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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all I am just learning UVW Unwrapping and I bumped into a problem. I already unwrapped a same skirting board with very nice results. However I dont know what could it be with this one. I attached images where you can see that it is properly mapped, but the render and preview, map it with incorrectly. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi there, I'm currently working on a project and have some difficulties with Vray Camera. (3Ds max 2012) It's a technical vis in a small scale (a few cm). Exposure is adjusted fine. To show a detail I have to zoom in and out. While zooming in the exposure goes down (which seems plausibel as less light from the scene hits my sensor). To have the exposure correct while zoomed in I animated the ISO. (not the best way but as it's a technical demo I don't want more dof or what ever, everything just should stay the same) Now for the strange part. bevore rendering the whole movie I made a few testframes. All perfectly exposed. But when I render the whole animation (every frame) the exposure around the Zoom goes way off (too bright). Some times the images get brighter even before the actual zoom (and there fore the isochange) takes place. I tried to use a Moviecam and a Stillcam. No exposurecontroll or from Vray camera (which works out the same). Also tryed to use a linear and smooth curve on the animated ISO. I use of course Singleframe mode for GI, because I fade in and move a lot of objects in the scene. The effect only appears with GI on and animated Iso. The thing I really don't get ist why the single frame previews look fine and the animation is off! Even if my GI is set to singleframe mode (isn't it supposed to dump the IR after every frame?) Thankful for any comments, Stefan
  3. Hi All, When I use animated Noise map in MultiScatter animation mask, the grass moves wrong. I made a Video about the problem here: The MultiScatter and Noise parameters are here: MultiScatter 3D Studio Max 2013 Thanks your answers in advance, M.
  4. Hi All, I'm having an issue with mental ray and it is driving me nuts... Whenever I render a frame of our animation on a local machine, the frame looks fine. When I sent it out to the netwerk, it doesn't... Rendered Local... Rendered over the Netwerk... Sometimes it will be ok in the netwerk (when not re-using the FGM), but even than mostly it does not either. My guess is that the re-use of a FGM is somewhere somehow the cause, but I have not found a constant reason on how or when this happens. My process: I render the animation every 20th, adding FG points to a FGM. Next I re-use that FGM (locked) for every frame. I've tried rendering the image at 1/64-1/64, with the checkbutton 'calculate only' AND I've also tried both methodes rendering the FGM on a local machine and through the network... For now, every time I've got the same results, which you can see in the image below... My only solution so far has been to render a WIP-version without re-using the FG (so re-calculating for every frame) but that cannot be used for final rendering: increased rendering time / flickering... Does anyone got any clue how to solve this? Anyone had the same issue? Anyone any clue where to start looking for a solution? Any help is most welcome ,-) rgds, Nisus
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