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Found 5 results

  1. For any artists needing or wanting photorealistic reproductions of natural and/or manufactured surfaces (like wood, stone, leather, tiles, textiles, wallcoverings, laminates, counters etc...) there is a scanner manufactured by the Metis company that has the ability to very accurately capture precise color and an in-register texture map and specular map. I've attached examples we imported in into 3DS MAX. We just picked up this scanner as a dealer for north america and would like to get the word out on this capability. So if you have some originals you want captured and converted to a format you can import into your software we would be happy to do it at no charge to get your feedback. What do you think?
  2. Hi all, I'm having the following warning when I'm rendering: "warning: Texture "Map #12514780" caused an exception." Is there a script or something available to find this map? The scene is very big with alot of maps which makes it very difficult to find. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to this - I'm an architect working on a piece of woodwork for a chapel I am designing. It consists of faceted wood panels oriented at different angles towards the center of a large crucifix. I am trying to have the wood grain in the attached screens to all be rotated at different degrees as if to radiate from the center point. What I have done is as follows (looked at a thread elsewhere from someone with a similar problem - apparently I misunderstood the advice): 1. All wood panels are editable poly. different Polygon ID's have been assigned to each panel, 1 through 8. 2. I have created 8 different UVW maps, and assigned a channel to each based on the panel they relate to, 1 through 8. 3. Aligned the gizmo's for each map as necessary to achieve the desired effect 4. Rendered and noticed that all of my work didn't do a thing. Can anyone provide a tip as to what I can do to achieve the result I am looking for? Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, I'm getting that message of "warning: Texture map #1234 caused an exception". The scene is very big and I've went through my material library but can't seem to find the bugger. Is there maybe like a script or something that could help find this map? It's influencing my render times badly... Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hi all, So I've come across this warning while I'm rendering bricks for an interior scene. The material has a bump map and a UV map on it. The bump value is also on default(30). The warning says: "warning: Texture "Map #123" returned an invalid bump normal..." I've googled this quite a few times and haven't reached a solution on it yet. Can anyone help me please? Seeing as this really influences my rendering times. Any help will be appreciated.
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