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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Just moved to 3.5 and I'm struggling to control the glare and bloom. I read the manual but found no answer to all my questions... Is it still possible to get the bloom and glare mask render element? I have the same parameters as in 3.4 but they are not showing up. Do they still work in vray light materials? I assume they are suppose to work as in real photography but is not working in pure white pixels when they are vray light mats A college of mine realized by trial and error that the bloom and glare are quite different in Bucket and progressive, is it suppose to be like that or just a bug? Do the adaptive lights affect them? Just rendered an image with around 50 similar lights and the glare is just working in a few of them quite randomly (sorry can't post the image but is a confidential project). Any other differences with 3.4?
  2. Hey guys, Every time i render animated video using prepass, i have to render prepass first then give a path of prepass for final rendering. Is there any way that we can auto load prepass before i start the render? So i don't have to wait prepass to finish and then give a path for final rendering. 3DsMax - 2014 Vray - 3.50.04
  3. HI Friends, i have problem , 8/effect/add... and i was't see Vray lens effects . How i can open vray lens effects. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5sjWGqjp1k5VHVNYW41cXZ4MXM/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  4. Hi, I posted this elsewhere but did not get an answer so far. Maybe here somebody will know an answer. So, apologies for the cut/paste. Maybe V-Ray matte or Primary Visibility are not the answer. So far I tried Primary Visibility, Hold Out, and V-Ray Matte options but none seem to give the desired effect. See pictures attached. Let's say I want to render a scene with a tree. It's a dense poly tree, it takes a while. I am rendering these passes: diffuse rawLight multiMatte - The tree needs to be invisible in diffuse, but I need to see the objects in front of- and behind it (V-Ray Matte cuts to background, so I cannot see what is behind the tree). - Also visible in rawLight, but still cast shadows, and still see the rawLight of the stuff behind it (same as above). So far this is achievable with Primary Visibility off. But I also need it to appear in multiMatte. With Primary Visibility off, it disappears from the multimatte/ID, which is fair enough. V-Ray matte works, but as above it doesn't work with the rest of the scene. Is there a way to make this work? So far I am using render layers to separate the scene - one layer for everything (beauty, diffuse, rawLight...), and one layer just for the matte. This works but doubles my render time (V-Ray will sample my geometry even with a surfaceShader material). The scene itself goes from 1 minute to 2 minutes in render time per frame, but over 200 frames it adds up. I need to render it a lot back and forth to test lighting setups, so it kinda matters. But anyway it just seems like such an obvious thing I want to know if it's possible. Thanks Example (instead of tree please meet mr cube):
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