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  1. Hello Everybody, I'm new in vray and need some help with infinite plane and glass reflection. I want to render object in white backround and using infinite plane to get shadows on ground. My problem is that glass in that object reflecting infinite plane. Is it possible do not reflect infinte plane on glass and still have shadows on the ground. I'm using vray 1.5 and rhino...
  2. Hi everybody! So this is may setup: -render is mental ray -a studio setup which contains 3 photometric lights and simple mesh with a a glossy arch& design material on it: reflection gloss: 1.0 ior: 2 in the scene there is also an hdr witch has a dimension of 2000x1000. it is plugged into a environment blur map. for the overall exposure control i using the logarithmic control. as you can see that the photometric light above is completely blurred. i used work with vray but now i want to take a closer look on mental ray. is there a way to get sharper light reflection?
  3. Hi everybody. So this is my setup: I'm working with 3dsMax 2018 and render with mental ray. Simple mesh with a ARCH&DESIGN mat on it. Reflection Gloss: 1 IOR: 2 Lighting: - 3 squared photometric Lights - HDR map plugged into an environment Blur map - The dimension of the HDR itself is 2000x1000 - Using the Logarithmic Exposure control Normally I'm working with vray but now I'm trying to taker a closer look on mental ray. As you can see that the area lights in the reflection are blurred and i can figure out why? The something happens when I'm using Area Lights instead. Please let me know.
  4. Hi, I've been rendering out a bathroom but when i set up a render close up, in the mirror some of the reflections dont seem right. If you look at the JPEG attached: 1. The blinds seem to be skewed 2. The reflection seems to switch halfway up the tap. What could be causing this. Could it be something to do with the UV's, materials or is it meant to be like this. I have looked at references to reflections in mirrors and it doesn't seem to happen to that extent in real life. Any advice would be great. I've also attached the materials used. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I have a general and maybe very basic question about windows in exterior scenes. I often see on visualisations nice effect of subtle reflection on almost complately transparent windows. Like this (it's the effect I'm trying to get) On my works I tried different setups for glass material, but still, it either gets super reflective or dark inside. So I was wondering what other factors can influence that? Like maybe light/camera angle or HDRI map on a vraydome or something else? Other thing is material on glass on balconies - I want it to be a little bit green like on attached viz. But when I put some fog oclor I get parralel parts complately transparent and perpenicular complately green. Thank you for any advises on glass material or scene settings.
  6. Hello all, I'm trying to get some sort of ambient occlusion into my mirror material. I'm currently only lighting my scene with 1 omni light which is only for ambient Light and also have mr sun and sky. Is there any way to do this in a separate pass? This is what im getting currently. (Its a spherical, so just rotate the image to see the mirror) http://cghdemos.azurewebsites.net/Bathroom1/Bathroom.html Thanks in advance
  7. Good Morning All! I am working on a 3D Panorama for Oculus in V-Ray and while that's all fancy and well, I am having what I believe to be some very basic problems with a french door's glass reflection. As you can see from the attached files, there is a weird point where the reflections follow a curved path and provide and mirror like reflection of the inside. You can also see distortion that creates a visible gap between the windows mullions that simply is not that big. The window is a single cube (not a plane but a 3D object)...I am using a falloff for the reflection map and you can see all my settings. I am sure this is some stupid facepalm moment when someone points out an obvious error, but for the life of me I cannot seem to solve it...I have spent way too long trying to resolve it and now it's time to ask the forum Please help! Thank you so much
  8. Hi there! I have a problem with the reflections (I think). It has the appearance of a reverse ambient occlusion, and occurs in my ceiling, which is "floating" a few centimeters above the beams. What can be causing this?
  9. Hello everyone. While rendering an interior scene in 3ds max I stumbled upon an issue which drives me nuts. I have two lights – first is a vray dome with included HDRI and second is a vray sphere light. I animated the intensity of the latter so it reminds a bit of a candle. At some values though the sphere produces black glitches or some other weird artifacts. I uploaded this to give you a better idea. Artifacts seem most annoying on the chair fragment in the foreground and two stacked chairs in the background. After turning on render elements: RawGI, RawReflection and RawLight black splotches can be seen in the last one. I tried upping all subdivs that I know of to no avail. Also removing reflection map and replacing it with just a generic reflection doesn't change much. From what I see problems appear on my reflective wood surfaces only. The black artefacts disappear only when a) I turn 'store with irradiance map' under the sphere light b) when I remove the diffuse texture from my wood material (clean RawLight element) c) switch off 'shadows' under vray global settings I am thinking maybe I have erased some image data while editing the diffuse texture in photoshop and this screws up the render? The image looks allright at first glance though. I will enclose more screens soon – first just wanted to know what would you like to see first? Thanks for getting to this point!
  10. Hello, I use 3DS Max 2015 with Vray 2.5. In my following problem I use Vray Lights and a Vray Camera. Please see the attached picture. On the picture (red mark) is a reflection from my vray light. But I do not want to have a reflection on my TV. How can I disable the reflection (just for the TV)? Or is it a problem with the material, do I have to change there something? Thank you for your help
  11. Hi, im having some strange grain/noice in my rendering & the brick material is reflecting the surrounding (wich it should not). It has a fresnel reflection map, and i tried to lower the reflection intensity with no result. It is also having a bumpmap. Can i make the material completly matte, not reflecting any colours....? Best regards: Anders
  12. Hi all Could anyone please look at the attached and suggest why the reflections on the mirrors are warped. The mirrors are parallel to the reflected object. For a client of mine who needs the renders urgently...as always Thanks in advance Simon
  13. Hello! Im a relatively new user of vray, and are experiencing some problem when rendering windows. Im curios about how you prefer to do your glass reflections in vray so that they reflect the surrounding environment. Is it HDRI, or do you model the surrounding area? How do you get vray to reflect a cloudy sky in a window for example? I appreciate any help, or tip on this topic.
  14. I'm having trouble with noise in a vray render when using a highly reflective material and hdri environment map. I like the look of the image but just can't eliminate the last of the crunchy reflection components in the attached image. Any advice? Thanks!
  15. Hi you all! I use Skecthup with Vray to render 3d. I would like to get a metal fabric aspect for a material. I used a texture, diffuse (with transparency) and reflection layer. For reflection I utilized 2.0 for TextFresnel options (IOR) and 1 for Glossiness. In preview mode the material used looks good, as I would want to see it. But the material seems to not have the same performance in rendering. I attach an example of render and material preview. The objects with this material are solid components, with a thin depth (2 cm).
  16. With Vray, I'm looking for a way to make an object invisible to the camera, but I still want the RawRefraction and RawReflection render elements to display their respective information for the object. Does anyone know if this is possible? In the past I've been having to rendering the image once to get the RGB element without glass visible and then render again to get the correct reflection and refraction elements. The whole point of this is to be able to use the extraTex element for AO and only have to render once.
  17. So I need to create a layer in photoshop with JUST my reflections on (mainly as a mask I think, at the client's request). Is it possible to render out a base render with no reflections though? so I can keep the two apart? I've never quite understood this process. I know it's going to involve rendering out an element but not sure which.
  18. I am trying to figure out how to render out an image, which is sat on a reflective plane that renders out only the image and the reflection. Been using vray material wrapper (which seems to only work properly when the receive GI is set to 0). But when I render out a tga I just get the object and not the reflection.
  19. Does anyone have any idea what these faceted highlights are caused by. I am using 3ds Max 2013 with V-ray and have a simple V-ray sun and sky lighting system with one additional standard spot. They are not affected by materials values as far as my tests have gone but can be greatly reduced by increasing geometry resolution. They can also be influenced by adjusting the shadow bias on the sun. I am happy to load the scene if it helps. Many thanks, Adam
  20. Have anyone had this problem before? It appears that the glass is reflecting a black circle that I suppose is something from the camera.."camera range" I dont know.. its just a black circle that follows the movement of the camera..
  21. For some reason and I'm not sure why but I've got a camera in a scene which is looking through 5 panes of glass (so 10 sides of glass) and the glass is rendering out very milky in colour. I have tried playing around with the settings of the material without any joy. Can anyone please help me on why the glass is looking so washed out. It needs to look more reflective and richer as you view through all the glass. See test render and material settings below;
  22. guys i set high quality render setting have still bad reflections on the water surface, chrome edges, roof and the floor stones. what is the problem here that i can't get nice reflections even this high settings?! please have look on the big res. of the following fotos here: http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_testrender.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_render.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_mat.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_1.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_2.jpg thanks all! Deutsch wird auch verstanden! gruß http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_1.jpg http://s244706745.online.de/pool/pool_light_2.jpg
  23. Hi, I've been having problems when rendering my views in VRay. Some of the materials won't show in the reflection. The object reflects but with only the default sketchup material not with the material applied. This often happens to me I attached a sample of the rendered image. [ATTACH=CONFIG]44146[/ATTACH] The graphics and the border of the graphic which is supposed to be metal won't reflect properly on the three mirrors in the image.
  24. Hey Folks, Fist of all, i'd like to say hi. Im new around here. Hope this will be nice. I'm trying to create reflections for a glass facade. The render is of a building i'm compositing onto an image. I've been trying to use a range of options but nothing is giving me good results. I have the image in the max enviroment slot. I dont want the reflections from the enviroment image so... Ive used a vray reflection/refraction override with a different map but then i dont see my backround/enviroment image refracting through the glass. (which in some areas need to be seen through) Iv'e then used the refraction override with the original enviroment map but thats giving me some weird effects of double reflections. ( the refraction override map and the reflection override map are reflecting in the glass????) Ive also udes the vray dome but thats not letting me see through to the Backround/enviroment image. Does anyone have a good workflow for ceating nice reflections in glass that i could learn. It would help me a bunch. Thank you.
  25. I'm trying to render stainless steel with a satin finish. In the past, I've just lowered the highlight/refl. glossiness value to get non-glossy materials. But for some reason, changing this value is having no effect whatsoever. Is there something I'm missing? or is this just a glitch (how can I fix it?)? Thanks
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