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Found 19 results

  1. Hey, I've updated my Vray recently from 3.6 to Vray Next and since then i'm having some weird issue that i see some fix black and white image when i render my scene from any angle. i've also tried to change my render engines but it shows some different angle that doesn't even have the camera and its also same from any camera positions. I'm uploading vray and quick silver hardware render to show you so please help me get rid of it.
  2. I had this situation in max 2016. i had a lot of target lights in an scene, all their targets positioned under the corresponding light. The problem is when i close the file and open again, all the light targets appear moved!! My only solution until now, is to select all the lights and move, then undo that pass (ctr+z) and all the lights appear again but this time with their target in the correct position!! the annoying part is, i had to do this every time i open the file. someone can gave me some advice?
  3. Hey Everybody, just wanted to see if anybody had any suggestions as to how to duplicate this effect with camera settings in one rendering if possible. I have a small bedroom with a single point of light illuminating the room... I simply want to emphasize the effect of the single point of light coming into the room without over exposing the rest of the room. see example of what i'm aiming for.
  4. Hey guys! I'm new to this community, but I really need your help....:/ Please help! I have an interior sketchup model with interior lights and vray sun on. And whenever I press render I get a render that is in 2/3 coverd by some white plane. I've tried resetting to default settings or changing the camera settings but nothing seems to work. attached is the jpeg of the render I keep getting.
  5. Hi all. It seems I lost the ability to create vray cameras. Only the option to create a dome camera shows up. The existing cameras work and I can also duplicate them. I just can't create new ones. Of course very anoying in new documents. Should I check if there is a .dlo missing? Please help.
  6. Hi, For one reason or another after reinstalling my vray 3.2. when I try to render using the camera all my renders come out with this silver look. I'll attach an image and my settings.
  7. Hi guys, I am having an issue with the camera control in walk through mode. When I try to move/strafe (W,S,A,D keys) it works smooth. But, when I pan with the mouse, I get a end to end movement instead of a smooth one. In other words, when I click drag and release the camera will not follow the trajectory of the mouse movement, instead it "jumps" from the position where I pressed the LMB to the position where I release it. I know this is a small issue, but right now I am working on a project that needs quite accurate camera positioning and the matter became annoying. Things that I've tried so far: - adjusting the speed of the camera truck ("[" and "]" keys). this does not seem to work for panning unfortunately - opening different files in which camera worked fine before, now it doesn't. So I figured this is not file related. - reset the ini file (delete it). Still does not work. Any ideas? Sorry if this thread has been discussed before, I did not find any other that would fix this. Thank you
  8. I am working in an architectural scene where I need to export only the camera path and a Vray Physicalcamera not the whole scene. Of course, the camera is animated. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks for your comments and help.
  9. Hi, I recently found myself puzzling over this scenario. I achieved a workaround but wondered if: a) the proposed was possible and b) what would be the process you CGArchitects would use? In 3ds Max with V-Ray: 1) You have a bathroom with a mirror on the far wall, and a camera outside of the bathroom (pointing towards the mirror). The camera is to look through the wall/s into the room. The mirror is to reflect the interior of the room. How would you do this? #1 2) There is a Domelight (using an HDRI) illuminating the scene outside of the room. To bring more of this light into the room, through two adjacent walls of the four, you wish to allow the light to pass through the walls but for reflections in the room to be of the interior only. How would you do this? #2 I would be interested to read how people here would technically address this problem. I know this scenario is not realistic (in so much as light doesn't pass through typical walls), and that an inevitable response is to just allow the light through fenestrations. However, I found this an interesting dilemma to be presented with. Thank you for your responses
  10. Hi there, I'm currently working on a project and have some difficulties with Vray Camera. (3Ds max 2012) It's a technical vis in a small scale (a few cm). Exposure is adjusted fine. To show a detail I have to zoom in and out. While zooming in the exposure goes down (which seems plausibel as less light from the scene hits my sensor). To have the exposure correct while zoomed in I animated the ISO. (not the best way but as it's a technical demo I don't want more dof or what ever, everything just should stay the same) Now for the strange part. bevore rendering the whole movie I made a few testframes. All perfectly exposed. But when I render the whole animation (every frame) the exposure around the Zoom goes way off (too bright). Some times the images get brighter even before the actual zoom (and there fore the isochange) takes place. I tried to use a Moviecam and a Stillcam. No exposurecontroll or from Vray camera (which works out the same). Also tryed to use a linear and smooth curve on the animated ISO. I use of course Singleframe mode for GI, because I fade in and move a lot of objects in the scene. The effect only appears with GI on and animated Iso. The thing I really don't get ist why the single frame previews look fine and the animation is off! Even if my GI is set to singleframe mode (isn't it supposed to dump the IR after every frame?) Thankful for any comments, Stefan
  11. Evening all! I'm pretty novice at 3ds max and I'm practicing with old projects. At the moment I'm trying to include a model in a photo using the environment. The environment map is set to 'screen' which is meant to prevent the issue with an offset. Anywho, I can't seem to get the renderer to match what appears in the Target Camera Viewport, and I have for the life of me, no idea why. Any tips and tricks would be super handy. As you can see, in the camera viewport a road line can be seen at the bottom, and in the render it cannot be seen. If there's any more info I can provide let me know, and I'll do so asap. Thanks!
  12. With a camera selected and in walk mode, I can't move the camera up or down when walking. Do you know what could cause this? I'm sure I must have pressed something by accident.
  13. Hello fellow cgarchitects, I'm trying to figure out a solution that will save time on a project that I am working on. I've been scouting through the internet and am having no luck in finding something that can do what I am hoping for. Here's the problem. I have a large model from Revit imported into 3ds Max (40mil verts). Unfortunately Revit likes to add an additional shit load of verts all over the place on particular objects making the scene difficult to work with when importing it into 3ds max. Since the client only needs to see a particular side of the building for the animation I can cull off the other side of the building where it's not seen by the camera. Is there a way to select objects not seen by the camera and added them into a invisible layer?
  14. Hi All, When I setup my EC to the SAME values in both the vray physical camera or in the environment and render images using both methods, the rendering results are totally different for every method. Does anyone know why of how this happens? I don't have a clue... Some more information: I ONLY switch the 'exposure' checkbox in the vray physical camera, with default EC-values: f-number = 8 shutter speed = 200 / film speed (ISO) = 100 Any help is most appreciated! Tnx! rgds, E
  15. Have anyone had this problem before? It appears that the glass is reflecting a black circle that I suppose is something from the camera.."camera range" I dont know.. its just a black circle that follows the movement of the camera..
  16. Good day guys..... Am a beginner in VRay and rendering an interior scene of apartment using Vray Physical camera and Lights, can anyone suggest me the best settings of Vray Camera for interior scene where rooms are small and camera need to be animated........i have set my film gate to 50, and focal length to 36 but the scene looks like stretched, how can i correct it....., do i need to make vertical shift in Vray Camera...or should i use fisheye camera...am confused....please need suggestions...... Thankyou...... Cheers......
  17. Hi. I'm workin on a scene and i notice that all the values aren't correct. I have to use as low as 0.07 for the F-number to see the Camera grid normal... anyone had this problem? Thankyou! [ATTACH=CONFIG]47534[/ATTACH]
  18. I just wanted to share something that I've been using a lot since I discovered it. If you're using standard max cameras but want the control over white balance that you get from vray cams then Adobe Camera Raw is a great tool for this. It works just the same on jpegs as it does on RAW files, I use it all the time for general colour corrections as it gives you amazing control. Just right click your image in Bridge then choose 'Open in camera raw'. The white balance sliders are way more intuative than the colour balance tool in Photoshop and the HSL sliders let you tweak individual colours too.
  19. Hi guys I am using VRayPhysicalCamera for the first time. when I used the standard camera,I had no problems becouse the picture was good but when I used the VRayPhysicalCamera , the picture had has a lot of light dots can you help me how to get rid of light dots ? I used 3ds max 2010 , Vray 1.5 sp5 and VrayPhysicalCamera to make this picture Thank you
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