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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am a new here. Great community. Excited to become a part of it. Learning everyday smth new. A silly question (please don't be harsh). It is a very blond question. So, I am rendering an animation. V-Ray. I had to re-render only one moving object in the scene. Applied the matte / shadow material for all other object besides the ferry (so I will overlay it in the post-production software in the final scene.) What should I leave in the Environment Map: the VRay material or Leave it Black? Thank you very much
  2. Hi! I'm new here, so hopefully I'm not asking something for the 100th time (but I did try to search first). Story: * I did my modelling in Rhino and I imported everything (layer by layer) into 3ds max 2012. Using "ACIS" (.Sat) set to "Inventor". * I imported everything, without big problems. I set up a Matte/Shadow layer for the ground plane (which is a circle plane imported from rhino) and did some camera matching using this great tutorial ( ). * I have my 3d model in place, camera ready, I'm using "special purpose environment maps" for materials where I can find that tab in the material editor. The mapping is set to "Environment" and "Spherical environment". I want to render using Mental Ray. Problems: * My house is very "see-through" - it basically takes the image I want to place in the background and reflects it from the other side. * My windows often (but not always) look like there is nothing behind them but the photo. But actually I modeled the whole house including the back walls with windows on the other side. Could I have some geometry problem? Should I convert my geometry somehow? Would be really grateful for some tips!
  3. jab

    VRay Matte Issues

    I'm sure there is something small here I'm missing but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I am posting a simple scene in which I want to comp the chairs into the scene later, yet the subtle shadows aren't showing up in my comp. I rendered the chairs into the scene normally to make sure they did in fact exist and to show you the result I am looking for. Why are my shadows dissappearing when I comp the chairs in?? My process in going to the VRay props of the ground plane and turning on Matte/ -1/ etc. I've also tried using the VRWrapper material. I've checked and unchecked every combination I can think of here. Any ideas?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]42385[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42384[/ATTACH]
  4. HI All Here I precent a very simple scene with an overexposed image Looks like this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40465[/ATTACH] I have made my first HDRI test and want to learn the compositing of objects into a real photograf. Here are my objects rendered out from the Cam-match without matte object. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40469[/ATTACH] so far so good..... But here is the problem Rendered matte with reflections see image below: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40467[/ATTACH] as you can see the table matte object that only is supposed to recieve shadows, reflections, refractions, caustics etc. from the objects, is messed up, because I can not exclude the reflections from the environment from the matte plane (table) - and ofcause I need the table to be precisely as in the image, with absolutely no lighting alterations made by the 3d software. How the h... can I do that? Or how do I set this up right, any help is very much appreciated Here are some of my settings. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40468[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40470[/ATTACH] Matte object (V-Ray wrapper) with all the correct settings inc. base material see the above images. Base material with a little glossy reflection. The diffuse image is the first image you saw in this question applied as screen. I see some discussion about render elements but I have tried them all, none of them helps me. please please help. Thanx a big lot Sincerely Nomolas
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