I need urgent help, I´ve been having this very big problem with my 3ds max since version 2016, now with the 2018 version is the same and I don´t know why this is happening. I´ve been trying anything you can imagine but nothing works. I´ve already upgraded everything to the latest version, everything but Windows, and it´s happening on every machine that I use, it is like the file gets corrupted once it happens. The point is that when I hit any object in the scenes, suddenly the gizmo or the UCS going very far, the pivot point of the scene loses, then I have to switch viewports and press Z to get to the center of the model, this doesn´t happen when I look through a camera. Just now, I´ve added a vray proxy and it doesn´t happens. I don´t know what to think. I´ve tried to attached a video but I can´t do it. I need urgent help please, I´m in the middle of something important! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys. This is my first post on this website and I'm eager to explore the wonderful creations of this community. My friend has an issue with his render. The ceiling of her visualization is black and it doesn't reflect light easily. However when I separate the ceiling solid from the main model up to expose the black side to the environment, the texture is visible. To get rid of the black void, I tried creating the material again, increased reflections, and I recreated the ceiling. But it still wouldn't reflect any light. A low quality rendered image of the model is attached. As you can see, the ceiling appears to be made of vantablack. Could anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all ~ Please see the attached image. It shows:FAILED to Overwrite C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\cgauth.dll Any idea ? http://chuantu.biz/t5/47/1486626949x3738415070.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-54-vz9wYa_4HHGHVRzWV8uunNHnWMmC4xDK-vSI2kI8bn95aDVTrJG6eBS3jQSdVi3VQggtkd_d7-o=w1920-h936-rw
  6. i get the error in log: v-ray dr could not connect to host an attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions
  7. Hello guys, I recently upgraded from max2014 and vray 3.2 to max2016 and vray 3.4 i am quite used to using the RAWshadow, RAWlighting, RAWtotallighting, RAWxxx passes in my postproduction. But i have noticed, that in the new vray 3.4, these elements are appearing very strange and with random colours. I have been ralking my brain around this from the last week, but have failed to pinpoint the error in my settings or anything to go about it. Does anyone have similar experience with the elements and knows what i could do to fix it?
  8. HI all, I'm new to this forum and apologize for this noob question. Here's the thing, i just recently installed vray plugin to my computer and the installation went perfectly normal. But instead i find the issue when i try to open 3ds Max 2014 and it says some errors that i don't practically understand. Here's the picture that might help you figure out what the problem is : http://imgur.com/cv0OBMd http://imgur.com/pGaazt1 Really appreciate to you guys who could help me solve this problem. Thanks...
  9. Hi I have a farm of about 10 machines. Only one of them when it tries to connect to the Manager gives these errors on the Manager (Backburner 2016, Windows 10, problem server is on IP 2016/02/04 16:46:06 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:06 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:16 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:16 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:26 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:26 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:26 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:46:26 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:46:26 INF td22x8 completed 1 task(s) 2016/02/04 16:46:46 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:46 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:46:56 WRN Attempt to register busy server td89x4 2016/02/04 16:46:56 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:47:06 INF Cannot handle registration from td89x4. Will try later. 2016/02/04 16:47:06 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:47:06 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 016/02/04 16:48:56 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:48:56 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:49:36 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:49:36 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:50:16 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:50:16 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:50:56 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:50:56 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:51:36 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:51:36 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with 2016/02/04 16:52:16 ERR Timeout reading data from socket 2016/02/04 16:52:16 ERR Error 0xFFAA0000 Communicating with
  10. Hi I am new to 3ds MAX so I can't get too technical but my 3ds MAX crashes too often and I don't know why. It never happens while rendering but often during modeling especially when I have another window open and watching a movie while working with 3ds MAX. The crash message is just like the one attached in this post. My PC configurations are 1) Core i3 2) 8G RAM 3) 1T HDD 4) GTX 750 overclocked edition (not Ti) with 2G memory As you can see my hardware specs are not that great but it is adequate for running 3ds MAX. I don't work with large projects. I am a beginner and I am making simple assets at the moment. I can't pinpoint the exact cause of the problem but I suspect it is either because of my cpu, ram or video card. I know it is not a software problem. I don't have money to upgrade all three. What component has the highest probability of being the root of the problem? If any reader is experienced with hardware configuration requirements, I would really appreciate it if you could voice your thoughts.
  11. please reply me someone,wit step by step procedure.. while am giving render to a particular sketchup file,it s showing that msg in the heading. still render is happening in some other sketchup files...i dono how to solve ruby console error..pls help me out as soon....
  12. Hi guys, From latee, i have been facing a strange error. My 3DS max 2013 viewport keep flickering, and showing strange transparencies to all the geometries that i have in my scenes. I am using Nitrous(direct3D 9 on GTX 760) I am attaching a screenshot of the same error. The strange bit is, the moment i switch to the vray physical camera, everything seems to be appearing fine, but when i am in orthographic mode, i always see through the roofs and floors(sometimes they dont appear at all) If anyone has faced the similar problem, and know a solution to it, i would highly appreciate it. I am not very well versed with the hardware side of this, so please ask if you need some more information. Thanks!
  13. HI guys, I just faced a very strange error. Having shut down my max around half an hour ago, i restarted it to find out all my custom toolbars/script buttons and customized keyboard shortcuts have disappeared. Basically, max seems to have reverted back to its base state, the one you get right after fresh install. Also, it wont let me save any customization with the following error everytime i close 3dmax now : Unexpected error - Save scheme System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MaxWpfContent.SaveRibbonConfigCommand.SaveConfigurationFile(String schemeConfigFilename) Please help! I am completely lost. It has also removed any textures/maps which were linked. Basically, all my texture slots are showing empty jpg slots I am using 3dsmax 2013 64bit :eek: PS : I cannot find my custom saved schemes/shortcuts either
  14. Hi guys, I'm getting that message of "warning: Texture map #1234 caused an exception". The scene is very big and I've went through my material library but can't seem to find the bugger. Is there maybe like a script or something that could help find this map? It's influencing my render times badly... Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  15. Hi All, Has anyone encountered this type of error before? I've got over the problem by merging everything into a new scene but would be good to know where the problem came from. Antony
  16. Hi All, Been some time since I last posted a problem (s'pose thats a good thing). This time its about a .max file using up all my memory when it shouldn't. All was working perfectly until I merged objects and materials from another .max file. Suddenly the screen wasnt refreshing as quickly, materials were taking forever to load. Decided to check memory, and it was max'd out. Tried to fix it by saving selected items only into new .max file, didnt work. I dont know how to solve it, is there anyone out there who might have a solution. I'm all ears. Grae
  17. Hi, I am trying to render in 3ds max design 2013 and this error below has popped up, i have no clue what this means and how to fix it. Can someone please help! Mental ray has encountered a fatal error. The error is: Mem 0.0 77mb fatal 031008: cant allocate 8641904 bytes Thanks!
  18. Hi, PFA, We have just now upgraded to 3d s max 2014, But sometime while rendering interior files we face the error mentioned in the image. Previously we used max 2012 and 2013 but we have not gone across such a problem, Please provide your valuable opinions for solving this problem.
  19. Hello! http://www.artistpub.hu/content/miscimages/31/32631_l.jpg and error code 123! What is the problem? I have repeatedly reinstalled. Not only the program but the machine. Windows xp 32bit. Thank you for your help.
  20. Sometimes it just crashes for no reason (i mean the computer just restarts). Sometimes the computer just freezes and I have to restart it. There are no warnings or errors. It works fine until the computer just restarts itself. It is a big problem when you're working on something and boom! You lost some of your work. I set the autosave interval to 2minutes, but I'd like to fix this problem. It gets annoying. Sometimes it doesn't restart for hours, sometimes restarts after a few minutes I open Max. Do you know what could cause these crashes and how could I fix it? Thanks ps: The computer is working fine if I'm not using Max
  21. Cannot change the colour of object in view port. It appears black with only the edges of the object taking on the chosen colour (pink) I haven't applied a material map to it and i don't wish to at this stage. Things I have tried: Using edit normals under editable mesh and flipping them and unify. Applying a different colour. Checking backface cull box in object properties. Weld vertices modifier. The annoying thing is that I have some objects in the scene displaying as expected and others like the one in the image displaying black and have continued modelling regardless. Please could someone help me fix this as I have trawled the internet and books to find a solution.
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