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Found 5 results

  1. I created a blend material, because the logo needs to appear in a close up, but it has that square around it. How could I get rid of that? It has a totally black-white alpha channel, but its still noticable no matter how low or high I set the Mix amount, and render time of one frame almost doubled when that logo appeared in the animation. Thought I could just put it on a plane, but the white square is there even then. I'm not really good with animating materials, so I would appreciate any kind of help. Thank you. max 2014
  2. Hi guys - I am working on an an accelerated animation (~6 seconds) showing the Statue of Liberty going from shiny copper to green worn copper and I am having a hard time determining how best to transition between the two materials. I have tried using both Composite and Blend materials, but going from a highly reflective material to a matte material just doesn't look "right". You can see what I have currently here: (make sure to watch in 1080p Any suggestions on how I could transition between these two materials and create a convincing, "realistic" affect would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Much, Max
  3. Hi! Our weekly tips for You! Enjoy, folks Tip of the Week. V-ray blend material: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/8081/tip-of-the-week-v-ray-blend-material Flatiron review: http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/8080/review-flatiron-render-to-texture-plugin
  4. Hello, i'm playing around with 3d voronoi cells in 3ds max and i'm having trouble making the edges of those cells roundish, organic. I tried the connect compound object but that works fine for just two objects, not for more than that. Bridge in edit poly doesn't work either. Any ideas? I'm attaching an image to for you to get a better idea of what i'm trying to achive.
  5. deleted look in the thread below i do not know how or if i can delete this thread
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