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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings! Using Vray and 3dsmax, when I turn reflection / refraction environment on everything goes completely black including the HDRI. The override material is reflective, I have excluded the glass windows and when I turn on the reflection refraction environment from the environment slot in the render setup the HDRI goes completely black. When the reflection refraction environment is turned off it works. I tried increasing the gamma and the multiplier and still no luck :-( I've been using LeonLeon51's (Tom) great tutorial on youtube on HDRIs and the environment . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing? Many thanks!
  2. I'm flollowing the tutorial by Peter Guthrie on HDRI lighting, seem to have all the camera and render settings set correctly and still - i can't figure out what I do wrong. I have a HDRI map set as texture in my domelight (not selected as "invisible" or anything like that). The map doesn't show in the viewport (when I select "Use Environment Background", the viewport turns all black) and in the render there is no background whatsoever. I use 3ds max 2013 and V-ray 2.4. Attached is everything that can possibly help to spot what's wrong. I would be very thankful for any advices, I'm struggling with what seems to be so simple for quite a time and it's rather frustrating. How is it that what's shown as achieved so effortlessly causes such problems to many people?
  3. i dont know what to do, my vray glass is not acting like it was suposed to, when i used the vray sun the glass turned into a complete mirror, and when using the hdri its with a black part still the image: please can anyone help?
  4. Hello everyone. While rendering an interior scene in 3ds max I stumbled upon an issue which drives me nuts. I have two lights – first is a vray dome with included HDRI and second is a vray sphere light. I animated the intensity of the latter so it reminds a bit of a candle. At some values though the sphere produces black glitches or some other weird artifacts. I uploaded this to give you a better idea. Artifacts seem most annoying on the chair fragment in the foreground and two stacked chairs in the background. After turning on render elements: RawGI, RawReflection and RawLight black splotches can be seen in the last one. I tried upping all subdivs that I know of to no avail. Also removing reflection map and replacing it with just a generic reflection doesn't change much. From what I see problems appear on my reflective wood surfaces only. The black artefacts disappear only when a) I turn 'store with irradiance map' under the sphere light b) when I remove the diffuse texture from my wood material (clean RawLight element) c) switch off 'shadows' under vray global settings I am thinking maybe I have erased some image data while editing the diffuse texture in photoshop and this screws up the render? The image looks allright at first glance though. I will enclose more screens soon – first just wanted to know what would you like to see first? Thanks for getting to this point!
  5. Hi, Hoping someone can help me! I set up an apartment in Revit, and am now working on a visualisation in 3D Studio Max and using Vray to render. I have been adding furniture all day and doing renders fine, and I'm not sure at what point it happened but I now cannot render. It is just a black screen when I use ActiveShade Renderer and it crashes when I try to do a proper render. I have tested other files and they all render fine. I have tried deleting all the furniture I added in case this was the reason but it still won't work. The really weird thing is though that when I do an external render of my apartment in that same file it's fine. As soon as I move my camera inside though it is all black. I have environment turned on, a sun and inside lights so I'm kind of lost what to do! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Danica
  6. I have encoutered problem when working with vray passes. In some of my scenes appears very sharp black noise in Global Illumination pass that is more or less noticeable in raw render. No matter of the basic render settings (DMC noise treshold, resolution etc.), once it appears, the noise is present every time. Areas affected are usually those with some dark material/texture. scene setup viz printscreen: 3Ds Max 2013 + Vray 2.30.01 Gamma 1,6 or 2,2 No extremly complicated geomery. No some extra special vray materials. No other mental ray, a&d materials (I hope so) Basic lightning: Sun + vraysky + few vray lights No matter if using Vray frame buffer od not. I did try by trial and error various scene setups including using global override material, check/uncheck filter maps, reset of the lightning in scene (delete old, create exact same new), import geometry in blank scene, no reflection/refraction etc... It made sometimes black noise disappear... usually that last only until few renders later or save/load current scene. Never managed to ged rid of it permanently. Could it be some corrupted texture? (using usually RGB *.jpg... sometimes in resolution >12000x12000px (flooring)) Second question is about basic glass material... sometimes in GI pass it appears pure black and sometimes appears as any other solid geomery (blue arrows). Any ideas?
  7. Hi! So I have a bunch of vray render elements rendered out of 3ds max on a black background in 32bit *.exr format. When I stack them with "add" blending mode on top of my background picture everything looks fine, until I precomp them. Then that black outline appears around the precomp. How to get rid of it? I interpreted render elements as premultiplied with black. Tried "remove color matting effect" on precomp - doesn't work. Ofcourse I can set precomp's track matte to alpha layer, but I want to add effects such as glows and blurs which go beyond alpha to certain render layers. So how do you assemble passes properly in Ae?
  8. Hello everyone, I don't know where should I introduce myself so here I am my name is Martín I'm an architect from Argentina. I want to learn from this great community and share my experiences too. I'm just having this issue using 3Ds Max 2013 and Vray 2.30.01. All the materials are vray mat and lights are a mix of vray lights, vray sun and ray traced omnis. Sometimes when I increase light cache subdivs everything gets burn. :confused: This is a low quality 1000*500 pixel fixed sampler and no filter test image. Do you have any idea of what could be doing this? Thanks!
  9. jmcumming

    vray problems

    I've been using maxwell for rendering but heard vray has much faster render times. I'm currently doing a linear workflow tutorial but already have some problems! I've mapped the building but it comes out terribly in the render. However the map seems fine in a test scene. The settings are the same. I'm confused http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35530999/problems/test02.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35530999/problems/test%2001.jpg Any help would be super!
  10. Cannot change the colour of object in view port. It appears black with only the edges of the object taking on the chosen colour (pink) I haven't applied a material map to it and i don't wish to at this stage. Things I have tried: Using edit normals under editable mesh and flipping them and unify. Applying a different colour. Checking backface cull box in object properties. Weld vertices modifier. The annoying thing is that I have some objects in the scene displaying as expected and others like the one in the image displaying black and have continued modelling regardless. Please could someone help me fix this as I have trawled the internet and books to find a solution.
  11. Studio/Institution: Ramon Zancanaro Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds, vray and photoshop Website: http://www.zancanaro.com Description: Hello.. my first post... I'm From Brazil. Currently working with images of furniture to be cataloged. Companies seek to create virtual images of their products (furniture). These images will be used to sell the product in their stores. This scene is just for my portfolio. I took the opportunity to test light with photometric lights. These lights make all the lighting of the scene (except inside the wardrobe) The concrete floor also has a special feature. I made this floor with a blend material. The first material with glossy effect evident and the second material with reflection cleaner. Softs: Zbrush, 3dsmax, vray, photoshop Please, visit hi res images.. Some details is not visible in small images: My "photo reference".. http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/DSC01039.jpg dont belivme ok? its a joke http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-01.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-02.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-03.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-04.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-05.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-06.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-07.jpg http://www.zancanaro.com/arquivos/camera-08.jpg I am available for questions... Tks for all!!
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