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Found 13 results

  1. I have a box with some of the faces removed and a shell modifier. When rendered you will see some of the outer faces and some inner faces. The question is, how to use outer faces to hide inner faces? I've tried using matte/shadow on outer faces but it will still show the alpha for inner faces. The only workaround I could see, would be to assign a matId to outer faces and using compositing software to cut by it. This seems to be a complex solution especially when having an atmosphere fog element pass. Isn't there a better way to make the outer faces be completely transparent (remove them from the object) as well as everything behind it that is a part of the same object? Maybe you have a better idea for this concrete example: I have a live action footage of a table which I need to explode. I therefore model the object and use thinking particles to destroy it. To composite those two things together I only need the debris that are flying away and the inner part of the table that is revealed. The table itself should come from the footage.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm under an immense animation deadline and cannot figure out how to make the standard 3ds max populate people render as flat white, preferably semi-transparent. Does anyone know how to do this? I get the right effect using vraymtlwrapper but I can't change it from black to white or add any transparency? If I just add refraction to the standard vray material then you see through the person but you see they're internals as well, making them look like they're made out of glass. I just want a flat, 2d white matte look to them. Any ideas - I'm desperate! thanks Jonty
  3. Hi, I posted this elsewhere but did not get an answer so far. Maybe here somebody will know an answer. So, apologies for the cut/paste. Maybe V-Ray matte or Primary Visibility are not the answer. So far I tried Primary Visibility, Hold Out, and V-Ray Matte options but none seem to give the desired effect. See pictures attached. Let's say I want to render a scene with a tree. It's a dense poly tree, it takes a while. I am rendering these passes: diffuse rawLight multiMatte - The tree needs to be invisible in diffuse, but I need to see the objects in front of- and behind it (V-Ray Matte cuts to background, so I cannot see what is behind the tree). - Also visible in rawLight, but still cast shadows, and still see the rawLight of the stuff behind it (same as above). So far this is achievable with Primary Visibility off. But I also need it to appear in multiMatte. With Primary Visibility off, it disappears from the multimatte/ID, which is fair enough. V-Ray matte works, but as above it doesn't work with the rest of the scene. Is there a way to make this work? So far I am using render layers to separate the scene - one layer for everything (beauty, diffuse, rawLight...), and one layer just for the matte. This works but doubles my render time (V-Ray will sample my geometry even with a surfaceShader material). The scene itself goes from 1 minute to 2 minutes in render time per frame, but over 200 frames it adds up. I need to render it a lot back and forth to test lighting setups, so it kinda matters. But anyway it just seems like such an obvious thing I want to know if it's possible. Thanks Example (instead of tree please meet mr cube):
  4. So I have my objects on a plane, and the plane is using the typical matte technique of using VrayMtlWrapper and the alpha set to -1 etc. plane is set to not cast shadow, otherwise normal. when I render, it renders out everything except the plane, which is good, but in the alpha channel the shadows are as opaque as everything else i.e. solid black when I save them out. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
  5. I need to render out objects + their cast shadow and a transparent background. all is well, I have a material wrapper set up and it all renders as it should with one exception - I have a vray dome light which is causing the matte object to have a touch of opacity on the alpha. If there were a way to exclude it from the dome light, that would be the way, but vray lights don't let you do that. any common work-arounds?
  6. Hello, I am a new here. Great community. Excited to become a part of it. Learning everyday smth new. A silly question (please don't be harsh). It is a very blond question. So, I am rendering an animation. V-Ray. I had to re-render only one moving object in the scene. Applied the matte / shadow material for all other object besides the ferry (so I will overlay it in the post-production software in the final scene.) What should I leave in the Environment Map: the VRay material or Leave it Black? Thank you very much
  7. I am trying to figure out how to render out an image, which is sat on a reflective plane that renders out only the image and the reflection. Been using vray material wrapper (which seems to only work properly when the receive GI is set to 0). But when I render out a tga I just get the object and not the reflection.
  8. I'm trying to render a very simple animation with an alpha channel so I can do video composting to it. I'm using 3ds max 2010 SP1 with VRay Adv 1.50.SP4a. The issue that's going on is that there's a 1-2 pixel white matte/outline the geometry edges because of the alpha channel. I'm rendering as a targa sequence with a split alpha. Other areas I've played around with is the the material window, where I made sure the "Affect channels" is set to "Color+Alpha", but overall I'm trying to figure out how to make the alpha channel more precise without the couple pixel edge.
  9. jab

    VRay Matte Issues

    I'm sure there is something small here I'm missing but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I am posting a simple scene in which I want to comp the chairs into the scene later, yet the subtle shadows aren't showing up in my comp. I rendered the chairs into the scene normally to make sure they did in fact exist and to show you the result I am looking for. Why are my shadows dissappearing when I comp the chairs in?? My process in going to the VRay props of the ground plane and turning on Matte/ -1/ etc. I've also tried using the VRWrapper material. I've checked and unchecked every combination I can think of here. Any ideas?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]42385[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42384[/ATTACH]
  10. I've been trying to find a good answer everywhere, and as of yet, haven't found one. I'd just like to be able render out separate passes for each major element in a scene with everything else matte and then composite them back together in post. Ie/ One pass for cars, one pass for ground elements, one pass for trees etc. My problem is that when I render these layers out with everything else matte, the GI isn't the same as if everything was in the scene and it doesn't look as good. AND, I can't seem to get just a straight shadow pass that overlays the layer beneath it. The big reason I'd like to do this is I'm faced with extremely tight deadlines left, right and centre, and as much as it would take extra effort to set it up this way, if there was a mistake on one layer (say a single car amongst others zooming by far too quickly by accident) I'd be able to just re-render the cars and not the entire scene. If anyone has info on how to do this I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  11. HI All Here I precent a very simple scene with an overexposed image Looks like this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40465[/ATTACH] I have made my first HDRI test and want to learn the compositing of objects into a real photograf. Here are my objects rendered out from the Cam-match without matte object. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40469[/ATTACH] so far so good..... But here is the problem Rendered matte with reflections see image below: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40467[/ATTACH] as you can see the table matte object that only is supposed to recieve shadows, reflections, refractions, caustics etc. from the objects, is messed up, because I can not exclude the reflections from the environment from the matte plane (table) - and ofcause I need the table to be precisely as in the image, with absolutely no lighting alterations made by the 3d software. How the h... can I do that? Or how do I set this up right, any help is very much appreciated Here are some of my settings. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40468[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40470[/ATTACH] Matte object (V-Ray wrapper) with all the correct settings inc. base material see the above images. Base material with a little glossy reflection. The diffuse image is the first image you saw in this question applied as screen. I see some discussion about render elements but I have tried them all, none of them helps me. please please help. Thanx a big lot Sincerely Nomolas
  12. Hello. I'm using Vray for 3dsMax2010. I was going to compose CG on a photograph, so I created a plane to receive shadow and reflection and GI of the CG, and it set a matte object from a Vray properties, and render it. I seemed to receive both reflection and GI properly visually. but it was only a shadow when it watched an alpha channel. How can I do? attached image: Vray properties settings http://img10.hostingpics.net/pics/864850Upload01.png rendered image http://img10.hostingpics.net/pics/949907Upload02.png alpha channel http://img10.hostingpics.net/pics/162607Upload03.png Thanks
  13. Heya, My first script I've published. This script will create Multimatteelements based on your selected objects. It has some properties you can select as seen in the image below. It will also warn you if any of your selected objects have ID's that will conflict with the selected range as well as asking if you would like to make these conflicting objects your current selection. I struggled to get this done in my spare time so if there are any issues with it I'll try to fix them but I may not have time to. Please post any issues or requests/changes you would like. Drag into the viewport to install and it will be under a category named "jb_tools" Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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