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Found 5 results

  1. Hi 3d designers, we are building a platform which will act like your companion..!! By safeguarding your renders until your you get paid Automatic hassle free payment. Create your pricing plans that suits you Commission free platform. Mood board documentation platform to improve communication between 3d artists and their client Show your completed works with a single click We would really appreciate it if you could help us build. Register for beta here https://www.slate3d.in/ VID-20230530-WA0014.mp4
  2. Hi all, I've just finished up at uni in the last week and I'm looking at starting my own business in arch vis. For anyone who has gone through this process, is there anything you wish you knew when you started that you now know/wish someone had told you earlier? Thanks, Jayden
  3. HI all, I'm new to this forum and apologize for this noob question. Here's the thing, i just recently installed vray plugin to my computer and the installation went perfectly normal. But instead i find the issue when i try to open 3ds Max 2014 and it says some errors that i don't practically understand. Here's the picture that might help you figure out what the problem is : http://imgur.com/cv0OBMd http://imgur.com/pGaazt1 Really appreciate to you guys who could help me solve this problem. Thanks...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm getting a strange situation here and hope you can help: I have installed 3ds max on a computer here in the office and it is only running either while logged in the built-in admin account or if I run the program as administrator (right-click > run as administrator) be it in a standard account OR an administrator account other than the built-in. What happens when I try to launch 3ds max is that a process (3dsmax.exe) is started and hangs with about 11.200k, with no warnings or errors whatsoever. Trying to find out what´s happening, I went to the local appdata 3dsmax folder and realized that the program can´t create the startup files: the folder structure is created up to the ENU folder, and then nothing else. If I run it as admin, though, the whole structure is created and the program runs normally. I tried to copy this structure to the analog standard user folder, but nothing happens. I also tried to mess with folder ownership and privileges, but everything seems ok, the user has - obviously - full access to the local appdata folder. I´m using windows 7 and I have to have UAC on and need to have Max working for a standard user with no admin privileges. My basic system specs: • Intel i5 2500k • Radeon HD7850 • 60gb Corsair SSD as cache disk on a 500gb standard disk • 16gb RAM Thank you very much.
  5. Hello, I have this problem with my dell vostro 1720 laptop. I recently installed windows 7, and everything was all right until it didn't start anymore. The dell logo appeared after starting the computer then when the windows logo should have appeared, there was just a black screen with a cursor (like the one in DOS) blinking in the top left corner of the screen. Nothing works but Ctrl+Alt+Del. I tried to fix it with the installation disk (system restore, fix startup problems etc.) but it didn't work so I had to reinstall. And a couple of weeks later, last night, this problem reappeared. I suspect it is a hardware related problem (maybe the hard drive has a bad sector or something). Do you have any idea what could cause this? And if you have a fix for it, other than reinstalling windows every time this happens will make me very happy. Thank you! Best regards
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