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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys. I have a problem with my rendering of an exterior scene. At first it starts to render but when it hits building light cache it stops at that period. I left it overnight but still no progress. I have no problems at least with any of my interior scenes. Any of you guys know the problem? I've attached a screenshot of my redner window. Thanks in advance.
  2. please reply me someone,wit step by step procedure.. while am giving render to a particular sketchup file,it s showing that msg in the heading. still render is happening in some other sketchup files...i dono how to solve ruby console error..pls help me out as soon....
  3. i tried many settings, but couldn't figure out how to improve that jagged lines to clean sharp lines? please help, i am lil bit upset now...frustrated.
  4. Studio/Institution: study Genre: Commercial Interior Software: vray 1.5 and sketchup 7 Website: http://www.marcusmittee.com Description: Heys guys! Im a newbie just started using vray with sketchup, this is an interior scene of a personal study & lounge. Let me know what you think? Post production done in photoshop Render time was 3hrs laptop 2.5GB ram + check out http://www.marcusmittee.com
  5. Hello: I'm using the vray for sketchup version and want to make a render for a tensile structure. The main problem I have had it's on making the material because the tensile structure fabric that I must simulate its a little beigge translucent one. So after many days I finally could make a material using the 2 sided material option and unchecking the double sided box from the options, and obtained a very nice traslucency just like the one the fabric has when it's installed. it can be aprecciated on the building wall and the shadow. But the shadows over the membrane where completly lost and appeared to be just plain color. Can any one help me with this I've been trying any kind of combinations for the 2 sided material, from applying one material only to one of the sides and the other none, to using two materials one opaque and the other translucid. I show you the result on the attached image Cheers
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