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  1. Hi everyone! I have a huge issue - after 14+ hours of rendering all the passes i full of noise when saved as exr, they are practically useless. In any other format as jpg and png all passes are nice and clean. I tried to save as exr automatically and manually as well - the same result. Have rendered from 2 camera angles with bucket +bucket and bucket +light cache, nose threshold 0 and noise threshold 0,001, even changed size to much smaller. Nada! I have attached some pictures to let you understand better, the noisy ones are captures from exr files when opened in PS, one is reflection and other one is rgb, but all of them look almost the same. I need exr files for PS. Do you have any solution?
  2. Hi, This is my first post here. I'm an architect and I've recently been testing Vray next for a week. I'm facing a strange noise problem on my renders. I'm using Vray Next for sketchup 2018 and the quality is set to "very high" in the settings. The noise limit is 0.003. But still I see some ugly dots on the rendering. It was working fine with the daytime render though. Can anyone please help me? I have attached the rendering and a screenshot of my Vray settings. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello Guys, I am SRISHTI and im an aspiring designer, im new to this forum, this is my first post anyhow I have been using vray 3.0 on 3ds max 2014 since 5 months and I get this problem a lot. I try to solve it as best as I can but I don’t understand and how it came to be in the first place. I think its called ”noise in light”, "light patches” and “noise” in general, creating a very dirty render even when my noise threshold is at 0.005 or 0.001. This render took 2 hours 30 minutes on my MSI GE62VR 6gb NVIDIA 1060 Graphic card on a 16 GB ram. And I have used Adaptive Subdivision at -1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4, the shading rate is 2 with a catmull rom filter. All lights are at 16 samples in light modifiers. Gamma And lut setup is aligned according to 2.2 linear multiplier both in colour mapping and setting window. under G.I. Primary engine is irradiance map at high and light cache at 1300. I feel I have set all important things to max yet I get this awful result. So it would be a huge help if you could guide me on why this is happening and how to rectify it. Im attaching a both the render images that I took below . I have an interview in 2 weeks and this is my vehicle showcase and I need to get it to a presentable point so any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  4. Hi, I've been struggling with this for about half a day now and I can't seem to figure it out. When doing some test runs this grey glass wall looked fine and for some reason on my final render it's incredibly noisy. I've tried fiddling with the samples, noise threshold, using local samples and so on. I hope someone here can tell me what I'm missing. Looking at the separate passes, it seems to be a GI issue. Resolution is 4000x2667 and it's a panoramic render intented for VR.
  5. Hi guys, I'm hoping that you can help me out. I have been trying all sorts of things to improve the lighting in my interior scene but I am getting massive (and I mean massive) noise in my Global Illumination pass. After 24 hours of rendering (progressive), I have a scene that looks like the light cache calculations! My scene is huge (I am doing an entire house & environment, not just a single staged room). I have set up the primary lighting with a Peter Guthrie HDRI (so I know it is great quality), and then a VRay Sun for additional lighting information, linked to the HDRI. I have tried with both sky portals on and off but zero difference. I have turned the windows on and off incase it was a material issue, but nothing. I have ramped up the subdivs in the VRay Dome Light to 128 which has destroyed my render times, but also with no clear advantage. Lighting pass, specular, reflections etc... all nice and clean. Only GI that is a disaster! Not sure what to do or what is wrong. I would really appreciate your help! I'm using Vray 3.60 on 3ds Max 2017. My PC is Windows 10, 2x 3Gb GTX 780 GPU's, Intel i7-8720K 3.6Ghz processor, and 3Gb DDR4-2100 RAM.
  6. Hi everyone. I've been experiencing this issue for a long time, like 7 years long. I had enough so i need your help. I want to use HDRI lighting for interiors so way to go is VrayDome i think. But when i use VrayDome i can't even have a low quality render. It's that bad. Why is that? Below you can see two examples. Both test are on same settings GI is of Use local subdivs is unticked Window has no glass One is with Vray Plane Light behind the window, the other has a Dome Light "without" a HDRI I need your help, Thanks.
  7. Hello, Disclaimer: I'm new to 3Ds Max and Vray in general so no judge pls. Well on the topic, I have this problem with Vray When I render image it comes out with these dots/noise. I don't know why, I tried switching from brute force to irradiance map, I removed textures, though that was the problem, didn't help, moved windows lights into the house and after out the house it won't intersect with scene geometry, results end up a bit better. Here's my settings and render outcome, please help :/
  8. Here's is a portion of an Interior render that I'm doing in 3ds Max using Mental ray. You can notice the noise and grains in bizarre amount on wall and on ceiling and I have no idea what's causing it. To detect the source of these grains, I tried disabling the environment, which in this case is mrPhysical sky. It does remove the grains... What setting m I missing? High anti aliasing settings does decrease this noise, but there's got to be some other culprit behind it and I think the Anti-aliasing Engine in Mental ray is being forced to work unnecessarily on something it's not supposed to. Thanks in advance for answering. Regards.
  9. Hello, I'm geting weird colored noise on render elements. What I've worked out thus far this happens where sample rate is at it's maximum or maybe just geometry edges. I'm getting this in raw reflection, raw lighting, raw global illumination, raw total lighting. (raw reflection is fine) RAW total lighting: https://s12.postimg.org/bjxqxlrel/noise.jpg RAW global illumination: https://s3.postimg.org/8zb75cn9f/VRay_Raw_Global_Illumination_0025.jpg
  10. Hi guys. First time posting here I am currently studying VRayMtl2Sided, for which I created a simple scene with a Boston Fern created in SpeedTree and imported to Maya 2016. http://i.imgur.com/cVT33sw.jpg The scene is being illuminated with V-ray Sun and Sky. The settings of the sampler and GI can be seen in this image. http://i.imgur.com/T9vW9oJ.jpg The problem I have is that I can not find the way to increase the samples that the Specular element receive (Observe Specular and Sample Rate) http://i.imgur.com/rjFgcXd.jpg I understand that the shadows and quality of the specular highlights are linked to the subdivisions of any Vray Light, but I can not find a way to increase these for the Vray Sky, as there are only subdivs for the shadows withing Sun settings. The materials are set as shown. http://i.imgur.com/66uzcHO.jpg I feel it is very simple to fix, but I have no idea how to fix it, I thought of using another light for the specular, but I do not know how well that idea is. Thank you very much for your time.
  11. I'm trying to create a brick texture where I have used procedural noise map. Then I have randomized the texture so that it doesn't look continuous overall. Now the problem is that the map is still looking continuous through out the bricks and it's not at all randomized though all other bitmap textures are looking randomized when tested.
  12. Hi All, Having a few problems with 3DS Max Mental Ray 2016. So with early on scenes we've been experiencing lots of noise, which is fine as we've been able to clean them up at the expense of huge render time. Now upon switching on Render Elements the Noise half's, if not disappears totally. Any ideas? Its literally chalk and cheese regarding render times, and wed ideally not want to keep render elements on for test renders. Many thanks,
  13. Hello CG community, This is a cut from my last render (this is from channel VrayRawLighting because its the easiest way to see it that clear and the other one is the normal RGB color) and i really need some help finding out why or what is causing this strange noise?
  14. hey all! i have a problem in the rendered result dark dots on the walls and furniture, i don't know why? this is the renderpreset that i am using Please help!
  15. I'm working with Grant Warwick's Mastering VRay tutorials, (lesson 4), and right out of the box, without touching anything, here is a screenshot of the rendered file and material editor. I'm assuming something got messed up when opening in VRay 3.1.01 Max 2015 when the file was created in V 2.4, (I believe), and an earlier version of VRay. But, not having changed any of the out of the box render settings and getting this, I'm not sure what to look for. Thank You
  16. I have encoutered problem when working with vray passes. In some of my scenes appears very sharp black noise in Global Illumination pass that is more or less noticeable in raw render. No matter of the basic render settings (DMC noise treshold, resolution etc.), once it appears, the noise is present every time. Areas affected are usually those with some dark material/texture. scene setup viz printscreen: 3Ds Max 2013 + Vray 2.30.01 Gamma 1,6 or 2,2 No extremly complicated geomery. No some extra special vray materials. No other mental ray, a&d materials (I hope so) Basic lightning: Sun + vraysky + few vray lights No matter if using Vray frame buffer od not. I did try by trial and error various scene setups including using global override material, check/uncheck filter maps, reset of the lightning in scene (delete old, create exact same new), import geometry in blank scene, no reflection/refraction etc... It made sometimes black noise disappear... usually that last only until few renders later or save/load current scene. Never managed to ged rid of it permanently. Could it be some corrupted texture? (using usually RGB *.jpg... sometimes in resolution >12000x12000px (flooring)) Second question is about basic glass material... sometimes in GI pass it appears pure black and sometimes appears as any other solid geomery (blue arrows). Any ideas?
  17. hi there, i'm pretty experienced in renderings without artificial lighting, but now i've to render an interior image with some lamps and i ve got a lot of troubles. as you can see on the image, i ve a lot of noise where the lights are near the object (in this case the columns, but i've got also IES light in other scenes with the same problem). what i have : - Irradiance map + light cache - Dome light with cloudy hdri - some vray lights (just planes, even the round lights near the wall, are small planes) what i tried to do: - Increase shadow subdivisions of all the lights until 220 subdivisions (!!!) = no solution. - Increase the subdivision of the irradiance map from 50 to 80/100 = no solution. - Delete any bump map on the wall = no solution - Increase Light cache samples = no solution ......help me please!
  18. I'm having trouble with noise in a vray render when using a highly reflective material and hdri environment map. I like the look of the image but just can't eliminate the last of the crunchy reflection components in the attached image. Any advice? Thanks!
  19. I've attached an image of the view in question along with snapshots of my "High-Quality" render settings. I'm having difficulty reducing noise, particularly on dark objects with glossy reflections. As you can see the rest of the scene is quite clean thanks to the boost in Image Sampler Settings (Max Subdivs = 6) and a reduction in the Noise Threshold (0.005) My problem is that the window frame (and even the side of the couch) is quite noisy. I've attempted lowering my noise threshold to 0.001, as well as increasing my image sampler subdivisions to 12 without noticeable improvement. The material settings for my window frame are: (2,2,2) diffuse colour (0.7) glossy reflections w/ 32 subdivisions I also tried boosting the frame's material's subdivisions to 128, and the noise actually got worse; the contrast between the light and dark pixels increased! I did a test with the Global subdivs multiplier cranked to 4; the results were better but the rendering time was exponentially longer, and the frame was still noisy. I am using a Vray Dome to light my scene, and I've already cranked it's subdivisions to 32. This reduced the overall noise in the scene, but the frame remains a problem. I'm not sure how to fix this? Edit: I just realized the image uploader adds quite a bit of compression. The noise is much more noticeable on the original image.
  20. Hi All, When I use animated Noise map in MultiScatter animation mask, the grass moves wrong. I made a Video about the problem here: The MultiScatter and Noise parameters are here: MultiScatter 3D Studio Max 2013 Thanks your answers in advance, M.
  21. Here's the image. Thoughts on if noise levels could be reduced and how: Settings: Pixels: 1200 x 600 (so obviously increasing render size will help) DMC: 2/6 Col Map: Exponential (0.9/1.2/1) sub pixel checked, clamp output checked IRR: medium, Hsph 100, interp 30 LC: 3000 (everything else default) DMC sampler: noise 0.002, min samples 16, subdivs multi 3.0 Thanks.
  22. I have this night scene. All the buildings are just instances for now. The buildings have a box around them (a box primitive > edit poly > delete the top and bottom so it's like a sleeve) with a glass material applied. Here's what it looks like without the glass (note no noise in the selected building - bottom right): And here it is with the glass over it: There's a significant difference and it's noticeable on all buildings. But the settings are ridiculous and nothing makes a difference. Noise 0.001, various shadow subdivs as high as 32, IRR at high, LC at 2000, reflection subdivs/refraction subdivs set fairly high. But nothing puts a dent in it. Any ideas?
  23. Hi Everyone. I have an issue regarding an animation with grass. I am using Vray, multi scatter, and a igrass scene(which is a file that is pre built to use randomized grass..fantastic looking stuff ) However, I am having an issue with crawling in the animation. I have done numerous test in AA and materials and I cant seem to figure this one out. Any suggestions would be great, especially if you have resolved this issue before. The guys over at rendering.ru, in a forum, said this was a Vray issue. Things I have tried that didnt improve: increased subdivisions in reflection/refraction AO off and on Area instead mitchell-Netravali more baked frames on the IrrMap along the path a default vray mat gray on the grass I will say that when I export the video out at as an mp4, the compression helps to blur the grass. But of coarse quality is lost over all with too much compression and whats the point. Ron
  24. I am using the 3DATS book that just came out modleing from start to finish. I've hit a wall. I am using 3DS MAX 2011. I am at the part in the book where you build a fence for the house. I had to use the feature "noise" to ben the post in the center area. It isn't working, for some reason. Nothing happens when I apply this feature to my fence post. Please Advise, Kathryn
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