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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping to get some feedback on my workflow as I want to make sure that I'm doing it right! I'm doing arch-viz renders in 3D Studio Max and V-Ray. I render out to an EXR file with all of the separate layers, which I then open up in Photoshop with the ProEXR plugin installed so I get access to all of the layers. I render out with Colour Mapping Only and save the EXR's as full 32bit. In Photoshop, I get the layers that I need and create a smart object out of them, and I leave that smart object in 32bit. I then convert the main document down to 16bit so I can use all of my tools. Between the main document and the smart object, I do all of my post processing work which works well. Two questions: Is this the proper workflow? How do I fix blown out areas? I know that in a 32bit file, the data is still there, but how do I get it back? Should I just be manipulating the relevant layers in the 32bit smart object? Should I be converting the file down to 16bit? Anything else?
  2. Hi, so my query/problem is a disparity between, the results of a PS comp with VrayRenderElements, versus the RGB_color. With the RGB_color element on top of the stack, turning it on/off reveals differences in the highlights, that have no obvious cause. Does anyone know why? Elements in the comp are: + VRaySelfIllumination + VRaySpecular + VRayReflectionFilter x VRayRawReflection + VRayRefractionFilter x VRayRawRefraction + VRayRawGlobalIllumination x VRayDiffuseFilter (copy) + VRayRawLighting x VRayDiffuseFilter I'm pretty sure my comp is correct, but perhaps this is a quirk of VRay or PS that requires some kind of workaround? (Maybe I've overlooked something :/ ) (The 3ds Max process shouldn't make any difference, because, so far as I know, the RGB_Color element is the "Beauty pass" and the correct combination of elements can be used to reconstruct this exactly. However, just to elucidate, the procedure was: Linear workflow. Lighting = 1 x VRayLight Dome, with small blurry HDRI (set to invisible) Environment Map.jpg (in Environment and Effects) V-Ray GI Environment (skylight) override is black Window Glass is Excluded from DomeLight. Exposure Control (in Environment and Effects) is left as . No Effects, no Atmosphere. No D-O-F on VRayPhysicalCamera. f8, 1/6, 1600 Elements were saved as 16bit EXRs, from the VRay frame buffer, using the "save all image channels" button. Load Files to Stack: Folder added in PS. ProEXR plugin for PS installed; gamma is fine.) But don't let that sidetrack you; back to the question: With the RGB_color element on top of the comp, turning it on/off reveals differences in the highlights, that have no obvious cause. Does anyone know why?
  3. Trying to composite my render elements in photoshop and wondering why my HDRI sky only shows up in the RGB layer. All other render element layers have a black sky. I've attached my render elements dialog and VRay frame buffer settings. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Should have mentioned I'm saving as an openEXR Thank You
  4. Any Idea why Autodesk Composite 2013 is telling me that I have 7 days left on my License? I thought that Composite came with 3dsMax. I've had it installed for almost 3 years!
  5. Hi guys - I am working on an an accelerated animation (~6 seconds) showing the Statue of Liberty going from shiny copper to green worn copper and I am having a hard time determining how best to transition between the two materials. I have tried using both Composite and Blend materials, but going from a highly reflective material to a matte material just doesn't look "right". You can see what I have currently here: (make sure to watch in 1080p Any suggestions on how I could transition between these two materials and create a convincing, "realistic" affect would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Much, Max
  6. HI All Here I precent a very simple scene with an overexposed image Looks like this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40465[/ATTACH] I have made my first HDRI test and want to learn the compositing of objects into a real photograf. Here are my objects rendered out from the Cam-match without matte object. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40469[/ATTACH] so far so good..... But here is the problem Rendered matte with reflections see image below: [ATTACH=CONFIG]40467[/ATTACH] as you can see the table matte object that only is supposed to recieve shadows, reflections, refractions, caustics etc. from the objects, is messed up, because I can not exclude the reflections from the environment from the matte plane (table) - and ofcause I need the table to be precisely as in the image, with absolutely no lighting alterations made by the 3d software. How the h... can I do that? Or how do I set this up right, any help is very much appreciated Here are some of my settings. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40468[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40470[/ATTACH] Matte object (V-Ray wrapper) with all the correct settings inc. base material see the above images. Base material with a little glossy reflection. The diffuse image is the first image you saw in this question applied as screen. I see some discussion about render elements but I have tried them all, none of them helps me. please please help. Thanx a big lot Sincerely Nomolas
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