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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. I've been experiencing this issue for a long time, like 7 years long. I had enough so i need your help. I want to use HDRI lighting for interiors so way to go is VrayDome i think. But when i use VrayDome i can't even have a low quality render. It's that bad. Why is that? Below you can see two examples. Both test are on same settings GI is of Use local subdivs is unticked Window has no glass One is with Vray Plane Light behind the window, the other has a Dome Light "without" a HDRI I need your help, Thanks.
  2. Hi ! So I have a vray dome with invisible ticked. I did everthing like I used to for the last couple years but somehow All of my new scene/project are now showing the background thru windows. It shows like 50% when i put it in photoshop. I mean I can slide a image on a layer behind and it will shows but 50-50 with the new image behind I have a VrayHDRi map in environment slot and the in dome. Vray dome with invisible alpha channel in Vray frame buffer seems alright I save as PNG with alpha channel tick Maybe I hit a shortcut or something? Can you help me thank you
  3. I need to render out objects + their cast shadow and a transparent background. all is well, I have a material wrapper set up and it all renders as it should with one exception - I have a vray dome light which is causing the matte object to have a touch of opacity on the alpha. If there were a way to exclude it from the dome light, that would be the way, but vray lights don't let you do that. any common work-arounds?
  4. Hi, I render an interior scene with only HDRI lighting. When I use VrayHDRI map like a texture in Vray dome light (with default adaptivness threshold 1,0) I get a nice result. But if I want to use VrayHDRI in environment slot with skylight portals in the windows, I get completly different result Is there any way to get the same result, without using domelight with adaptivness ??
  5. Hi everybody, We've set up a small website http://www.hdri4free.com , where everyone can download a high resolution background set including 8 Backplates + according HDR Dome every month. You can use the results for non commercial purposes (portfolio, personal website, presentation & client pitching). There no hidden costs or anything. Sets from previous months can be purchased as low as 29.90 Euros. You also can upload your results to the user gallery to showcase them. According how popular the offering will get, we will post more often free sets. All you have to do is to register. Your address will not be sold or given to 3rd parties, but only used for our newsletter (when new free set will be available). Best results will be featured also in our weekly newsletter (maground.com) which reaches over 15.000 professionals from advertising industry. As we are the leading image archive for automotive background and HDR Domes and our clients have often asked us for good 3D Freelance artists, we have created hdri4free.com to encourage 3D enthusiasts to work with our images. So please feel free to showcase your skills! Good rendering!
  6. Studio/Institution: Brinkley Sargent Architects Client: City of Rockwall Genre: Institution Software: SketchUp and Twilight Website: http://www.brinkleysargent.com Description: Here is a dome design for Rockwall County Courts. Currently working on Interiors, but we basically have finished with the exterior (before everything gets VE'd:p) Anyway, thought I would finally post some of my work, you guys have some really good work - so go easy on me.
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me a way of creating a good rotating sky without using mr.sky or render environment? Thanks. I've heard of things like skydomes and such, I tried but I just somehow can't get it right (lighting). I'm not quite sure if I’m right, but I think a skydome is just a dome sort of object with a panoramic map of the sky (or something)... Any help would be appreciated
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