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Found 3 results

  1. So I have my objects on a plane, and the plane is using the typical matte technique of using VrayMtlWrapper and the alpha set to -1 etc. plane is set to not cast shadow, otherwise normal. when I render, it renders out everything except the plane, which is good, but in the alpha channel the shadows are as opaque as everything else i.e. solid black when I save them out. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
  2. Hi! I'm new here, so hopefully I'm not asking something for the 100th time (but I did try to search first). Story: * I did my modelling in Rhino and I imported everything (layer by layer) into 3ds max 2012. Using "ACIS" (.Sat) set to "Inventor". * I imported everything, without big problems. I set up a Matte/Shadow layer for the ground plane (which is a circle plane imported from rhino) and did some camera matching using this great tutorial ( ). * I have my 3d model in place, camera ready, I'm using "special purpose environment maps" for materials where I can find that tab in the material editor. The mapping is set to "Environment" and "Spherical environment". I want to render using Mental Ray. Problems: * My house is very "see-through" - it basically takes the image I want to place in the background and reflects it from the other side. * My windows often (but not always) look like there is nothing behind them but the photo. But actually I modeled the whole house including the back walls with windows on the other side. Could I have some geometry problem? Should I convert my geometry somehow? Would be really grateful for some tips!
  3. This is a heads up for folk using 3ds max and vray and want to create interiors based on the window primitive in the AEC geomotry section. The transparent parts of the window, in fact the whole inside of the window, will render as a solid opaque object. I had a nice interior rigged up and wondered why I wasn't getting a square of hard light on the floor. Might be old news to some of you but hey. See render: [ATTACH=CONFIG]46364[/ATTACH] EDIT: Ooops, actually, I just remade my scene using non AEC objects and had the same issue the minute I put glass in the window. The trick was that I didn't have 'affect shadows' checked in the vray material. Disregard!
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