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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping a wizard from this community might be able to help me out with a Render to Texture (texture baking) issue I'm having with v-ray 3.6. So, my scene file renders just fine, but when I try to do a texture bake of the "Vray Complete Map", I get these weird jagged shadow artifacts and uneven lighting. This happens even with GI turned off. I tried turning up the "Secondary Rays Bias" from the Global Switches rollout, to no avail. The UV map is perfectly clean with plenty of padding between shells, and I really have no idea what's causing these artifacts. Any suggestions would be massively appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone. While rendering an interior scene in 3ds max I stumbled upon an issue which drives me nuts. I have two lights – first is a vray dome with included HDRI and second is a vray sphere light. I animated the intensity of the latter so it reminds a bit of a candle. At some values though the sphere produces black glitches or some other weird artifacts. I uploaded this to give you a better idea. Artifacts seem most annoying on the chair fragment in the foreground and two stacked chairs in the background. After turning on render elements: RawGI, RawReflection and RawLight black splotches can be seen in the last one. I tried upping all subdivs that I know of to no avail. Also removing reflection map and replacing it with just a generic reflection doesn't change much. From what I see problems appear on my reflective wood surfaces only. The black artefacts disappear only when a) I turn 'store with irradiance map' under the sphere light b) when I remove the diffuse texture from my wood material (clean RawLight element) c) switch off 'shadows' under vray global settings I am thinking maybe I have erased some image data while editing the diffuse texture in photoshop and this screws up the render? The image looks allright at first glance though. I will enclose more screens soon – first just wanted to know what would you like to see first? Thanks for getting to this point!
  3. I found that increasing subdivs in irradiance map minimizes blotches, (see left side of attachment), but still pretty blotchy. Given I have all of my final render settings almost dialed in and the render is taking hours, I thought I would inquire as to whether I'm headed in the right direction by continuing to crank up subdivs or if there might be other approaches. Main problem I'm having in searching out the answer is that all of the tutorials and info I'm finding are in older versions of vray and the settings have changed so they aren't relative. Also wondering what I might try to eliminate the artifacts on the ceiling by the pendant lights. Thank You
  4. Hello, I will try make it short. I'm quite new to CG and this is pretty much my first interior scene (I did one before but it was from tutorial). This is my scene (with override VrayMtl and little excludes): http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e251/LordMarcos/4_help2_zps852a2ca2.png~original I've highlighted some regions where I got problems. Viewport screen: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e251/LordMarcos/scene2_zps0730886a.png~original The scene was rendered with those settings (probably production settings): http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e251/LordMarcos/settings2_zpsc80514cf.png~original Settings looks good ? In general, my issues are: Don't really know what are the best render settings for my scene, I want to make "wall pictures" quite visible and artifacts free, I want to avoid any other artifacts, blotches or dirty walls in the scene... I really want to make those wall pictures to look good, this is my main problem that blocks me from final rendering. The left one got some weird "light spots" and the right picture detail visibility is quite low. The medium one, in the middle seems to look fine, but I'm not 100% sure. Glass material seems to be alright... just simple almost black diffuse at 1, with reflect on 150 - 180 and almost pure white refract, IOR set to 1.45. And I got little "light leaks" (?) in one of my shelfs. I'm sure that there is no gaps, boards are pretty much intercepting each other at some point. Any feedback about the bedroom will be more than appreciated. I got my all material ready, but override is good idea for light testing, yes ? P.S: My English is not perfect, sorry. But I'm doing my best. Thank You!
  5. Good Morning everyone! Im having a strange problem with a render... I'm getting very strange black an white "artifacts" showing up in my render. The strangest thing is that they are only in one area, and if i re render the same area over and over them move, slightly, but they do move... Iv been using V-ray for about 6 years, and this is the first time iv ever seen anything like this... Has anyone had a similar experience? Any one have a fix for this? Any help will be greatly appreciated... Thanks:)
  6. ABK

    Proxy problems

    Hi all, I'm trying to use vray proxies to set up product for a project I'm working on. I've used proxies before to good effect but this time I'm getting a weird problem. As you can see from the images below, the objects above (the proxies) are rendering very strangely. I I am using 3DS max 2012 with vray2.0. The objects are all converted to editable polys before the above Vray mesh export. Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Cheers, Antony
  7. Hello, I have a problem with VRay renders in 3ds Max 10. I get black lines on the edges of my object. See links with my renders: [ATTACH=CONFIG]42203[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42204[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42205[/ATTACH] This problem doesn't appear when rendering with Mental Ray. I have to create realistic materials for stone objects for a course project in my university and I cannot get rid of these lines. This is a screen of my renderer settings:[ATTACH=CONFIG]42206[/ATTACH] Can you please help me? Thank you
  8. I'm trying to create a basic animation of a building that I've modeled, but I'm having a few problems with the final gather solution. With Read/Write file enabled and as the animation progresses artifacts begin to appear and continually get worse. The first frame looks fine, but by the final frame the animation looks terrible. Strangely, if I render the final frame without Read/Write file enabled, the result is good. I was hoping to create a final gather map and then freeze it before rendering the final animation to avoid flickering and improve the render time (I don't have a very power full machine for rendering, just a laptop). I have included some images below so you can see for yourself. The first image is the 1st frame of the animation. The 2nd image is the final frame of the animation with read/write file enable (the one with the artifacts). And the final image is the last frame of the animation rendered with read/write file disabled. The scene is simply lit by a MR sun and MR sky with logarithmic exposure control enabled. The final gather settings are as follows FG Point density 3.0 Rays per FG point 1400 Interpolate over number of FG points 6 (I know this is pretty low, but if I have it any higher the weather boards start to look flat)
  9. Hi i never managed to work well with SSS materials, so i decided to post up to see if anyone knows about similar issues. Quite often when rendering an SSS material (within the VrayMat) i get this pointillism artifacts (see the image) this is te material i am using didnt try yet the fastSSS or fastSSS2.. whichi i shold probably do, but i gess that SSS should be fine within the VrayMat any light into the issue greatly appreciated.. thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I'm working on a small kitchen scene and I'm having odd "shadows" all over the place. Tried getting rid of it with every trick I know. Still, walls look rather messy. Another weird thing is when I try to back the VraySun light with a basic Vray light as additional light source, I get black screen.(?) Can't say I had this experience before, but if anyone has idea what may be the cause - I'd appreciate it. Cheers! TKM
  11. Hello, I am rendering an interior scene in Maya using global illumination and final gathering. My final images are being rendered at 1800px x 1200px, 300dpi. When I save my images and open them up in an external photo editing program (photoshop), all my images contain a ton of jpeg artifacts. Does anyone know how to get a clean render without these artifacts appearing in the final images? [ATTACH]33916[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]33917[/ATTACH]
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